1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906 Funeral Home Records


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS Explanation - Cause of death
Haage Insina F. 89a    
Haas Katharina 15a
Obituary d. 03 Apr 1893; 32yrs; confinement
confinement: child-birth; the period before the birth of a child when a woman was confined to her house
Haas Infant Gottlieb Haas 56a
d. Stillborn, 16 Jun 1895
Haas 239a
d. 28 Oct 1904; 16yrs old, inf of bowels
Haglett Infant 130a    
Hall Mary A. 43a    
Hall Mrs. M. E. 173a    
Hall Mrs. Wm. 262a    
Hallen Lydia
d. 11 Mar 1890; 82 yrs; pneumonia  
Halvig Edwin Emil 264a    
Hamilton Charles 8a    
Hamilton child Miss Hamilton 154a    
Hamilton James 169a    
Hamm Infant Chas. Hamm 272a    
Hammon Rosa L. 169a    
Hank Milton E. 90a    
Hankins Mrs. John 251a    
Hanna T. G.
d. 15 Mar 1890; 63yrs  
Hanscome Lidya S. 6a
d. 28 Aug 1892; 59yrs
Hanson Andrew 170a    
Hardy Maurice 111a    
Harison Lasie Fred Harison 60a    
Harms Fr. Henry 60a    
Harms Jurgen Johnson 65a    
Harms Metta O. 88a    
Harms Infant Herman Harms 150a    
Harms Herman 181a    
Harms Jurgen Fred Harms 194a    
Harms Jurgen J. Fred Harms 242a    
Harms Huke 265a    
Harn George 102a    
Harrington Ellen 8a
d. 19 Oct 1892; 72yrs; dropsy

dropsy:   an abnormal collection of fluid in the tissues and cavities of the body

Hartman Johanna I. 6 mo. 32a    
Hartman Child Ulfert Hartman 120a    
Hartman Theodore Infant 140a    
Hartman Gerrit 156a    
Hartman Mrs. 157a    
Hartman James 171a    
Hartman Infant Theodore Hartman 178a    
Hartman John 234a    
Hartmann Ulfert G. 124a    
Hartmann Margaretha 201a    
Harvey Catharina 174a    
Harvey Frank M. 227a    
Hasbroock Benjamine M. 181a    
Hasbrook Mrs. Abigail E.
d. 23 May 1892; consumption
consumption: pulmonary tuberculosis
Hasbrook Ema 13a    
Hastings Wm. 40a    
Hauff child Dan Hauff 257a    
Hauswald Mrs. August 165a    
Haviland 160a    
Haviland M. C. 179a    
Haylock George 127a    
Heer Lawrence 228a    
Heiden Hilda Clara 17a    
Heiden John 133a    
Heiden Francis B. 192a    
Heiger August 144a    
Heigner Charlie 213a    
Heimgartner Mrs. Albert 12a    
Heimgartner Infant Albert Heimgartner 46a    
Hein Frank
d. 24 Aug 1889; 18yrs; Railroad accident  
Hein Rickloff 97a    
Hein Mrs. 109a    
Heineman Elisabeth J. 206a    
Heinrich Luella Emma 241a    
Held Maria
d. 28 Mar 1890  
Held D. W. 223a    
Helrich Child Henry Helrich 42a    
Hemelrick Wilhelm Theo. 117a    
Henckens Bernhart  
Stillborn d. 01 Feb 1890  
Henissey John 228a    
Henn Jacob 199a    
Hennesey Mrs. Maurice (Hanna) 214a    
Hennessey Joseph 5a
d. 22 Aug 1892; 28yrs; consumption
consumption: pulmonary tuberculosis
Hennesy Maurice 248a    
Henrich John 151a    
Henry Orrie 150a    
Henry Sarah 261a    
Heren Anna 187a    
Herren Infant Wm. Herren 195a    
Herron Raymond Wallace 128a    
Hertzberg Christ 172a    
Herzberg Infant Still Born 269a    
Hesthoff Sepka 226a    
Heubroock Leonhardt 220a    
Heubsh Andrew 30a    
Heyl Rosa Maria Emilia 175a    
Hickey Bessie 196a    
Hickie Anthon 139a    
Hildebrandt Ernst 72a    
Hildebrandt Clara 72a    
Hilkemeir Infant Gust. Hilkemeir 12a    
Hill Geo. 184a    
Hilmer child Christ Hilmer 122a    
Hines Elisabeth 168a    
Hines Dr. J. W. 178a    
Hintz Margareth 61a    
Hinz Maria 212a    
Hiss Clarinda 15a    
Hodgin Rosella 184a    
Hodgson child 139a    
Hodgson Ralph 202a    
Hodgson Georgia 231A    
Hoese Henrietta
d. 11 May 1892; 62yrs; heart disease  
Hoese Wm. 5a
d. 24 Aug 1892; 73yrs; paralysis
Hoffmann John 222a    
Hogle Hanna
d. 01 Mar 1890; 90yrs, 4mos  
Hogle Andrew 27a    
Hooneman Jacob 213a    
Hoorneman Sophia 261a    
Hoostra Agie
d. 25 May 1889; 3 1/2 yrs; consumption
consumption: pulmonary tuberculosis
Hoover Lulu M. 106a    
Hoover Walter Elmer 177a    
Hoover Jasper 259a    
Horuney Rev. C. H. 155a    
Hough Wm. 122a    
Howard Timothy 102a    
Howard H. J. 106a    
Howard Boy of Chas. T. Howard 218a    
Howes John 214a    
Hoyt Hanson 159a    
Huelsmann Anna 129a    
Huggenberger Mrs. Otto 78a    
Huser Emil 62a    


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