1923 Crazy Quilt -- 7 Blocks Across, 7 Blocks Down ~ a few blocks have no name

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, February 2, 1923, Page 5, Column 3

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

The program and the supper given Wednesday evening by the Samaritan class of the Sunday school was largely attended and a good time reported by those present.

A large crowd of young people, members of the Good Samaritan class of the Sunday school, pleasantly surprised their teacher, R. A. Hawkins, at his home last Friday evening. They met at two neighboring homes and at eight o'clock about a dozen autos drove into the Hawkins farm yard. In the course of the evening Mr. Hawkins got mixed up with some cord and tracing it, he found it led to a large package on the front porch. Upon investigating the matter, he found the package contained a crazy quilt, with forty-nine blocks, each block having on it the name of a Sunday school pupil in the Samaritan class. About midnight a dainty lunch of ice cream, cake and wafers was served by the uninvited but welcome guests. All present declare Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins royal entertainers.

NOTE: This fun event took place on Friday, January 26, 1923. Thanks to Viv Reeves for finding the date of this article.

Please enjoy the quilt patch images!



1923 Good Samaritan Class Crazy Quilt

Original Quilt Recipient was the 1923 Good Samaritan Sunday School class teacher, Mr. Allie Hawkins & his wife, Lizzie

Methodist Episcopal Church, Seney, Iowa











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Get a glimpse of yesteryear! 1923 Good Samaritan Sunday School Class quilt gift to their teacher, R.A. Hawkins!  







Becker, Floyd A. Holster, Adrian
Becker, Helen R. Keizer, Mr. & Mrs. Gerben

Buss, Ann

Kennedy, Erlynne

Buss, Harvey

Kilzer, Pearl
Buss, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Kunath, Moritz
Buss, Wm. & Bertha Lancaster, Kate & John
Chapman, Fern Lancaster, V. M.
Chapman, Verna & Earl McArthur, Irvie
Clasen, Gracia McArthur, Mr. & Mrs. Roy
Cliff, Mr. & Mrs. E. Moir, Ethel
Cook, Virla Moir, Mervin
Cooper, Orville Moir, Roy
Criswell, Mr. & Mrs. Bert Moore, Floyd
Criswell, Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Osborne, Josie
Darville, Harold Reeves, Clarence
Darville, Helen Reeves, Lawrence
Darville, Margaret Reeves, Pearl
Donlin, Mr. & Mrs. Jay Riter, Eldon
Ewin, Mr. & Mrs. C. Utech, Frank & Luella
Folkers, Rosa Utech, Mayme L.
Folkers, Theodore Zimmerman, Henry
Folkers, William Zimmerman, John
Hawkins, Albert & Anna  
Hinde, Dollie  
Hinde, Allen  
Holster, Myrtle  

48 Separate Quilt Signatures

Crazy Patch Quilt made for the Sunday School teacher of the 1923 Good Samaritan class, Seney, Iowa, M E Church. Each person/couple created their own square and also embroidered their name/s on the quilt. Check out the index to all the names recorded on this beautiful heirloom quilt. See the LeMars newspaper article describing the origin of this lovely quilt!

Quilt now in the possession of David & Judy Hawkins, who farm near Seney, Iowa. Linda Ziemann, Plymouth CC--a granddaughter to one of the couples on the quilt, presented the colorful quilt to the Hawkins couple in April 2004. Now the heirloom quilt is back into the possession of the correct Hawkins family. David was a nephew to Allie Hawkins the original recipient of the quilt. Enjoy the April 2004 Presentation Picture.....passing the quilt back into the Hawkins family! Linda Ziemann is at the far left, David Hawkins in the middle and his wife, Judy, standing at the right.

Submitted by Linda Ewin Ziemann

Linda's great grandmother & R.A. "Allie" Hawkins & his wife Lizzie, were first cousins


A wonderful picture of the Seney M.E. church men's quartet has been found! The recipient of this quilt, R.A. Hawkins, is standing on the far left of the photo. A great photo of this SS teacher taken in the 1920's!

Left to Right:

R. A. "Allie" Hawkins; C.W. Reeves, Sr.; Frank Becker; M.J. "Mitt" Lancaster



Picture contributed by Milt Keizer: "I ran across this group picture of the children of Henry Jr and Edith Darville and their spouses. This photo includes several of the Sunday School class members who stitched their signatures into the 1923 Seney Church Good Samaritan Quilt presented to R.A. Hawkins, their teacher."

Left to Right:

Leslie & Ethel (Rupe) Darville; Lila (Darville) and Ernest Weber; Carol Clay (Lila's granddaughter); Opal (Reid) and Harold Darville; and Amy (Darville) & Gerben Keizer picture dated approx. 1953.




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