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Pictoral Souvenir
of the
Department of Public Safety
Greater Des Moines

Des Moines First Uniformed Policemen - 1878
Top Row, L to R: Capt. Albert Jarvis, Otto Kilbaum, Cormick McCauley, Billy Smith
Lower Row, L to R: Chas. J. Shafer, Frank Collins, George Gray, Charles Mingus

Front Cover Author's Notes
Police HeadQuarters City Seal

Superintendent Department of Public Safety

- Zell G. Roe

City Detectives

- A. R. Bracket, Jas. McDonald, L. D. Sims, Thomas Pettit


- James R. Hanna

City Detectives-

A. G. Miller, Jesse McKircher, W. C. Sommers, Thomas Denholm

Chief of Police

- George Yeager

Wagon Men

- Wm. Strait, John Latham, Jerry Courtney, W.W.Skinner, Wm. Cady, T.W. Marshall

Chief of Detectives

- Col. E. E. Johnston

Traffic Men

-W. L. Kelly, Ed Mellon, Thams Martin, G. W. McMickle, W. E. MacDowell, August Hoffman

Chief of Fire Department

- Will Burnett

Traffic Men

-Sam Ross, Wm. Brownson, S. E. Delmege, Wm. Bailey, W. C. Rabbitt, G. W. Staples

City Council

- Zell G. Roe, Chas. W. Schramm, John MacVicar, Wesley Ash


-C.E. Hunt, E. M. DeFord, Joseph Willis, Harry Cohen, F. E. Badgley, Tyler Harding, Thomas Cross, H. L. McMillen


- Edward Lytton, B. W. Cavender, Charles W. Riddle, James Cavender, William George


-A. J. Butin, C. J. Mohr, H. L. Dockstader, Nicola Bellizzi, H. H. Graves, T. M. Frace, Natalie Marasco, W. H. Maher

Captains of Police

- C. C. Jackson, G. J. Breeding, E. J. Frowick


- Rasmus Gerde, F. B. Strickland, G. F. Trimble, George Burcombe, Bert Plummer, William Bahler, T. J. Blake, M. McCarthy

Patrol Sergeants

- J. A. Newell, Robert Leasure, G. W. Staples


-M. J. Donoghue, T. J. Hubbard, Enoch Nicholls, A. H. Pedersen, Charles Davis, Jesse Kimes, J. G. Dillinger, W. A. Allen

Desk Sergeants

-Nels DeFord, Aug. Youngberg, George M. DeVore


-Constant Hamberg, W. L. Riley, Ab. H. Day, E. C. H. Kuehner, Joshua Suits, W. T. Maitland, George Scarpino, Pat Foley


-Mrs. L. L. Babcock, Mrs. N. P. Collins

Patrolmen and Miscellanous

- F. L. Hollibaugh, Edward Ward, S. T. Howard, C. E. Pierce, Charles Miller, J. W. Budd, John McLain

Police Judge -

Fred T. Van Liew

Police Court

-John Genevay, William Kern, Charles J. Shafer

Called by death - Det. Frank Melmege, Det. Arcus Brunnemer,  Patrolman John P. Peterson

Police Reporters

Rolla Bales, W. S. Burkhardt, Hayden Bartlett, F. F. Miles

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