SENEY: (Special Correspondence0

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reeves and children had a happy family reunion at
their home last Friday evening, the occasion being the forty-third
anniversary of their wedding day.  The families of the married sons and
daughters were also present and a very good time was enjoyed on this
memorable occasion.  At the close of the evening refreshments were

Source: LeMars Sentinel, September 10, 1915


Reeves Family Is Among Oldest Settlers in the County

The family and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. A. Reeves held their annual family
reunion at the old homestead near Seney in the home of their youngest son,
C. W. Reeves, near Seney on Christmas day. Before partaking of a bounteous
dinner, all the members of the party gathered in the parlor around a heavily
laden Christmas tree where Santa Claus appeared and distributed gifts to
all. The afternoon was spent singing old songs, with instrumental music and
conversation. All the children were present except one daughter and her
husband, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hughes, twenty-nine being present.

The Reeves family are among the first settlers in Plymouth County. Those
present were Mr. and Mrs. A. Reeves and daughter, Jessie, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Reeves and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Reeves and family, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Cook and family, Mr. and Mrs. F. Becker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bert

The dining room and parlors were prettily decorated with the Christmas
colors, holly and mistletoe.

~Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, December 29, 1916


Reeves Family Holds Reunion

Over 50 descendants of Arthur and Elizabeth Reeves gathered Sunday, July 29, in the Calvary United Methodist church basement for the second annual Reeves family reunion.

This year’s reunion was organized by Carol Pemberton, Bloomington, Minn., with the help of Pearl Kurtz, Marlene Criswell, Betty Criswell and Martha Criswell, all of LeMars.

Next year’s reunion will be led by Mrs. George Reeves, Mrs. Gary Reeves, Mrs. Gene Reeves and Audrey Reeves, all of LeMars.

Following a potluck dinner a brief program was held.  At that time each person present was introduced.  The chairman called attention to family pictures on display and read letters from members not in attendance.  She also read a poem, “For Reunions,” written for the occasion by Mrs. Mabel Parks, of Prescott, Ariz.

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Reeves and family of Kimberling City, Mo., members who had traveled the greatest distance to attend, were given a small gift.  Other prizes were awarded to Mrs. Mabel Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Cletus C. Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Reeves, Mrs. Elaine Wendt, L. S. Reeves and Ervin Criswell.

The chairman presented large red Betty Crocker spoons from the Betty Crocker kitchens in Minneapolis to all women over 50 years of age and to the new brides married within the past year.

New members of the family during the past year were acknowledged.  They include the baby sons of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Salsbury, Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Martin and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reeves; the baby daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John Rempe and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitt, and twins born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weiker.

New members who joined the family by marriage during the past year were also recognized.  They are Douglas Thomas, Steven Hasler and Mrs. Gene Reeves.

The group sent a mum plant to the oldest member of the family, 85-year-old Mrs. Jessie Reeves Chambers of Watertown, S.D.  Mrs. Chambers is the only surviving member of her generation on the Arthur Reeves tree.

Those present from LeMars were Mrs. Esther Criswell, Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Criswell, Martha Criswell, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Criswell, Tammy, Cindy, Debbie and Cathy, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wendt and Mrs. Virla DeRaad.

Also Mr. and Mrs. George Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reeves, Lori, Leita, Gerald, Greg and Garret, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Reeves and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kurtz.

Attending from other towns in Iowa were Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Reeves and Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Reeves, of Paullina; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Reeves, of Kingsley; Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Parks, of Remsen; Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Martin, Rodney, Brent and Monte, of Sioux City; and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reeves, of Davenport.

Those attending from out-of-state were Mr. and Mrs. Cletus C. Reeves, Arlette and Janelle, of Ward, S.D.; Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Reeves, Cindy, Cathy, Cheryll and Larry, of Kimberling City, Mo.; Denise Cuthrell, of Coffeyville, Kan.; Mr. and Mrs. John H. Pemberton, Douglas and James, of Bloomington, Minn.; and Tina Warrick, of Mt. Vernon, Ind.

Next year’s reunion will again be held in LeMars on the last Sunday in July.

