Pocahontas County Newspapers Online

Havelock, Iowa

Havelock Enterprise   1890 ---1893

The Havelock News 1909, 1910



Plover, Iowa   

The Plover Herald  1891 - 1895

The Plover Pointer  1913, 1914



Rolfe, Iowa

The Reveille  1888 - 1914

The Rolfe Arrow  1914- 1919


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Newspapers Published in Pocahontas County, Iowa

1873 to the Present

From the United States Newspaper Directory Library of Congress


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From 1873 to the present, newspapers have been published in Pocahontas County, Iowa in the towns of Fonda, Gilmore City, Havelock, Humboldt, Laurens, Pocahontas, Plover and Rolfe.  This list was compiled from the US Newspaper Directory of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.


Newspaper Titles in Pocahontas County, Iowa

The Arrow. (Rolfe, Pocahontas, Iowa) 1910-1919; 1986-1989

Fonda journal and times. (Fonda, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1913-1915

The Fonda Times. (Fonda, Pocahontas, Iowa) 1894-1912; 1917-1989

The Gilmore City Enterprise. (Gilmore City, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1915-1943

Gilmore City Gazette. (Gilmore City, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1886-1891

Gilmore City Globe. (Gilmore City, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1888-1915

The Havelock Item. (Havelock, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1892-1910

Humboldt County Independent. (Humboldt, Iowa) 1981-1985

The Journal and Times. (Fonda, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1912-1913; 1915-1916;

The Laurens Sun. (Laurens, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1885-1887; 1918-current

Plover Herald. (Plover, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1891-1895

The Pocahontas County Sun. (Laurens, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1887-1918

Pocahontas Democrat. (Pocahontas, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1901-1931

Pocahontas Record-Democrat. (Pocahontas, Iowa) 1931-current

The Pocahontas Record. (Pocahontas, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1884-1931

The Pocahontas Times. (Rolfe, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1876-1894

The Pocahontas Times. (Fonda, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1873-1876

The Reveille. (Rolfe, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1888-1914

The Rolfe Arrow. (Rolfe, Pocahontas County, Iowa) 1919-1986


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