1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906 Funeral Home Records


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS
Walenga Okea 21a  
Wallace Thomas 11a  
Walsch Child J. W. Walsch 70a  
Walz Francis 38a  
Walzen Asmas 37a  
Warner Julia 159a  
Washburn Ora 225a  
Wasmer Mary E. 16a  
Watson James Infant 118a  
Watson Isabell 239a  
Wecker Mary 147a  
Weidenfeller Anna K. 2 mo. 46a  
Weimer Cora May 94a  
Weinheimer Louis 258a  
Weisenhaus Margareth 130a  
Weisenhause Infant John Weisenhause 93a  
Weisfenhause Henry John 121a  
Welsh Rosa A. 27a  
Welters Lee 22a  
Wendt Annie 41a  
Wenst Henry 53a  
Wernike Louise 58a  
Wernli Adolf Henry J. Wernli
d. 20 Apr 1889; 29yrs, 7mo, 25das
Wernli E. Catharine
d. 24 Jul 1889; 9yrs, 3mos
Wernli Jacob 166a  
Wernli Emma 222a  
Werth child 270a  
Westfall Agnes 135a  
Westhoff Henry Behrens 270a  
Weyen Infant 191a  
Wicks Joseph 193a  
Wicks Elizabeth 207a  
Wiebking child Henry Wiebking 218a  
Wilcox Marian 81a  
Wilcox H. W. 190a  
Wilde Mrs. S. 163a  
Wilhelm John  
d. 29 Aug 1889; 61yrs; inf of bowels
Wilkens Eilert John 165a  
Wilkens John D. 224a  
Williams Mrs. Albert 217a  
Willis Carolina 182a  
Wilson Elora Ethel Louisa L. W. Wilson 236a  
Wilters Mrs. John 180a  
Winkel A. still born 36a  
Winkel R. 74a  
Winkel John 121a  
Winslow Sarah J. 82a  
Winter Philipp H. 142a  
Winter Etna 208a  
Winter John 273a  
Winterfeld Wilhelmina 251a  
Witt Julius 194a  
Witt Anna Katharina 196a  
Witt Herman 243a  
Woelck Carolina 215a  
Woldt Charley 1 week 30a  
Woldt Carolina 76a  
Woldt Maria 79a  
Wood Winnie 115a  
Wood Norman H. 248a  
Woodke John 115a  
Woodke Johanna 175a  
Woolworth Henry S. 10a  


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