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The following list is a combination of 4 listings, trying to get as many cemeteries as possible together. The sources are: the original page from this site, The USGS Geographic Names Info System (GNIS), Charter Pierce Memorial Internet Genealogical Society (CPMIGS), and the IaGenWeb Gravestones Photo Project (GPP). Each link below will lead to more information on each specific cemetery (if I have it). Many cemeteries have multiple names, and I've tried to include each one in alphabetical order with their alias.

Until this project is complete, please refer to  the original listing, for links that are missing here.
Cemetery Name Township
Agency / Harris / Sims (CPMIGS) Lee
Allen (Woodland) Des Moines
Altoona Clay
Ankeny Memorial Gardens Crocker
Avon Allen
Baker (Woodland) Des Moines
Baptist (Woodland) Des Moines
Beebe Madison
Berwick Delaware
Beth El Jacob (At Glendale) Des Moines
Big Creek Cemetery (Big Creek St. Park) Madison
Bondurant Franklin
Brazill (Woodland) Des Moines
Bretheran Douglas
Burlington Jewish Cemetery (no longer exists)?
Byers / Cory Grove Elkhart
Canfield Clay
Cavlary Post, Fort (Ft.) Des Moines Bloomfield
Chapel Hill Gardens / Merle Hay Webster
Children Of Israel/Oak Grove Lee
Church of the Brethren/Brethren's United/United Brethern/Dunkard, Brethren Washington
Concord aka Garner
Cory Grove / Byers Clay
Crocker (Woodland) Des Moines
Davis Farm Madison
Des Moines Children's Home (Woodland) Des Moines
Des Moines Masonic (at Glendale) Des Moines
DeVotie Beaver
Elkhart Elkhart
Elm Grove Bloomfield
Emmanuel Jewish (Woodland) Des Moines
Enterprise Douglas
Farrar CPMIGS Washington
Flavin (Woodland) Des Moines
Flynn (Woodland) Des Moines
Fort (Ft.) Des Moines Calvary Post Bloomfield
Franklin CPMIGS Franklin
Franklin/Santiago Franklin
Gilfillan/Waterworks (CPMIGS) Bloomfield
Glendale Des Moines
Greenwood a.k.a. Greenwood Friends (CPMIGS) Douglas
Grimes/Sunny Hill (CPMIGS) Webster
Hamilton (Woodland) Des Moines
Hanawalt (Woodland) Des Moines
Harris / Sims / Agency (CPMIGS) Lee
Harvey - contains 2 unknown burials Delaware
Highland Memory Gardens Saylor
Holy Cross (CPMIGS) Washington
Hopkins Grove Union
Hukkell (Woodland) Des Moines
Iowa St. Capital Grounds / Scott Lee
Jewish Children of Israel
Isolated Grave GPP
Jordan (CPMIGS) Walnut
Keller Delaware
Kinsey (Lawson) Webster
Laurel Hill Lee
Lem (L.E.M) Small (CPMIGS) Madison
Lincoln Twp Lincoln
Lincoln Ev. Lutheran Church Madison
Lincoln Jefferson
Lowman Camp
Maple HIll
Masonic / Des Moines Masonic Bloomfield
McDivitt Grove Webster
Merle Hay (Chapel Hill) Webster
Mitchellville Beaver
Moeckly / Crocker
Morrison (Woodland) Des Moines
Mount Zion / Mt. Zion At Loring Church Washington
New Altoona Clay
Oak Grove Delaware & Easton Lee
Oak Grove on SW 31st St. Des Moines
Oak Hill (Irwin) aka Colfax or Highland
Oakwood Four Mile
Odd Fellows (Woodland) Des Moines
Oralabor Crocker
Pinehill Saylor
Perkins (Woodland) Des Moines
Polk City Madison
Powers-Warren Camp
Prairie Belle
Redhead (Woodland) Des Moines
Resthaven Walnut
Ridgedale Johnston Jefferson
Rising Sun Four Mile
Rittgers Webster
Saint (St) Ambrose Catholic (Woodland) Des Moines
Scott Memorial / Capitol Cemetery
Santiago Franklin
Savery (Woodland) Des Moines
Sheldahl Lincoln
Sherman (Woodland) Des Moines
Sims / Harris / Agency (CPMIGS) Lee
Spry Camp
Stuart Four Mile
Sunny Hill Webster
Sunset Memorial Gardens Bloomfield
Union Crocker
United Bretheran (Hopkins Grove Church) Union
Valley View Jefferson
Wallace (Woodland) Des Moines
Warren-Powers Camp
White Oak Elkhart
Wicker Elkhart
Willie Coons Farm aka Lincoln Church Lincoln
Woodland Des Moines
Younker (Woodland) Des Moines

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