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Deborah Ann Kroll

Hi I'm willing to help if anyone needs info about their familys.In Plymouth and Woodbury and Sioux County town Hawarden.I live between Akron and Hawarden,Iowa.and go to LeMars all the time.I'm also doing Obituaries and Markers of all Cemetery and putting them on a site called Find A Grave.Com.So everyone can check out the site there for family.I have started a few months ago walking cemeterys around all the areas and looking in librarys for obituaries in Sioux City and LeMars and Akron.So feel free to contact me.Can contact me at debkroll@hickorytech.net or debkroll21@hotmail.com

God Bless Family and friends.

I hope this will be of help to some of our families of German heritage.

I have the 3 volume copy of the Reepsholt, Germany, Ortsippenbuch or OSB (combined parish and census records) for 1633-1900.  Information included are births, deaths, baptisms and family relationships.  Many of our early German settlers (1860 -1900) came from this area of northern Germany and are related to each other.  Some surnames include Bohlken, Kleihauer, Frerichs, Jacobs, Renken, Doering, Borchers, Dirks, Willms and many others.  Almost anyone who has relatives buried in one of Plymouth county Lutheran church cemeteries will find their ancestors here.  It includes many of the small villages in the area besides Reepsholt.  These books are a wonderful resource for anyone who has ancestors from this area.  For instance--I have 122 sets of greatgrandparents in these books!!  Wish the British Isles did this!!

As I have time, I would be happy to do "look ups" for anyone interested.  I would like the questions to go to the following e-mail address.


Glenna Rice

 Lorraine Horton has volunteered to do family history look-ups in the book, Our Life 1882-1982 Akron, Iowa. Thanks, Lorraine for offering this great service. Lorraine says the book is not indexed but it does contain a family history section that is alphabetical. Email Lorraine.


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