Page County, Iowa obituaries
transcribed by Pat O'Dell
Safely, John -

John Safely, twenty year old son of W. A. Safely, of near Bedford, was killed   in a   hayfield accident last week.   He fell from a load of hay under the horses' feet and was kicked and trampled   by the team and one wheel of   the wagon also passed over    his body.    He lived several  days after    the accident. Many Clarinda people will remember the Safelys as   regular exhibitors of fine horses at the Clarinda fair. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 8, 1912

Sage, Lauraette Kenea -

Death of a New England Woman.
The Hartford (Conn.) Courant of Dec. 31, 1916, told of the death of Mrs. Lauraetta (Kenea) Sage, who was a double cousin of J. P. Kenea, who was born in Pleasant Valley, Conn., and now is the senior editor of The Clarinda Journal. The father of Mrs. Sage was an older brother of Mr. Kenea's father, and her mother an older sister of his mother. The Courant referred to says:
"Mrs.    Lauraette (Kenea) Sage, widow of Henry Sage, one of Berlin's best known residents, died at her home here this afternoon after a week's illness of the grip.   She was in the eighty-eighth year of her age. She was born in Wolcott, this state, April 6, 1829, and came from an old and illustrious family.   Her father was Leverett Kenea and her mother was Laura (Lee) Kenea of Barkhampsted. She was descended on her father's side from John Jordon Kenea, a Revolutionary soldier, and son of a Scotch sea captain.   John   Jordan Kenea's wife was Obedience Alcott. Both were from   Wolcott.     Mrs. Sage's great-grandfather was James Alcott, also a   Revolutionary   soldier and father of Obedience Alcott.   On her mother's side, Mrs. Sage was, descended from David Lee, a Revolutionary soldier, and Elizabeth Hayes, of Barkhamsted.   Her great-grandfather was Thomas  Lee  and her great-grandmother was Isabel (Sedgwick) Lee of Farmington.   She was also a great- granddaughter of Andrew Hayes, a Revolutionary soldier from Granby.
"Mrs. Sage leaves a brother, Leverett Dwight Kenea of Thomaston, who has been connected with the large brass works there and in other parts of the state for many years; a daughter, Mrs. Charles J. Wells, of Los Angeles, Calif., and a son, George H. Sage of No. 1 Carter Oak place, Hartford, president of the Berlin Construction company.
"Mrs. Sage was a member of the Second Congregational church in Berlin for sixty-four years, or ever since her marriage. Her husband died about thirty years ago. She lived in the old Sage homestead which is one of the oldest houses in the state, dating back to more than 200 years." CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 11, 1917




Salber, Joseph Frederick -

Joseph Frederick Salber. Joseph Frederick, son of J. A. and Mary Melissa Salber, was born March 12, 1885, at Salem, Iowa, and died April 19, 1909, at Glenwood, la., aged 24 years, 1 month and 7 days.
When he was about six months old he had an attack of spinal meningitis, from the effects of which he was left an invalid. His short life was full of suffering, and his loved ones did all that could be done to make him as comfortable as possible. Four years ago it became necessary to take him to the hospital at Glenwood, where he passed away to that realm where no suffering is, and where he will have a change to that larger life.

The funeral services were held at the Salber home in this city yesterday afternoon, Rev. J. W. Abel conducting the services. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 22, 1909

Fred Salber died Sunday at the Glenwood Institution for the Feeble Minded, after terrible suffering from convulsions. He was 24 years old and had been an invalid all his life. The remains were brought here and the funeral held yesterday, at 3 p. m,, conducted by Rev. Abel from the home of his father, John Salber. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 22, 1909



Salber, Mary Melissa Hill -

Mrs. Mary M. Salber, wife of J. A. Salber, died at the home in north Clarinda, Saturday, Jan. 12, 1901, at 4 o'clock p. m. She had been in poor health for some time from la grippe, but a few days before greatly improved, when she took a relapse which terminated in pneumonia and death soon followed. She was 43 years, 6 months and 29 days of age. Miss Mary Hill was born at Fredericktown, Pa., and in 1872 the family removed to Salem. Iowa. In 1876 she was married to Mr. A. Salber and four children are the fruits of this union, all of whom with the husband mourn her uutimely death. In 1894 the family removed to this city and have since made their home here. She was a kind and affectionate wife and mother, and a devoted member of the M. E. church. The funeral took place at the home Tuesday at 2 p. m, conducted by Rev. IlgenFritz, and her remains interred in the city cemetery. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 17, 1901

The community was shocked last Saturday evening to hear of the death of Mrs. J. A. Salber, at her home northeast of the square. It was only a day or two before that she had been down town, and while many knew that she had been in poor health for some months, no one was prepared for the suddenness with which she passed away. She has been troubled with diabetes for some time, but congestion of the brain was the immediate cause of her death, which occurred at four o'clock on Saturday afternoon. Funeral services will be held at the home this afternoon at two o'clock, conducted by her pastor, Rev. IlgenFritz, of the M. E. church.
Mary M. Hill was born in Fredericktown, Washington County, Pa., June 13, 1857. At the age of fifteen years she moved with her mother to Salem, Iowa, her father having died the year before. On January 15 of 1876 she was married to J. A. Salber. Four children,—Carl, Gertrude, Freddie and Etta, have been born to them, and all, with the grief stricken husband, survive to mourn her loss. In October of 1894 the family moved to Clarinda, and have since made their home here. Mrs. Salber united with the M. E. church after their coming, and has been a faithful member, and always was held in the highest esteem as a friend and neighbor by all who knew her. She was a gem among women, and the family may well mourn for her, but not without hope, for such as she make up the heavenly kingdom.
Besides her immediate family, Mrs. Salber left brothers and sisters as follows:—Mrs. Clark McCorkle, of near Clarinda; Mrs. Chas. Pickard, of near Bentonsport, VanBuren county; J. C. Hill, of New Sharon; Miss Letitia Hill, who resides with the family; E. J. Hill, of Oskaloosa: and L. C. Hill, who returned from Cape Nome, Alaska, in November. All of the brothers and sisters except J. C. Hill, who is detained by sickness, will be present at the services this afternoon. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 15, 1901

