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Havelock, Iowa
Centennial Book

The following is a listing of residents who submitted family history information which was published in the Havelock Centennial Book of 1981.

Some submissions are a few paragraphs of personal information while others are quite lengthy family narratives.

- - A - -
Abrahamson, Paul Adams, Jerome "Jerry" Aden, Reimer and Nellie Albaugh, E I Albertson, Rev James E Anderson, Leonard and Hilda Arnold, Brad and Linda Aschenbrenner, Ivalee
- - B - -
Barth, J Arnold Barth, Carl S Barth, Duane Barth, John Bass, Albert Blaha, Jerry Bloomer, William and Marie Bloudil, Joseph Bohi, Rev and Mrs William Bohn, Blanche W Boysen, Mary R Boysen, Boy C Boysen, Bruce and Judy Boysen, Will and Gladys Boysen, William and Roma Brazier, William and Lena Brechler, Harold "Hallie" Buck, Melvin
- - C - -
Campidilli, John and Gladys Campney, James E Carlsen, Axel Carlson, Edward and Agnes Carpenter, Avery Chase, Fred Clausen, Herman Clausen, John P Clifton, Rev Charles W Cole, George W Cole, Gerald L Cole, Gladys Cole, James W Cole, J Smith Cook, Clifford and Hallie Cook, Douglas C Cornell, William H "Billy" Cornwell, Chester Crowell, Harold and Agatha
- - D - -
Daniels, Eugene Devereaux, Francis and Mildred Dexter, James and Jean Dexter, James and Bessie Doane, Janet and Maurice
- - E - -
Edge, Joseph Elbert, Joel Eno, J H Ernst, David and Virginia
- - F - -
Fincham, James R Forry, Donald and Elaine Forry, Harold and Opal Frevert, Rev Maurice and Louise
- - G - -
Gibson, Howard G Goodchild, Bill and Lucille Goodchild, Ned Gill, Samuel H Gill, Thomas Greven, Patsy
- - H - -
Hacker, Fred Hall, Rev H Milo and Susan Hanna, Leo and La Von Hartsock, David O Hartsock, Hazel Hartsock, Kenneth and Jean Hauswirth, Charles and Manely Hauswirth, Clarence and Clarice Hauswirth, Darvin and Peggy Hauswirth, Fred Hauswirth, Gerald Hauswirth, Harold and Dorothy Hauswirth, Joseph Hauswirth, Ronald G Hauswirth, Wayne and Dorothy Hawk, Eldon Hawk, Julius R Heathman, Elmer W Heggen, Leonard Hesla, Marjorie Henning, Ray and Thelma Hercher, Michal G Hersom, Richard Horsman, Keith and Alice Hotovec, Joe and Elsie Hunnel, Arthur B Hunnel, James N Hunnel, Juna Hunnel, Laura Hunter, Lowell C
- - J - -
Jacobson, Bert and Charlotte Johnson, Andrew L Johnson, Axel and Anna Johnson, Byrle Johnson, C C Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Harold and Virginia Johnson, Theodore and Linea
- - K - -
Keerbs, Otto and Hazel Kemmer, Peter Klein, John Knight, Willis and Ida Krischel, John Krischel, Louis B Krischel, Michael P Kruml, Joe Kruse, Henry E Kuker, Marten
- - L - -
Lambertson, William Lampe, Don Larson, Paul and Faye Larson, Randall Lathrop, Byron Lathrop, Robert Leigh, Roy Jr Leith, Murl Leith, Oliver Levene, Walter and Martha Logan, Darius Logan, J W Logan, Silas R Loots, John and Mary Lowrey, Gad C Lucas, Frank
- - M - -
Maltzahn, Christ Mason, Sylvester Mason, Theodore and Amanda McCartan, Arthur McCartan, Don Mc Intosh, Dale and Marjorie McLain, Harley McVay, Leonard and Cecile Meredith, Andrew Meredith, Leonard and Adalyn Meredith, Richard and Clara Miller, Charles Miller, James and Elta Mills, George and Ella Mulvihill, Genevieve Murray, Wiley Jr
- - N - -
Nickelson, Charles Nickelson, Elim Sr Nowack, Arthur F Nowack, Arthur G Nowack, William H Nystrom, Robert
- - O - -
Obrecht, John G O'Brien, John F Oertley, Floyd O'Neall, Glen and Ruth
- - P - -
Parris, Butler Pedersen, Clarence and Edna Perry, Cyrus and Hazel Perry, Ronald and Louise Peterson, Howard and Doris Peterson, Norman and Fern Phillips, Walter and Mary Philp, Rina Pirie, Donald and Grace Pirie, Kenneth and Mary Pirie, William Pohl, Charles W Sr
- - R - -
Ralle, John Ralle, William Reimer, John Rittgers, Roland and Mary Roberts, Donald and June Robertson, Jerry Rude, Byron and Margaret
- - S - -
Sandy, Earl Schallan, Joseph Schleusener, Otto Schroeder, William Sheldon, John B Shideler, Rev George Shimon, Darold and Wanda Shimon, Darwin Shimon, Dean and Ilene Shimon, Don Shimon, John and Stella Shimon, Lester and Esther Shumuay, Gladys Smith, Alan and Dorothy Spanier, William Speer, George and Emma Starks, Ruth and John Steen, Hanna Sterns, Duane and Paulette Storr, Leonard Stoulil, Charles Stoulil, Wesley Stover, Jacob and Ida Swanson, Ruth
- - V - -
Vader, Darth and Tammy Vader, Dick and Joyce Vance, Ulysses Van Horsen, O D Vavricka, Joe Veazie, Elijah Vial, Gordon Vial, Raymond
- - W - -
Wade, Joe and Ruth Waters, Edmund Waters, Rena Waters, Vern Whitman, John Williams, Dale and Beneta Williams, James M Wilson, Claude and Rena Woodard, Elijah Wright, James and Anna
- - Y- -
Young, Olin