Pocahontas County
Genealogical Society

The Pocahontas County Genealogical Society is available to help you with your research.
They can also research records at the Pocahontas County Courthouse.
The Clerk of Court and County Recorder of Pocahontas would like to help researchers calling the courthouse, but they don't have the staff to assist researchers.
The Genealogical Society is available to search the court records for you.
The Society can also search the materials at the Pocahontas Library which has good selection of resources.You can also see what the library has by visiting their website.There is a link on index page of this website, or you can click here

The Society, along with the Iowa Genealogical Society has published
the following information and can do lookups in these records as well:

Naturalization Records Index 1864 - 1929, Pocahontas County, Iowa
Index of Death Records, Volumes 1 and 2 1880 - 1908, Pocahontas County Iowa
Index of Death Records, Volume 3 1907 - 1919, Pocahontas County, Iowa
Index of Birth Records, Volume 1 1880 - 1897, Pocahontas County, Iowa
For information about their research policies and fees, you may write to them at:

Pocahontas County Genealogical Society
Attn: Research
14 Second Avenue NW
Pocahontas IA 50574
You may also email the society with research questions:
Click here
You may also email the President of the Society directly
for courthouse research inquiries,
or information about the Society.
To send email to Audrey - Click Here

Pioneer Certificate

If you are a direct descendant of a pioneer who lived in Pocahontas County, Iowa, 1900 or earlier, you can apply to the Genealogical Society for a Pioneer Certificate. These are fun to own and make great gifts for relatives.

Below is an application for you to complete and mail to the Society with the applicable fee.
Please contact the Society prior to mailing the application for the current fee for this item.
You can send them an email by Clicking here
Click here for page 1of the application
Click here for page 2

Page Updated:  13 Oct 2016