Salomon, Anna -

Miss Anna Salomon died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Salomon, six miles northwest of Clarinda, Monday, April 7, 1919, at 10:30 o'clock, age 20 years. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 10, 1919

Anna Saloman - Death came to Miss Anna Saloman, 20 years of age, Monday evening at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Saloman, who live one mile north and five miles west of this city.
Funeral services were held at the home at 1 o'clock this Thursday afternoon, old time, followed by services at the Evangelical Lutheran church at 2 o'clock. Burial will be in the church cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 10, 1919


Salsgiver, Henry - Mr. Henry Salsgiver was born in West Lebanon, Armstrong county, Pa., Dec. 6, 1836, and died in Clarinda, Page county Iowa, Jan. 18, 1911, aged 74 years, 1 month and 12 days. He was a son of Henry and Elizabeth Salsgiver. He was married to Miss Louisa Bryson, Oct. 7,1856, in Indiana, Indiana county, Pa. Both were the children of prosperous farmers, living near Indiana. After their marriage they set up a little home of their own and Mr. Salsgiver worked at the shoemaker's trade, which he had learned while a boy. The little family lived at Indiana and West Lebanon, Pa., until the year 1870, when they moved to Clarinda, where they have since lived continuously. Their first home was on the corner lot where the Henshaw Hotel now stands and they lived there only a few years, moving later to the house south of the jail. From there they moved to their present home which they own, in 1876. The deceased was a member of the Baptist church since early manhood. He was a private in Co. G, 2d Battalion, Pennsylvania Infantry. Ten children were born to this union, six of whom, with the wife, survive. These are: T. M. Salsgiver and Mrs. D. H. Rhoades, of Wymore, Nebr.; W. W. Salsgiver, of Pittsburg, Pa.; Mrs. Gertrude Marks, of Kansas City, Mo; and Della and Birch, still at home in this city. Two daughters, Ella B. and Mary E., died in infancy, two sons, Harry W. and Chenoworth G., died in early manhood. Mr. Salsgiver lived a quiet, reserved life, living exclusively for the happiness and well being of his family. Strong in manly principles—his word at any time being as good as his bond. Pure in his morals and free from bad habits of any kind. Being strictly honorable himself, he had almost too great confidence in human nature. During his sickness his sufferings were most acute —at times almost past endurance—yet through it all was shown sweet patience and consideration for those around him. He had not been a well man for the past three years and the last six months had been quietly suflering, but continuing his labors. On January 1st he was unable to leave his bed and each day afterwards grew rapidly worse until he quietly and peacefully passed away as the clock struck ten on the evening of the 18th. The funeral was held at the First Baptist church on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 21, at 2:30, conducted by Rev J. W. Watson, pastor of the Baptist church at Villisca, Iowa. The G, A. R.'s had charge of the services at the grave, using their beautiful and touching ritualistic service. The family is grateful to the many friends and neighbors for their kind sympathy and
help during the sickness and death of their beloved husband and father, also for the beautiful floral tributes. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT and CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 26, 1911

The Death List.
Henry Salsgiver died last evening at his home in this city. He has been confined to his bed for about two weeks. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 19, 1911


Sams, George -

George Sams, a resident of Valley township. Page county, since 1867, died at his home, one and one-half miles northeast of Hepburn, Thursday, June 10, 1920.   In February last he had an attack of flu, which was followed   by   an   aggressive case of Bright's disease.   He was   born in Highland county, Ohio, in 1839, and was 80 years 8 months and 6 days of age at the time of his death.   He was a lifelong farmer by occupation. He was married Feb. 2, 1865,   to Miss Almira Beavers, in the county of his birth, and in 1867 they came to Page county, Iowa, and located on the same farm near Hepburn which has been
the family home for fifty-three years.
The residence is the first house north of   the   Sams   school house.   He is survived by his widow and two children, a son, J. G. Sams, living on the home place, and a daughter, Mrs. T. A. Dyke, who resides on a part of the old home farm.   The deceased was a member   of the North Grove Methodist Episcopal church, which he joined thirty-five years ago.   The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock at the home.   Interment was in the Villisca cemetery, beside the graves of his brother, Dr. S. G. Sams, and a granddaughter, Thelma Sams, daughter of J. G. Sams. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Jun 17, 1920