Source:  LeMars Sentinel, Wednesday, August 1, 1973


Reeves Family Reunion Attended by 103 People


On Sunday, May 29, 2005, 103 descendants of Plymouth County pioneers Arthur and Elizabeth Eason Reeves gathered for a reunion at the Merrill Community Center.  Family members representing 15 states attended the reunion.
     Half of those attending began the day with worship at the Seney Methodist Church, in recognition of their ancestors' leadership in founding the congregation in the 1870s.
     A great-granddaughter, Carol Pemberton, spoke briefly to summarize the Arthur Reeves family connections to the congregation.
     During the afternoon, the four eldest family members in attendance were recognized:  Mabel Parks, 95, Prescott, Ariz.; Myrtle Parks, 91, Corn, Okla.; Ervin Criswell, 86, LeMars, and Clyde Jeffers, 86, Haxtun, Colo.
     The youngest members in attendance were two-year-old Olivia and two-month-old Bailey Macumber of Storm Lake.  Cletus and Dana Reeves, Naples, Fla., traveled the greatest distance to attend the reunion.
     Carol Pemberton read the roll call of all family members present and introduced family historians, beginning with Sarah Jane Voas and Dorothy Salsbury.
     Other historians included Marilyn Whitt, who described the family history book she is compiling, and Vivien Reeves who provided information on historic family pictures.
     Lori Cross and Gerald Reeves led group singing.  Just before the singing of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee," 16 members who have served in the Armed Foreces were recognized:
     Don Calkins, Ervin Criswell, Manuel Cruz, Nancy Gavi, Wayne Hamilton, Clyde Jeffers, Darwin Jeffers, John Pemberton, Cletus Reeves, LeRoy Reeves, Warren Reeves, Randy Reiter, John Rempe, Fred Salsbury, Stever Schafer, and Larry Voas.
     Attending from the Lizzie Hughes branch of the family were Clyde Jeffers, Amherst, Colo.; Brent and Patty Jeffers and Joe, Sidney, Neb.; and Darwin and Ellie Jeffers, Haxtun, Colo.
     Attending from the Bert Reeves branch of the family were Mabel Parks and Mary O'Brien, Prescott, Ariz.; Arnold and Ardyce Parks, Highlands Ranch, Colo.; Richard Parks, Cathedral City, Calif.; Marilyn Whitt, Magnolia, Texas.
     Also Myrtle Parks, Corn, Okla.; Beverly Martin, Elmore City, Okla.; Thelma Reeves, LeMars; John and Norma Rempe, Centennial, Colo.; Nancy Gavi, Aurora, Colo.
     Also Warren and Chris Reeves and Alissa, Kingsley; Michelle Macumber with Olivia and Bailey, Storm Lake; Duane and Vivien Reeves, Orange City; Scott Reeves, Greenville, Ill.
     Also LeRoy and Peggy Reeves and Joshua, Spokane, Mo.; Fred and Dorothy Salsbury, Waseca, Minn.
     Attending from the Martha Cook branch of the family were Ervin Criswell, LeMars; Dan and Katie Steffen, Laingsburg, Mich.; Gordon and Shirley Criswell, LeMars.
     Also Manuel and Tammy Cruz, Alicia and Tesheen, Omaha, Neb.; John and Cindy Costello, Danielle and Nathan, Omaha, Neb.; Steve and Cathy Shafer, Michael and Hannah, Omaha, Neb.
     Wayne and Esther Hamilton, Merrill; Dan and Valerie Smith, Merrill.
     Attending from the Will Reeves branch of the family were Cletus and Dana Reeves, Naples, Fla.; Arlette and Jan Reeves, Ward, S. D.; Don and Doris Calkins, Rock Rapids; Len and Deb Johnson, Andy and Nate, Coon Rapids, Minn.
     George and LeNora Reeves, LeMars; Ed and Audrey Dempster, LeMars; John and Carol Pemberton, Sioux City; Jim and Stacy Pemberton, Mikayla and Elizabeth, Minneapolis, Minn.
          Larry and Sarah Jane Voas, Biloxi, Miss.; Arlen and Alice Cummings, Palo; Gerald and Carmela Reeves, Clarissa, Carina, Garrison, and Gavin, Winchester, Ohio.
     Dan and Lori Cross, Tom, Jenni, and James, Elkhorn, Neb.; Randy and Leita Reiter, Derek, Christopher, and Leandra, Seney; Garret and Sheila Reeves, Samantha, Summer, Sara Ann, Shelby, and Sidney, LeMars.
     After group pictures were taken, the afternoon was spent visiting and reminiscing.  Another reunion is planned for 2010.

From the LeMars Sentinel, June 29, 2005