Map Key - Quilt Theme

(1) Ted Hoffman - Iowa Star

(2) Carl & Colleen Westergard - Pale Star

(3) Richard & Wanda Philips - Corn Splendid-Ear

(4) John & Pam Hutchins - Princess Feathers

(5) Ron & Jeanne Schultz - Liberty Star

(6) Ben & Janelle Johnson - Carl & Joann Johnson - State Fair

(7) Mike & Kathy Detloff (Clifford & Marjorie Perry Home Place) - Diamond Cross

(8) Rob & Keri Welch - Steve & Lanay Welch Farm - Farmer's Wife

(9) Vernon Jurgensen - Highland View

(10) Randy & Deb Kroksch - Eastern Star

(11) John & Debra Ahlers - Windmill

(12) Marlyn & Mary Renken - Wild Goose Chase

(13) Ronald & Norma Wendt - Storm At Sea

(14) Byron Blackburn - Harvest Star

(15) Vernon Stabe - Family Foundation

(16) Rollin & Leah Glawe (Isabelle Langel-Laddasaw Home Place) - Mardi Gras

(17) Ron & Linda Popken - Friendship Star

(18) Todd & Tammy Popken - Hog Heaven

(19) Diane & Blane Smith - Star Shine

(20) Tim & Janet Lohafter - Bachelor's Puzzle

Map Key - Quilt Theme

(21) Jim & Rosie Staab - Double Aster

(22) Vernon & Karen Harrington - From There to Here

(23) Duane & Mary Margaret Wachter - Broken Star

(24) Richard Plendl - Plendl Family Circle

(25) Roger & Dani Oetken - Dutch Rose

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Mission statement:

The mission of the barn quilt program is to celebrate quilting as a traditional art form, appreciate the prairie architecture of farm buildings, promote art appreciation, stimulate county economic growth while celebrating our agricultural heritage. Barns and corn cribs are chosen for homes for quilt designs. The actual quilt square is made of two sheets of high grade plywood. The quilt pattern is transferred to the plywood and painted with specifically chosen paint to withstand the weather. The quilt pattern and location must meet the approval of the barn quilt steering committee. Financing is handled on a case by case basis. Contributions or gifts are accepted. 4-H, youth, garden and service clubs as well as families and others are encouraged to participate in producing and funding the county quilt designs.

**The Barn Quilts are numbered on the map, which coincide with the numbers under the Map Key -Quilt Theme headings.

**Follow the linked names to a page dedicated to that specific Plymouth County Barn Quilt. Anyone wanting to share the story of your barn quilt and/or photos of it are more than welcome to send the same to Linda Ziemann, the site coordinator.

Plym. County Barn Quilt Map

More of the Map Key - Quilt Theme listings:

(26) Bill & Janice Renken - Gathering the Orange

(27) Paul & Marlene Pick - Double Star

(28) Jason & Melissa Uhl - Nautilus

(29) Plymouth County Fair - Head Heart Hands and Health

(30) Becky Galyen - Sunflower

(31) Trinity Lutheran Church - Crown of Thorns

(32) Jim & Deb Carson - Twirling Stone Star


**Thanks to the Plymouth County Barn Quilt Committee, Ruth Barker---Kathy Moore---Carol Schneider---Mary Roder---Jana Fitzgerald for their committment to this fabulous project. Thanks also for permission to post this information on the Plymouth County IAGenWeb pages.