George Sams a resident of Valley Township, Page County, since 1867, died at his home, one and one half miles northeast of Hepburn, Thursday, June 10, 1920. In February he had an attack of flu, which was followed by an aggressive case of Bright's Disease. He was born in Highland Co., Ohio, in 1839, and was 80 years, 8 months and 6 days of age at the time of his death. He was a lifelong farmer by occupation.
He was married Feb. 2, 1865 to Miss Almira Beavers in the county of his birth and in 1867 they came to Page County, la. and located on the same farm near Hepburn which has been the family home for fifty-three years. The residence is the first house north of the Sams school house.
He is survived by his widow and two children, a son, J. G. Sams, living on the home place, and a daughter, Mrs. T. A. Dyke, who resides on a part of the old home farm. The deceased was a member of the North Grove Methodist Episcopal church which he joined fifty-five years ago. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon, June 13th, at the home. Interment was in Villisca cemetery besides the graves of his brother
Dr S. G. Sams and a granddaughter Thelma Sams, daughter of J G Sams.    CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jun 24, 1920  


Samuelson, Charles - Charles Samuelson passed away at his home northwest of Essex, Monday, Jan. 1, at 5 a.m pneumonia being the cause of his death.  He had had his closing out sale, Dec. 21, intending to move to Minnesota. He had a cold the day he put the sale bills out, but was not able to be out the day of the sale.  The funeral was held at the home, Wednesday, at 1 p.m. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 4, 1917


Sanborn, Dr -

The Sidney Herald announce the death of Dr. Sanborn last weak, at Springfield, Mass , where he had resided the past ten years. Old settlers here will remember the Doctor as a regular visitor here from Sidney as a dentist. He was nearly 8[1?] years of age. His remains were brought back to Sidney. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 2, 1905

Sanger, Charles Miles -

Mr. Charles Miles Sanger, father of Will M. Sanger, of this city, died at his home in Paxton, Ill., last Sunday afternoon at 2:30. He would have been 70 years old had he lived until next Monday. His death was caused by a cold he contracted the fore part of last week, which rapidly developed into pleurisy. He leaves a wife, a son and a sister, besides his mother, to mourn his death. Mr. Sanger received a letter Saturday stating that it was no use to come home, as his father was unconscious and would not recognize him, and Monday he received a telegram announcing his death. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 19, 1904


Sanger, Mary Miles -

Death of Mrs. M. M. Sanger.
Mr. Will M. Sanger received word Saturday of the death of his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Miles Sanger, who died at her home in Paxton, Ill., Thursday evening of last week. Mrs. Sanger, on the 17th day of April last, celebrated her 92nd birthday. At that time she was in good health and bade fair to round out the century. She was taken sick a week ago Thursday, her first sickness in nearly 50 years, and which proved to be her last. She was born in Cuyahoga county, Ohio, April 17, 1812. At the age of 20 she was married to Dr. W. A. Sanger in Cleveland, Ohio, Five years later, they removed to Peru, Indiana; two years later, to Lasalle county, Illinois, settling among the Indians. Dr. Sanger died in Florence, Kans., in 1887, since which time Mrs Sanger has made her home with her son, Chas. M. Sanger, who died in Paxton, Ill., Feb. 12th, last. One daughter, Mrs. Mary Crane, of Chicago, was with her at the time of her death. Two grandchildren, Chas F. Crane, of Chicago, and Will M. Sanger, of Clarinda, and 7 great grand-children, are left. When Mrs. Sanger was married in Cleveland, it was a little Indian trading post. The little town of Hudson was then the most promising place in northern Ohio, but on account of Indian troubles, the people moved into the Fort at Cleveland, and Hudson's day of greatness vanished. Mrs. Sanger was educated in Middlebury, Vermont, making the journey from Cleveland, a distance of 500 miles by sleigh. It was in the fall of one of Jackson's campaigns and Mrs. Sanger remembered to the end the interest taken in the campaign by the people along her route, and the way the boys, even, would shout for Jackson. In Middlebury, she made the acquaintance of Julia Ward Howe, who has attained sucu eminence in the literary world, but who was at that time an orphan left in charge of the landlady of the house in which Mrs. Sanger staid.
Up to the end, Mrs Sanger retained all of her faculties, enjoying keenly social life, entertaining her friends and taking great pleasure in it. She performed light labor and sewing up to the last, her eyesight being so good that she had no need of glasses. The last work she ever performed was a slumber robe which she made for her youngest grandson in this city, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Will M. Sanger. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, May 3, 1904


Saum, Cinda A. -

Mrs. Cinda A. Saum died at her home in north Clarinda, Sunday, Oct. 1, 1899, at the advanced age of 78 years 10 months and 1 day. For several months she had been seriously ill and a great sufferer, but bore her affliction with the fortitude of a true christian, which characterized her whole life. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon at 8 o'clock from her late home and her remains laid to rest in the city cemetery. A good old lady has gone to her long home. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRACT, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 5, 1899


Saum, Jacob V. -

Jacob V. Saum, brother of H. L. Saum, Mrs. A. S. Van Sandt and Miss Nora Saum of Clarinda, died Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 10, 1915, at a hospital in New Hatford, N. Y., where, Monday, Aug. 2, he underwent a surgical operation on account of his ailment, cancer of the liver. The late Mr. Saum formerly lived at Bedford and Des Moines, and spent his later years at Shreveport, la., where with his son, Bert, he was engaged in the paint manufacturing business. He was many times a visitor in Clarinda. He was born in Davis county, la., and was 65 years of age. He is survived by a widow, who before her marriage was Miss Mary Johnson of Bloomfield, and also leaves three children, Mrs. Beulah Byrkitt of Des Moines, Mrs. Helen Fraxier of New Hartford, N. Y., and son, Bert, at Shreveport, La. Besides the brother and sisters in Clarinda he leaves three brothers as follows: A. B. Saum of San Diego, Calif.; B. L. Saum of Laurens, la., and C. L. Saum of Caldwell, Ida. The funeral and burial took place at New Hartford, N. Y. He was a tall, well built man, fine appearing, and years ago, when he used to be in Clarinda, was the picture of health. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 19, 1915

