Coroners Record of Deaths 1897 through 1935

The following is a transcription of the Coroners record of deaths. All information is copied as it appears in the book, and there are spelling errors. No attempt has been made to correct anything. It is copied exactly as it appears in the original source.

Name Cause of death
A.C. Shepard
About 80 yrs. Occupation-pauper, married, died December 16, 4 am. Died in the county house by falling down stairs. Buried Grant Cemetery 12-17. (Note: year not noted, probably 1897)
John F Johnson
Age 31, farmer. Died 4-13 8a.m. Married, died in Sec 4 Colfax township. Cause-hanging himself: suicide
Ed. Everson
Died 7-17-1898, a farmer and a widower. Died in Des Moines township, by accidental discharge of gun in hands of deceased. Buried 7-19-1898 in Clinton township cemetery, Rolfe.
Will Malhoun
A single farmer in Clinton township died 8-21-1899 in the pm. He was run over by a r'r train. He was probably buried in Lorica, Illinois August 25, 1899.
Lafythsetts ?
Was 52 and a hired hand. Died of natural causes 12-2, 2pm and is buried in Rolfe.
Wm Carlson
Died in Colfax township, suicide by hanging.
Otto Christoffers
Died October 14 am in Palmer and was married. Gunshot wound fired by his own hand. Suicide.
Charles W Smith
A laborer, died in Sherman township of a gunshot wound fired by his own hand. Suicide. Buried in Pocahontas, Iowa 4-5-1904.
Wm Nieman
A married farmer, died March 24 by hanging himself and Willow Lice. Suicide
Zui Marlanee (M)
Died 9-30 2am by being run over by a freight train on the CM & ST RR Fonda, IA. Accident.
Peter Shinker
Died in Bellville township, by accidental drowning.
A. W. Anderson
A laborer, died 12-16-1902 in Laurens, Iowa of heart failure.
Theodore H Hinrichs
A farmer, died in Lincoln township 3-25-1900 by suicide.
Nels J Anderson
Died 6-9-1907, suicide by cutting his own throat.
Henry Taylor Applegate
A widower, died in Clinton township 6-12-1901 by hanging.
Archie B Parson
Age 17, died 7-31-1901 and was single. He died in Fonda by being run over by a train of cars. Accidental sleeping on R.R. tracks.
W.O. Butler
Died 10-10-1905, struck by an engine. Accident.
Frank F Kinney
Died 10-8-1906 in Fonda, Iowa of unknown causes.
Wendell Luft
A married farmer of German descent in Des Moines township, on 9-8-1905 by drinking carbolic acid. Suicidal intent.
Ella Lampman
A single woman died 2-6-1907, suicide by shooting.
Charles Feist
A school boy of Bohemian descent in Pocahontas, Iowa, died 8-24-1905 by falling off a scaffold. Addident. Buried Pocahontas, Iowa.
Henry Long
Died 6-26-1905 of natural causes and is buried in Pocahontas, Iowa.
Julius Galineaux ?
A married man died 4-1-1907 in the blacksmith shop by asphyoia.
James B Tolan
A merchant, died 6-23-1908 by accidental drowning, buried in Fonda.
Wm J Frick
Died 9-9-1909 in Rolfe, Iowa of heart failure.
Patrick J McDough
A married laborer of Irish descent who lived in the county for 3 years, died on 10-18 in Laurens, Iowa of heart failure. Buried in Laurens 10-25-1915.
E R Burton
A laborer, died 6-3.
Wille Jackson
A laborer, died 5-17-1917, suicide.
Ralph Layman
Heart disease
Edward Owen
A widower, died in Pocahontas 6-10-1918 by hanging. Suicide.
William Byrne
A married man of Irish descent, died 3-18-1920 of heart trouble. Buried in Pocahontas, Iowa on 3-20-1920.
P_ _ _ Ischke
A single farmer died in Ware on 1-27-1919, appendix. Buried Laurens 1-29.
Frances Lyle Richter
A child, died on 4-22 at 6:10 pm in Pocahontas. Accidental death.
M C Christianson
A laborer, died in Rolfe 4-18, unnatural cause.
Carry Spielman (f)
A married woman, died in Fonda on 11-5-1925. Cause - her own hand by a gun shot wound. Buried in Fonda.
William Buchholtz
A sinagle man living in Palmer died 11-25-1925 by a self inflicted gun shot wound. Buried Palmer.
A O Lunborn
Died 1-31-1926 in Palmer of Alcholic poising.
Torwil Johnson
A single farmer of Norwegian descent, age 56. Born Webster, IA, died in Grant township 7-5-1928, suicide by gun. Buried Grant Township cemetery 7-7-1928
C W Coffin
Died 8-29-1928 57 years, 9 months and 5 days. A stock buyer, was a widower and was born in Clinton township. Died Des Moines county of a bullet wound. Homicide. Buried Rolfe 9-2-1928.
Theodore Peterson
Died 8-29, 4 am, age 27yr 4mo 14days, in Rolfe, Iowa of a fractured skull, accident. Buried Rolfe, IA 8-31-1928.
C C Delle
A widower of German descent and a lawyer, died at age 86 on 2-1-1929. Lived in county 42 years. Died in Rolfe by fire, accidental.
Pat Russel (m)
A retired merchant, died 9-11-1930 at 1:50pm, in Palmer Iowa. Hit by train - accident.
Henry Solverson
A married man, age 50, died in Gilmore City on 2-4-1931by falling backwards over a felled tree causing fracture of skull at base of brain. Accident.
Leona Meents (f)
A single woman of German descent, age 17, died in Cummins township on 3-18-1931 by unknown means.
James P Meehan
A single man, age 55, died on 5-16-1931 in Center township. Falling and being stuck by some falling object in the elevator shaft of the Quaker Oats Co at Pocahontas, IA.
G W DeWolf
Died 3-31-1931, accident.
William Rohlfing
Died 7-13-1931, hanging-suicide.
Jas Joseph McCafferty
An unmarried man, died on 8-15-1932, age 41yr 2mo 21 days, struck by train on IC railroad.
Minnie E Dornath
A widow of German descent, living in Lake township for 31 years, died 9-13-1932 age 54 yr 0mo and 18 days, by hanging-suicide.
John J Cunningham
An unmarried man died in Fonda, Iowa on 10-14-1932, hanging-suicide.
Gail H Erickson (m)
A divorced man, died on 11-7-1932 age 47yr 8 mo 21days, 1 and 1/2 miles north of Pomeroy, Iowa, on highway no 5, accidentally.
Wm S Bell
A single man age 67yr 1mo 24days died on 10-4-1933 in Clinton township, Rolfe Iowa, found in his room, natural causes.
Mrs Agnes Bothwell
A widow, died on 3-13-1933 at age 41yr 4mo 12 days, in Roosevelt township-unavoidable accident, collision of auto and stray horse. Accident. Buried Pocahontas.
O O Rohrer
Died in Laurens, Iowa on 2-4-1934, drowning in the Chicago R.I. & Pacific Water tank at Laurens, Iowa. Suicide.
Ernest Hanisch
Died on 1-4 or 5-1934, on the SE 1/4 Sec 4 92-31 of natural causes.
Melvin Roberts
Age 19, a single man died 10-18-1934 in Gilmore City, automobile accident caused by pheasant flying into windshield. Accident.
Mary Hauswirth
A married woman, died at age 43 on 6-25-1935 E of Albert City 3 and 1/2 miles, head on collision with another automobile.
Harve Hauswirth
Age 45, died with his wife Mary, noted above.