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**Town Disasters

1893--Akron cyclone

1899--Kingsley cyclone

1916--Train Wreck

1929--LeMars Buildings razed

1937--Plane Crash, Craig, Iowa

1953--Accounts of June Flood Disaster

Yester Year Stories, Backed with Today's Research

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Key Players & Characters Index

Family Name Date of News Story
Amsler-Karley (Chicken Scrap incident) Aug 1896
Barker, Charles A. (Honeymoon Police Arrest) 24 Nov 1909
Boffeli, LeVern (Tragic accidental death) Jul 1926
Braun, Alta (Sad Story-Tragic Death) Aug 1917
Church, Delbert (Killed by Otto Zeglin) 15 Jan 1910
Coppock, Mrs. Harold (Asphyxiation suicide) 16 Dec 1936
Deters, Carl (Escaped a Watery Grave) Jul 1900
Engel, Henry (Struck by Train, Skull Crushed) Jul 1910
Ewell, Orton A. (Killed by Train Cars) Sep 1897
Foskett, William (Death of Miser--Worth $150,000 - $200,00) Mar/Apr 1913
Frolkey, Rex J. (Bank Bandit) 30 Sep 1929
Gilchrist, Joseph (Gilchrist vs. Gilchrist) 1897-1900
Hamilton, Samuel (Merchant Police Killed) Nov 1888
Heeren, Will (Hit on Head With Hammer) Nov 1909
Held, Anna & Philip (Matricide & Suicide) 21 Apr 1888
Hill, Mrs. John E. vs Stinton (Damage Suit) 1924-1926
Hoffman, Fred (Shot/Killed by MT woman) 1885-1916
Hord, Miss Monah & Gypsy Boy (Parrot) Jun 1930
Janicke, Wm. A. (Divorce to Bad ck victim) 1910-1911
Klave, Henry (Family deaths) 15 Aug 1923
Kohl, Conrad (Farmer near O'Leary) 1895
Long, Markus (Neptune farmer suicide) 1895
Maxwell, Wm. A. (Gunned down at Jail) 14 Nov 1919
McCaustland, Charles (Marr & Ugly Divorce) 1895-1901
McFarland, Hayden (Killing of Tony Wanner) Nov 1891
Middleton, "Buck" (Lover's Quarrel Suicide) Jul 1924
Parker, Mr. Arza (Murder) 31 Oct 1885
Rees, Alice Ann (Mrs. Harry Simmons) **young dau seeking parents** marr 4 Apr 1915
Reifsteck, Geo. (Murdered E.F. Hanson) 26 Apr 1891
Roberts, Alex (Fireman Seriously Burned) Apr 1924
Ruble, John C. (Trip Back East) Mar 1929
Smith, Elmer A. (Unidentifed Body in River) May 1924
Sprague, Mr. & Mrs. Roy (Died Same Day) 26 Dec 1936
Thompson, Abner (Accidental Death) 06 Oct 1900
Trow, Lucinda A. (Buried in Flower Bed) Nov 1938
Tuttle, Milo R. (Death - Contested Will - Iowa Supreme Court Final Verdict)

Died: Oct 1896
Court Case: 1899 & 1902

Walker, John & Thomas (Accidental Deaths) Sep 1894
Wolfe, Wm. (Lost Corpse) Dec 1906


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