St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery
Bellville Township
-Partial Listing-

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St Paul Cemetery is directly north of the Palmer Cemetery, about 1 mile south and one half mile east of Palmer, Iowa. St Paul is on the north side of the road and Palmer is on the south side of the road. When you photograph there you are facing due east, directly into the sun.
  • HEMPHILL, Arnold 1905-1952
    HEMPHILL, Minnie 1907-1985
  • JOHNSON, Helmer T 1905-1929
  • MALM, Minnie 10-12-1855 to 7-9-1907
  • MEYER, Elmer 1910-1991
    MEYER, Marie 1909-1992
  • SCHUETT, Reka M 1857-1943
  • WIEGERT, Bernard WWII 10-25-1916 to 1-31-1991
  • WIEGERT, Charles G Father 1859-1944
    WIEGERT, Louise A Mother 1865-1945
  • WIEGERT, Corliss J 1902-1975
    WIEGERT, Kathleen M 1901-1993
  • WIEGERT, Hanna Mother 1888-1972
    WIEGERT, John Father 1890-1935
  • WIEGERT, Sophia 1835-1928
  • WIEGERT, Johanna S 1876-1951
    WIEGERT, William A 1871-1953

The center drive and West side of the cemetery.

Most of the East side of the cemetery.
The large white cross headstone in the front is the same one above just behind the right brick column.
The driveway runs right in front of the white cross headstone.