Death Of J. V. Saum.
A telegram to Clarinda relatives Tuesday announced the death of J. V. Saum, whose home has been in Des Moines, but who died in a suburb of Utica, N. Y., where he has been lately, taking treatment from a specialist for cancer. Cancer of the liver was the cause of death. The remains will probably not be brought here, as the family have Utica connections, and Mrs. Saum has been in Utica with him, also the son from New Orleans and two daughters, one from Des Moines and the other whose home is in Utica. The Clarinda relatives are H. L. Saum, Mrs. A. S. Van Sandt and Miss Lenora Saum. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 12, 1915


Saum, L.W. -

Miss Nora Saum went to Omaha Friday morning, being called the death of her oldest brother, L. W. Saum, of Calhoun Nebr., who was operated on in a hospital in Omaha about a week previous to his death. Linc Saum, of this city, left Thursday evening to attend the funeral. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 1, 1909

Saum, Roy's INFANT -

Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Saum (nee Edith Ingelfritz) learn with sorrow of the loss of their five weeks old baby, in Los Angeles. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 21, 1913


Saunders, James -

James Saundars, one of the early and honored settlers of Page county, was born in Rockcastle county, Kentucky, August 8, 1818, and was one of a family of thirteen children. When but a boy of nine years, his parents moved to Wayne county, Indiana, where they located on a farm. On the 7th of May, 1835, the father died, and James remained at home and assisted with the work until he was twenty-two years of age. On January 23, 1810, he was married to Miss Phoebe Rector, a daughter of Daniel and Nancy Rector. After his marriage, he remained for a time in Indiana, and then moved to Miami county, Ohio, where he located and lived for seven years on a rented farm. He then returned to Delaware countv, Indiana, where he purchased eighty acres of wild land which he improved and cultivated for six years. After disposing of this land he purchased another farm of eighty acres in the same county in which he lived for seven years, then sold out and purchased another eighty acre farm in Jay county, and soon after added to this another eighty acres. He lived in this place for eight years, and in 1869, sold out and came to Iowa, locating near Hawley ville. Here he rented a farm and in the fall of 1870 he purchased the farm where he continued to live until the time of his death. His faithful wife died on the 9th of June, 1897. Mr. and Mrs. Saunders were the parents of thirteen children, ten of whom are left to mourn their loss.
Mr. Saunders was a man who was very highly esteemed by a large circle of friends who have known him for so long a time. He was a rnember of the Methodist Episcopal church, having joined the church when he was but fifteen years of age, and since that time he has lived a faithful christian life. He passed from this life on the 23rd day of April. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Fletcher Homan Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, at the home about five miles northeast of Clarinda. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 28, 1905


Savage, Earl -

Gangrene Causes Death.
Little Earl Savage, the nine-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Savage, living east of Braddyville, died Sunday of last week from gangrene poisoning. About two weeks ago the boy stepped on a pitchfork, running a tine into his foot and inflicting quite a painful wound. At first the injury was not considered serious, but later began to show signs of blood poisoning. The boy was taken to New Market and Sunday the limb was amputated above the knee. A few hours later the boy died, and on Tuesday tha remains were buried at the Memory cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 26, 1909

Savage, Ross -

Ross Savage died Monday, July 3, 1916, at his home near New Market, of paralysis. He was about fifty-five years of age. His funeral was held Wednesday, conducted by Rev. Jacob Hygema. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 6, 1916


Savage, Wm - Wm. Savage is to be buried at Gravity this afternoon at two o'clock and a number of his friends from this city went over on the 11:37 train to attend the funeral. Among those who went were J. B. Whitehill, S. J. McCord, Wilson Reed, E. B. Westcott, John Middaugh, Chas. See and W. A. Henderson. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 28, 1906


Sawtelle, Edgar Orrin -

PIONEER ENGINEER GONE - Edgar O. Sawtelle who has been seriously ill at the Henshaw apartments, died Thursday morning, January 29th, at 2 a.m. Mr. Sawtelle has been a resident of Clarinda for twenty-four years and was well known throughout the community. For fifty years he has been an engineer on the Burlington railroad, coming here from Sidney, Maine.
His loss will be mourned by the widow, two sons and two daughters, Ervin E. Sawtelle of Omaha; Frank O. of Sioux City; Mrs. P. E. Price of San Francisco, and Mrs. W. D. Fulton of Grand Island. Obituary will appear in next weeks issue. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 29, 1920

E. O. SAWTELLE - E. O. Sawtelle, who died Jan. 29, at his apartments at the Henshaw hotel, was buried Sunday, Feb. 1st. Services were conducted by Rev. W. C. Williamson, and his railroad associates acted as pall bearers.
Mr. Sawtelle was born April 5, 1848, in Sidney Maine. He was the eighth son, and three brothers still survive. He also has one sister. He began working on the Erie railroad in 1871 and in 1873 he was married to Sarah Chambers. Seven children were born, three dying in infancy. In 1888 he began working for the Burlington railroad, coming to Clarinda from Creston in 1894. During that fifty years of railroading he had but one accident, that being the severing of two fingers of his right hand when he was in the mechanical school before he began firing.
Those from out of town who were here for the funeral were Mrs. Harry Gates, and Mrs. W. W. Wright of St. Joe, Roy Kinnet of Creston,   his   first   fireman, Dr. Sheffrey, Mrs. Fred Hines and Mrs. J. M. Evans, all of Creston and Mr. Allison, trainmaster, of St. Joe. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 5, 1920

