1884 Death Records recorded in the order the death was recorded...thus you will find some death dates out of chronological order

Abbreviations: m-male, f-female, b-born, d-died, bur-buried, n-nationality, res-residence      

1884 Plymouth County Courthouse Death Ledgers
Deceased Name Death Record Detail
MILLER, Louise f; age 8 mos; b. 4 miles north of Remsen, IA; d. 01 Feb 1884; bur Seney, Iowa
SPURILL, Melvill m; 1yr, 2mos; b. 6 miles NE of Remsen, IA; d. 27 Jan 1884; bur Marcus, IA on 29 Jan 1884
GRIEVE, Leslie m; age 6yr, 10mos; b. Scott county, IA; d. 12 Feb 1884 Kingsley, IA; bur Quorn, IA
VANNORSDE, Mary f; 69yrs, 9mos; b. America; d. 4 May 1884 Kingsley, IA; bur Kingsley, IA
FULLER, Mary f; 76yrs, 9mos; b. Platsburg, New York; d. 26 Apr 1884; bur Johnson Twp, Section 1
HERMANN, Fredrike f; widow; farm owner; n-Albisheim; b. Bavaria, Germany; 64yrs, 6mos; d. 12 May 1884; bur LeMars, IA
CLARK, Judie f; 17yrs, 11das; b. Wisc; res IA 8 1/2 months; d. 14 May 1884 Akron, IA; bur Akron Cem 15 May 1884
LANBAM, Grasn f; 6yrs; b. Wisconsin; res IA 2 yrs; d. 27 Jun 1884 Akron, IA; bur Akron, IA.
SCHREIDER, Barbara f; age 35; married; farmer's wife; b. Germany; d. 22 May 1884 Remsen Twp, Plymouth county, IA; bur Remsen
DIRKS, Wilhelmine W. f; age 8 1/2 mos; b. Plymouth county, IA; d. 07 Aug 1884; Sec 4 Twp 92 Range 46; bur Grant Twp on 8 Aug 1884
RAVELING, Liggdine f; 2yrs, 9mos; res IA 2yrs; d. 27 Jul 1884 Marion Twp, Plymouth county, IA
JEFFERS, Alba m; married; 74 yrs; b. New York; res IA 15 yrs; d. 22 Aug 1884 Akron, IA; bur Johnson Twp cemetery
RAIST, Charles m; age 25?; b. Akron, IA; d. 25 Aug 1884; bur Akron Cem
HEALY, Mike m; farmer; 38 yrs; n-United States; d. 07 Sep 1884; bur LeMars, IA
LANING, James m; farmer; 26yrs; n-Norway; d. 19 Sep 1884 Remsen, IA; bur Remsen, IA
REED, H. B. m; 51yrs, 9mos; B. Maryland; d. 29 Sep 1884 Kingsley, IA; bur Kingsley, IA
MORRISON, female f; 1mo, 7das; farmer's daughter; n-Scotch; b Plymouth county; d. 09 Oct 1884 Grant Twp Plym co, IA; bur LeMars, IA
GAMBLE, James m; farmer; 53yrs; b. Ireland; d. 04 Oct 1884 Akron, IA; bur Portland Cemetery
SCHNELL, Charles m; single; 1yr 9mos; b. LeMars, IA; res IA lifetime; d. 22 Oct 1884 Elgin Twp Plymouth co., IA; bur LeMars, IA
KLOSMAN, Maria D. f; 73yrs 8mos; b. Germany; d. 26 Oct 1884 LeMars, IA; bur LeMars, IA
WAGNER, Frederick m; farmer; 53yrs, 7mos; b. Germany; d. 30 Oct 1884 Plymouth county at home; bur LeMars, IA
GITTOES, Martha f; married; 22yrs 9mos 9das; n-English; b. Rodnishir, South Wales, res IA 13mos; d. 18 Aug 1884 Elgin Twp; bur Seney, IA
ARNDT, Anna f; 55 yrs; b. Luxomberg; n-German; d. 29 Dec 1884 Marion Twp; bur LeMars, IA
McMANAMAN, Catherina

f; 80 yrs; b. Ireland; d. 18 Nov 1884 Preston Twp Plymouth county; IA; bur LeMars, IA

KLUMAN, Gracie

f; 2yrs 4mos 22das; b. Illinois; res IA 9mos; n-German; d. 31 Oct 1884 LeMars, IA; bur LeMars, IA

TRITZ, Adam m; farmer; widower; n-Prussia; b. Prussia; d. 14 Dec 1884 LeMars, IA; bur LeMars, IA; 84 yrs of age
DIXON, infant age 1 mo; b. LeMars, IA; d. 6 Dec 1884 LeMars, IA; bur LeMars, IA
STODT, Johnny

m; 4yrs 9mos; minister's boy; b. Orange City, IA; d. 14 Dec 1884 LeMars, IA; bur LeMars, IA

MURKE, Allie L f; 5yrs 2mos; b. Sac county, IA; d. 22 Dec 1884 Kingsley, IA; bur Fletcher, IA 25 Dec 1884
FREIMAN, Mary f; married 21 yrs 1mo; b. US; d. 15 ___ 1884; bur St. Joseph's Cem
TRACY, Helen M. f; married; 47 yrs; res IA 12 yrs; d. 29 Dec 1884 LeMars, IA; bur LeMars, IA
female-no first or last name f; n-Dane; d. 11 Dec 1884 LeMars, IA; bur LeMars, IA on 11 Dec 1884

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