Schwartz Obituaries
submitted by: Joan Nisley
An Abstracted Newspaper Index for Page and Taylor County, Iowa compiled
by Pat O'Dell lists: Ross or W. R. Schwartz, son of John W., age 27,
died Cedar Bluff, murdered by Mrs. Mary Kirk, interred Shenandoah, SP 24
October 1911 (not found), SP 20 October 1911, SP 17 October 1911
(Shenandoah Sentinel Post, Shenandoah, Iowa).
Shenandoah Sentinel Post dated Tuesday, 17 October 1911:

"W. R. Schwartz killed in Council Bluffs. Shot by Mrs. Mary Kirk at
Ogden Hotel--She Claims that Shot was Self-Inflicted."

"W. R. Schwartz, son of J. W. Schwartz of this city, was killed about 5
o'clock last evening at the Ogden hotel in Council Bluffs, supposedly by
Mrs. Mary Kirk, a woman from Avoca. She gave the alarm herself just
after the shot was heard and when the matron of the hotel reached the
room she found the young man on the floor, bleeding, and the revolver
under his body. He was shot through the temple. No powder marks were
found, as would be the case if he had shot himself. The woman was
arrested and the inquest is being held today."

"Schwartz was twenty-seven years old and married, but had not been
living with his wife recently. He had been employed in the paving work
of Hamilton and Schwartz at Red Oak, but left there Saturday night."

"The body will probably be brought to Shenandoah this evening. William
Kemp went to Council Bluffs to take charge of the affairs in behalf of
the parents here, who are prostrated with grief."
Shenandoah Sentinel Post dated 20 October 1911:

"The Remains of Ross Schwartz Laid to Rest"

"The funeral of Ross Schwartz was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John
W. Schwartz yesterday at 1:30 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Price of
Council Bluffs, who was assisted by Rev. Mitchell of the Baptist church
in this city. It was largely attended by sympathizing friends of the
family and was one of the saddest and most pathetic funerals held in the
city for a long time."

"Mrs. Cogley, Miss Blanche Alden and Messrs. H. I. Foskett and Harry O.
Day furnished the vocal music for the sad occasion."

"The funeral was largely attended by the many friends of the family in
the city and several strangers from different cities where Mr. Schwartz
has done contract work were present."

"Mr. and Mrs. John W. Schwartz are held in high regard by all
Shenandoah people and no man in this city stands for good and pure
society more strenuously than does J. W. Schwartz, father of the

"Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz have the united sympathy of the people of
Shenandoah in their sad hours of bereavement."

"The address made by Elder Price was one that touched the hearts of all
who heard it, particularly the parents and brother and sisters of the
deceased, and Mr. Schwartz tells us he wishes that every young man in
Shenandoah might have heard it."


An Abstracted Newspaper Index for Page and Taylor County, Iowa compiled
by Pat O'Dell lists: Daniel Schwartz, 80, of near Galesburg, Illinois,
visiting son J. W. Schwartz in SW 09 October 1900

Shenandoah World, Tuesday, 9 October 1900: "J. W. Schwartz was most
hapily surprised this morning by the arrival of his father, Daniel
Schwartz, from near Galesburg, Ill. J. W. was at his old home last year
and urgently persuaded his father to visit here but had little hopes
that such would be his joy. Mr. Schwartz was here ten years ago.
Though he will be 81 years old this month still he is very spry and

An Abstracted newspaper Index for Page and Taylor County, Iowa compiled
by Pat O'Dell lists: Schwartz, John's father, 85, died in Galesburg PCD
9 June 1904

Page County Democrat, Clarinda, Iowa, Thursday, 9 June 1904: "John Schwartz
of Shenandoah, who is interested in the paving work in this city was
called to Galesburg Saturday by the death of his aged father, who was
eighty-five years old."