Edgar Orrin Sawtelle
The funeral of Edgar Orrin Sawtelle was held Sunday afternoon from the Harmon Funeral Home, conducted by Rev. W. C. Williamson. Internment was in the Clarinda cemetery.                 
Edgar Orrin Sawtelle was born in Sidney, Maine, April 5, 1848. He was one of a family of 11 children, one sister and 10 brothers all of whom have since preceeded their brother into the great beyond, except the sister and 3 brothers. Mr. Sawtelle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eberidge Sawtelle, have also proceeded their son in death. Mr. Sawtelle's early manhood was spent on the old homestead with his parents until he went to Colby University, Maine, from which he graduated. He entered the railway service with the Erie railroad when he was but 21 years of age and continued in active service on that road and later on the C. B. & Q. railroad until his death, or 50 years of continous railroad service. For several years he held a "run" in Boston, Mass., on what is known as the Boston and Maine railroad. It was thus while engaged in the service at Boston that he married Miss Sarah W. Chambers, June 15, 1872.
Mr. and Mrs. Sawtelle lived in Boston until March 1888, when they came to Creston, Iowa. There he took a "run" as engineer on the C. B. & Q. railroad. The family lived in Creston, Iowa. There he took a "run" as engineer on the C. B. & Q. railroad. The family lived in Creston until 28 years ago, when they moved to Clarinda, and Clarinda has been home to Mr. Sawtelle ever since. During his 28 years of service, since living in Clarinda, Mr. Sawtelle has been engineer on the line between Villisca and Bigelow. And during his service here alone it is practically impossible to count the number of persons who owe their lives to this man. Possibly 2 million persons have placed their safety in his hands when they boarded his train. So long has been his service even here in Clarinda that he has become a familiar landmark. Everyone knew him and greeted him with his honorable title of "Colonel." He was never known to shirk his duty and always thought of the lives that had been placed in his hands, when he took ahold of the throttle. Notable and famous men and women have also had the honor to ride on Mr. Sawtelle's train. He was a kind, affectionate and honorable gentlemen.
The sister and brothers who survive Mr. Sawtelle are: August of Augusta, Maine; Fred C. of Boston, Mass.; Dr. Charles of Washington D. C; and Mrs. Dr. DeRocher of Bradentown, Fla. Besides his wife, Mr. Sawtelle leaves to mourn their loss two sons and two daughters. They are: Irvin E. of Omaha; Frank O. of Sioux City; Mrs. Edith Fulton of Grand Island, Neb.; and Mrs. Dollie Price of San Francisco, California. Mrs. Price is ill in a hospital in San Francisco and was not able to attend the funeral.
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers expressed their sympathy and respect for their lost comrade with a beautiful floral decoration shaped like an engine wheel with one spoke gone. His funeral was attended by W. W. Wright and wife, his fireman for many years, and also Harry Gates, Mr. Sawtelle's conductor several years. Another very dear friend of the family, Mrs, H. Trusty of Creston, sang a beautiful solo at the funeral.    Besides these intimate friends Mr. Sawtelle's funeral was attended by a host of local trainmen and a number of out-of-town guests. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 5, 1920

Funeral of E. O. Sawtelle. Owing to the board of health order concerning flu the funeral of E. O. Sawtelle, whose death was announced in The Journal last week, was held at the Harmon Funeral Home instead of the Presbyterian church, last Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Dr. W. C. Williamson officiated. As one of the many tributes of respect paid to the memory of the departed locomtive engineer the pallbearers were railroad men, as follows: Messrs. Wright Kivit, W. W. Wright, Berger Hawkins and Clarence Miller. Burial was in the Clarinda cemetery. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 5, 1920





Saxton, Daisy Berneice -
Daisy Berneice Saxton, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Saxton of near Shambaugh died Feb. 6, 1919, after a ten days' illness of pneumonia and complications. The funeral was held at the home of the parents, one mile east of Shambaugh at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon, Feb. 7. Interment was in Birchwood cemetery. The little one was born Aug. 24, 1918. She is survived by her parents, a brother, Eldon, and sister, Gwyneth. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 13, 1919

Sayres, Mrs -

Mrs. G. W. Richardson's mother, Mrs. Sayres, died Tuesday, February 1st, at Elgin, Ill., aged 96 years. The funeral was held Thursday at that place. Mrs. Sayres formerly made her home in this city with her two daughters, Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. J. E. Phillips, and while here made a great many friends. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 10, 1910


