This is a photo of Lincoln Twp. Cemetery, prior to the May 1996 restoration.  You can see that the stones are tipping, broken, etc.

~Photos & Information submitted by Justin Herbst

Lincoln Cemetery Restoration

Pictured John Winteringer and Iris Hemmingson, digging in a lilac bush to unearth the tombstone of infant Thompson baby.

Iris Hemmingson, Nadine Binnebose, Candi Herbst, Noel Herbst Henrich, Melissa McKibbin and Steven McKibbin, Paul Maddy in the distance.

Madonna and Steven McKibbin taking appart Martin Speed's stone.

Harold Binnebose in loader, Steven McKibbin, Joe & Melissa McKibbin, reglueing Martin Speed's stone.

Jimmie Harrison McKibbin assisting with the project.  Jimmie's family for years maintained the cemetery, as well as his son, Steve and family, and son, Corey and family.




Receiving instructions from Paul Maddy.  Pictured: Steven McKibbin, Harold Binnebose, Iris Hemmingson, Paul on the ground, Justin Herbst, Corey McKibbin and Madonna McKibbin.

Justin Herbst and Madonna McKibbin digging out Justin's great great great grandfather, Benjamin Harrison's family plot.  All stones were dug out, and cement bases repaired.

Iris Hemmingson, Corey McKibbin, Justin Herbst, and Madonna McKibbin repairing Edith Franklin's stone.  Edith, died in a diptheria epidemic in early 1880s, without this restoration...her stone would have no longer been in existence.

Justin Herbst and his great aunt, Gayle Harrison Patton repairing Del Church's stone.

Harold Binnebose, Steven and Joe McKibbin, the tree was taken down for safety reasons.

Melissa, Mandy McKibbin, Madonna McKibbin, John Donnell, Justin Herbst, Joe and Steve McKibbin.

Harold Binnebose and John Donnell discussing what to be done with the tree stone.  It was in less than a half inch of cement. Money raised from 1996 and 1998 Harrison family reunions, allowed the stone to be reset and it was dedicated at the 2000 family reunion.

First photo of the Church family stones reset, they had been in 4 or 5 pieces, and Del Church's stone was covered in dirt, and not even visible.


State grant money was obtained with the help of the Historical Society in LeMars, Iowa, in May 1996.  John Winteringer and Iris Hemmingson were representatives of this historical society.  A professional instructor, Paul Maddy, was sent to show volunteers how to repair stones.  Lincoln Twp. board of trustee, Harold Binnebose, represented the township in this endeavor.

We met at 8am until 4pm, from May 16, 17, 18th, 1996, in blistering 97 degree heat, to be instructed, dig out every stone, reglue them and repair foundations.

Three day volunteers were: Steven and Madonna McKibbin, Justin Herbst and Iris Hemmingson.

Two day volunteers were: Lois Franklin, Joe McKibbin, anc Corey McKibbin.

One day volunteers were: Darrell Franklin, Melissa and Mandy McKibbin, Harold and Nadine Binnebose, Jim and Janet McKibbin

Half day contributors were: Gayle Patton, Candi and Noel Herbst, and John Donnell.

All mentioned volunteers were part of the Harrison-Peron family, with the exception of the Binneboses, Winteringer, Hemmingson, and instructor, Paul Maddy.

On May 20th, Madonna, Steven, Joe, Mandy McKibbin, Justin and Noel Herbst armed with the knowledge of repairing the cemetery met an additional day to finish the project.

Submitted by Justin Herbst


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