Pocahontas County, Iowa

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The following people have volunteered to do lookups in their Pocahontas County resources as indicated.

Please provide as much information as possible about the surname / event you are researching. Please send more than an email that states "I'm looking for John Doe". Please try to provide a date range; town or township; wife or children's names; did they live on a farm or in town?

Many resources aren't indexed and it takes a while to do the research, especially when very little information is provided.

Please remember to be patient for your response and please ask the volunteers nicely and remember to Thank the volunteer for their time and effort !

Please - do not request "everything you have about my family surname".
It is very time consuming researching these records and sending everything
one has on one surname is just not practical. Thank you.

When you email a volunteer please enter
Pocahontas Co Lookup
in the subject field.
Thank you.

Your email may accidentally be deleted if
Pocahontas Co Lookup
is not in the
subject field.

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Lookup volunteers

Title of publication
Name and email of volunteer
"Pocahontas County Iowa History" compiled in 1981
by Pocahontas County Historical Society Members and Friends.
Email Tonia

Email Holly

1900 Census for Page (partial), Polk and Pocahontas.
Note: not indexed so she will need time to search.
Email Tonia

Pocahontas County, Iowa Naturalizations
1864 - 1929 Index
Email Tonia

Palmer Iowa 1900-2000 History Book
Email Tonia

Pocahontas County Genealogical Society
Pocahontas Public Library

14 2nd Ave NW
Pocahontas IA 50574
For more information about the Pocahontas County Genealogical Society Click here
Pocahontas Public Library

If you have access to items about Pocahontas County and would like to be a volunteer, please let me know. Click here to send me an email. Thank you.

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