Scales, Harvey W. - The funeral of Dr. H. W. Scales was held Monday afternoon, in Yorktown, in the Presbyterian church, conducted by the pastor, Rev. Chas. B. Driver. The funeral was largely attended, the
stores of Yorktown closing for the hour, and the people turning out as by common consent to pay a last tribute to one who for nearly a quarter of a century had helped to alleviate the aches and pains of mankind in that vicinity. After the services the remains were conveyed to Coin, attended by a number of friends and Masonic brethren from Nodaway Lodge No. 140 from Clarinda, deceased being a Mason as well as a member of O. E. S. Clarinda Chapter No. 214. From Coin shipment was made to the old home in Booneville, Ind., for interment.
The death of Dr. Scales was a great surprise and shock to his many friends in Page eounty, where he has lived most of the time for the past thirty eight years. Death was due to chronic heart trouble. On last Friday morning he failed to come down stairs as usual, at the hotel conducted by Mrs. Ella E. Hale and daughter, where he has been residing for many years. This led to a search of his room, where it was found he had died sometime during the night. Coroner Roy Harmon was called, who deemed a coroner's inquest unnecessary, being a plain case of heart trouble, to which he was subject, and simply failed to awaken from his last sleep.
His son, Earl Scales was present at the funeral, also the only living brother, Travis D. Scales, of Boonville, Ind.
H. W. Scales was born in Taylorville, Ind., Dec. 22nd, 1853, being the eldest son of Wilson and Martha (Spladley) Scales, natives of Indiana, where their entire lives were spent, His father was a grocer and farmer by occupation. The son received his education in the schools of Pike county, Indiana, working on the farm, until nineteen years of age, when for the purpose of securing a better education for the two living sons the father moved to Boonville, Ind. Here H. W. Scales graduated from the high school in 1873, and later took up the study of medicine, at first in a doctor's office, going later to the medical school in Cincinnati, where he received his degree of M. D. three years later in 1876. For three years he practiced medicine in Springfield, Ind., then came to Page, county, Iowa, in 1879, settling at Yorktown, where he practiced until 1890. Yorktown in those early days was a part of the Iowa prairies, sparsely settled, and the country surrounding had the same aspect, very different from the busy little city and thriving community it now is. From 1890 until 1904 he practiced in Boonville, Ind., his old home, but returned again to Yorktown in 1904, resuming practice of medicine, and has been located there until called recently by the Death Angel for activity in other spheres of usefullness and happiness.  Dr. Scales was well known in all parts of Page county, by many friends who will be surprised to learn of his passing from us. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 18, 1917

Dr H.W. Scales
A professional man of long standing in the community where he lived, Dr. H. W. Scales, prominently identified with local affairs, was found dead in his bed in his room at the hotel of Mrs. E. Hale, in Yorktown, last Saturday morning. He had not long before been seriously ill, but had recovered so that he was around attending to his duties. He was apparently doing so well that it was a great surprise when it was learned that he had departed from his life. His son, W. E. Scales, and Dr. T. D. Scales, brother of the deceased, both of Boonville, Ind., came to Yorktown on learning of the death of their relative, and were in Clarinda Monday morning on matters connected with the funeral. Services to the memory of Dr. Scales were held Monday afternoon at the Presbyterian church in Yorktown, conducted by Rev. Charles B. Driver, who paid a high tribute to the character of the deceased. The church was crowded and it was estimated that there were about as many people outside on the church grounds as inside. It is said to have been the largest funeral ever held in Yorktown. Among those present were members of Nodaway lodge, No. 140, A. and A. M., of Clarinda, of which Dr. Scales died a member. Going from here were the following Masons: M. R. Ansbach, W. E. Stevens, J. R. Preston, D. D. Stitt and Max Kaufman, senior warden, who represented the worshipful master. Dr. C. C. Parriott, also a member of the same lodge, a former Yorktown physician, attended the funeral from Essex. Messrs. Kaufman, Stevens, Stitt and W. H. Hubert of Nodaway lodge acted as bearers, going to Coin with the funeral party, from which place the remains were taken by train to Boonville, Ind., for burial, and where it was expected that a Masonic funeral would be conducted Wednesday afternoon. From Rev. Charles B. Driver The Journal has received the following concerning the late Dr. Scales:

"Dr. H. W. Scales was born in Taylorville, Ind., Dec. 22, 1853, and departed this life at the home of Mrs. E. E. Hale in Yorktown, Iowa, Oct. 13, 1917, at the age of 63 years, 9 months and 21 days. When 4 years of age he moved with his parents to Pike county, Ind., where he acquired his preliminary education in the district schools, remaining on the home farm until 19 years of age, when he moved to Boonville, where he graduated from the high school of that place and in 1873 took up the study of medicine, graduating from the Ohio Medical college of Cincinnatti in 1879, after which he opened an office in Springfield, Ind., where he was engaged in the practice of his profession for three years, at the expiration of which period he came to Yorktown, Iowa,, and remained until 1890 when he returned to Boonville, Ind., where he engaged in general practice for fourteen years. On May 17, 1904, he returned to Yorktown, taking up his practice, which he continued until the end came. On the 19th of March 1877, he was united in marriage to Miss Lizze Gast who preceded him in death several years ago. To this union one son was born, Welby Earl . Dr. Scales was a charter member of the Yorktown Presbyterian church which was organized on April 13, 1884.   His membership was transferred to Boonville, Ind., in 1891, but was returned to the Yorktown church in 1907 ad has remained until removal by death. Dr. Scales was a member of the Woodmen of The World, Court of Honor, I. O. O. F., and of the Masonic order. He was conscientious and faithful in the discharge of his professional services, fully realizing and appreciating the responsibilities devolving on him in this connection. He leaves a host of friends who will miss him in their every day life, especially when sickness enters their homes." CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 18, 1917


Schantz, Wayne -

The little son of Oscar Schantz and wife died July 12, at Vergil, Montana. Little Wayne Schautz was playing near where his father was working on a hay rack, a gust of wind tilted the rack so that it fell on the little fellow, breaking both legs.The parents removed him to Ft. Benton to a hospital and after two weeks he passed away. Those who knew the child cannot but feel that had his life been spared much could have been expected of him. He was a musical genius, along with unusual vigor. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Edmunds and family and John Schantz and family will not soon forget the little grandson who made much happiness in his short life. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 16, 1914


