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Transcriptions of grave markers WPA-GR31includes approximately thru 1938, all of Plymouth County.


LeMars City Cemetery now called LeMars Memorial Cemetery.....Directions: in LeMars take Plymouth St to 8th Ave S.E. and turn right. Take 8th Ave S.E. to 3rd St. S.E. and turn left. The cemetery is on your right. ~Directions courtesy Cyndi Taylor

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1893 News Article--Interesting content about the LeMars City Cemetery at that time. Read and enjoy!

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Block 11C has very few tombstones. Search for your ancestors on this block burial list. Block 24 & 25 do not have any burials, as yet.

LeMars Memorial Cemetery New Burials since the cemetery transcription was completed in 2009. Don't forget to check the index on this link. Thanks to the Volunteers and their ongoing work, keeping this list updated!

LeMars Memorial Cemetery Newest Burials


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Thanks to Mary Holub of LeMars for her dedication to this transcription/photo taking project~began Summer 2008~work beginning again in the Spring 2009--the last block completed and submitted November 2009. As OBITUARIES are found and transcribed, the obits will be linked to the corresponding names on these block burial lists.


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