Scheibenberger, David -

David Scheibenberger died Friday night at his farm home near Norwich, after a long and painful illness, being 60 years old the 10th of last month. He was a native of Ohio and located in this county in 1882. He was a man of more than ordinary ability and highly respected by all who knew him. He leaves a wife and two children to mourn his death. The funeral look place Sunday conducted by Rev. Shedd of Shenandoah and Revs. Mitchell and Slack of Yorktown, and the remains laid to rest in Snow Hill cemetery. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 23, 1908


Schenck, Peter G. -

Peter G. Schenck died suddenly Saturday night at his home northwest of Hawleyville, from an attack of pneumonia. He had been sick but a few days, and no danger was apprehended. He was thirty-three years of age, and an industrious, frugal and straightforward young man. A devoted wife and five small children, the eldest about nine, are left to mourn the death of a father and husband. The funeral took place Monday at 2 p.m. from the North Grove church and his remains laid to rest in the cemetery adjoining. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Dec 4, 1902

Peter Shenck Dead - Last Saturday evening at his home eight miles northeast of this city, Peter Shenck, Jr. aged 35 years, died, of pneumonia. The deceased was a man respected and loved by his family and all who knew him. He had been ill only a short time before his death. Funeral services took place yesterday at the home of the deceased, after which the body was laid to rest in North Grove cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Dec 2, 1902


Schmidt, Ruth -

Ruth, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Schmidt of Council Bluffs, who lived only a few hours, was brought to Clarinda last Friday evening, accompanied by L. E. Schmidt and Mrs. J. S. Chiles, the grandmother of the baby. Interment was in Clarinda cemetery Saturday morning. A prayer was said at the grave by Rev. M. M. Cable. The members of the K. K. Q. club of which the mother, formerly Miss Amy Chiles, is a member, went to the cemetery. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Jun 13, 1918

Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt lose Baby. L. E. Schmidt from Council Bluffs came to Clarinda Thursday evening, on the sad errand of laying away in the cemetary lot of the J. S. Chiles family the form of the baby girl, born on June 5th, to Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Schmidt in the Edmundson Hospital in Council Bluffs. The baby was buried Friday morning, Rev. M. M. Cable saying the last words at the grave. Mrs. Schmidt will be remembered as Miss Amy Childs. The parents have the sympathy of many friends. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jun 13, 1918

Scholes, Elizabeth E. -

Mrs. Elizabeth E. Scholes, widow of George Scholes, died Wednesday, April 12, 1916, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. D. Knowles, west of and  near Shambaugh.    She was born Nov. 4, 1842, in Indiana.   Surviving children are Mrs. J. D. Knowles, Mrs. M. M. Huggins, Mrs. Willis Baird, Mrs. S. T. Toner of Sterling, Kan.; Mrs. Harry Wilkey of Denison, Kan.; Elmer Scholes and Riley Scholes. The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at the Covenanter church in Harlan township, at 10 a.m., conducted by Rev Paul Coleman. Burial will be in the Covenanter cemetery. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 13, 1916

Mrs. Elizabeth Scholes was born Nov. 4th, 1842, in the state of Indiana, and died April 12th, 1916, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Dallett Knowles, southwest of Clarinda. The funeral will be held at the home Thursday afternoon at 2:30 p. m. Interment will be made in the Covenanter cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 13, 1916



Scholes, George W. -

Fatal Accident Thursday Morning.
At 10 o'clock; this (Thursday) morning, Mr. Geo. W. Scholes was killed by his horse running away on south 16th street, Clarinda, just before reaching the railroad track. It is not known how the horse started nor exactly how Mr. Scholes met his death, as no one can be found who was an eyewitness to the accident. The evidence is that the harness broke. The horse was hitched to a single buggy, which it pulled to the east side of the road, and through the hedge fence in front of C. E. Coleman's residence. The rig struck a tree, and the horse broke loose, throwing Mr. Scholes out. His head was fractured, and he breathed his last soon after the arrival of Dr. F. H. Clark, who was immediately called by phone.
Mr. Scholes had just left his residence in Clarinda, to go to his farm in Harlan township, near the Linn Point school house. He had just recently moved to town, building a residence in the new Berry addition, where he and his wife have been living, his daughter, Mrs. J. M. Huggins, and family, being on the home place. He leaves a wife and five children, among them Mrs. Wilse Baird and Mrs. Sam Toner, near Shambaugh.
The horse which Mr. Scholes was driving is a young colt which he had been driving recently, having disposed of his black driving horse some time ago. Some plumbers were working in his new house, and Mr. Scholes remarked to his wife, he believed he would go to the farm this morning, while the plumbers were finishing their work.

Mr. Scholes will be sadly missed in our community. He was a member of the Covenanter church, and a G. A. R. veteran, having served with credit in Co. A, 8th lowa Cavalry. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Nov 21, 1912

A terrible accident occurred in the east part of the city last Thursday fore noon which caused the death of Geo. W Scholes, a retired farmer and respected citizen of this city. It seems he had started from his home for a drive to his farm over east, occupied by his son-in-law, J. M. Huggins, and driving a somewhat fractious young horse it is thought the animal shied at something and broke a part of the harness or it gave way from some other cause, and the buggy being turned to one side he was thrown heavily to the ground and injuries inflicted from which he died in about half an hour. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his tragic death. He was a soldier in the civil war, serving in Company A, 8th Iowa cavalry. The funeral was held Saturday forenoon at 10 o'clock from the Covenenter church southwest of the city and interment in the church cemetery. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Nov 28, 1912



Scholey, C.B. - C. B. Scholey died yesterday at his home three and a half miles northeast of Hawleyville. The funeral will occur tomorrow at 11 o'clock. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jun 27, 1905


Scholl, T.C., Mrs -

Mrs. T. C. Scholl and Mrs. W. L. Baxter, two women prominent in Shenandoah social affairs and both members of the same social club, Elite Needle club, died about the same hour Thursday afternoon, April 17, 1919, of pernicious anaemia, the Shenandoah Sentinel-Post reports Mrs. Scholl died in Shenandoah and Mrs. Baxter in Kansas City. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 24, 1919


Scholtz, R.T. -

R. T. Scholz, a brother-in-law of C. R. Vance, died at his home in Corning, Sunday, January 5, the funeral taking place last Tuesday, under the auspices of the Masons, services being conducted by Rev. W. H. Shipman. Mrs. D. C. Chamberlain and son, Harry, cousins of Mrs. Scholz, went up from here to attend the funeral. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 14, 1902


Schultz, Mary F. Kluth -

Mary F. Schultz passed away Monday evening, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m., at her home 7 and one-half miles north west of Clarinda age 66 years 4 months and 11 days. She is survived by her husband, William Schultz and two daughters, Friederike who is at home and Mrs. Hedwig Harms of Canastota, South Dakota, one son at home, Adolph J. Williams, two brothers, John Kluth of Washington state and William Kluth of Clarinda, One sister, Friederike Krull of Douglas township.
Mr. and Mrs. Schultz came to this country from Germany in 1891. Funeral from the home at 10 o'clock
this Thursday, services at the Immanuel Lutheran church at 10:45.
Interment in Immanuel Lutheran cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Sep 23, 1920

Mary F. Schultz.
Mary F. Schultz, wife of William Schultz, died at the family home seven and a half miles northwest of Clarinda, in Douglas township, Monday evening, Sept. 20, 1920.  She was 63 years, 4 months and 11 days of age. Besides her husband she leaves two daughters and one son, Friederike Schultz and Adolph J. William Schultz at home, and Mrs. Hedewig Harms, Canastota, S. Dak.; also two brothers and one sister, John Kluth of Washington, William Kluth of Wall Street and Mrs. Friederike Krull, of Douglas township. The Schultz family came from Germany to Page county in 1891.  The funeral was held at 10 a.m., today, at the family home, after which services were held at the Immanuel Lutheran church at 10:45.   Both services were conducted by Rev. O.H. Jaebker.   Burial was in the cemetery at the church. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Sep 23, 1920

Mary F. Shultz aged 66, died Monday at the family residence, seven and one half miles north of Clarinda.
She is survived by the husband, Wm. Shultz, one son and two daughters Adolph J. and Frederieka, who live at home, and Mrs. Hedwig Harms, residing at Canastota, S. D. Two brothers, John Kluth of Washington and Wm. Kluth, residing on the Wall street road are well known. The funeral was conducted by Harmon from the residence and services were held at the Immanuel Lutheran church, with interment at the church cemetery. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Sep 23, 1920

Schwartz, John's FATHER -

Jobn Schwartz of Shenandoah, who is interested in the paving work in this city, was called to Galesburg Saturday by the death of his aged father, who was eighty-five years old. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Jun 9, 1904


Scoggan, D.M. - D.M. Scoggan died at his home in College Springs, Friday. He was one of the pioneer settlers of this county, having located here in 1855. He was nearly 67 years of age and a man commanding the respect of all who knew him. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, May 12, 1904


Scoggan, E.B. and Roy-

A telegraph message from Rochester, Minn, to friends in College Springs, received last week Monday,
contained the unexpected news of the death, both of Rev. Scoggan and his son Roy. Their home has recently been in Silver City, la., where Rev. Scoggan has been preaching since last September. The son had been taken to Rochester, Minn, for treament in the Mayo Bros. Hospital, and his father Rev. Scoggan was there with him when taken with an attack of influenza, and soon passed away. The son died soon afterwards. The family were well known in this community, Rev. Scoggan having graduated from Amity College, College Springs, before entering the ministry. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 20, 1919


Scott, Charles -

Mr. E. D. Cullison received the sad news Monday of the death of his nephew, Mr. Chas. C. Scott, who had been working on a farm for Mr. David Rankin near Tarkio. He had been helping harvest the hay crop and while working in the hay-mow, received injuries from which he died Saturday night. The remains were taken to LaPlata, Mo., his home, for burial. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 15, 1904

Scott, Charles' INFANT - The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Scott died Saturday afternoon about 5 o'clock.  Funeral services were held yesterday morning at 10 o'clock. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 28, 1906


Scott, David - Mrs. W. G. Jones received a telegram Tuesday stating that her father, David Scott, was seriously ill at his home in Bemisville, Canada. She left on the evening train to go to him. Wednesday morning Dr. Jones received a telegram saying that he was dead. No particulars were given. Mrs. Jones had received a letter Tuesday morning, dated last Sunday in which all at home were referred to as being well. Mr. Scott was about 67 years of age. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, May 16, 1902


Scott, Ed's BABE -

The six months old babe of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Scott, of Bigelow, Mo., died Thursday night and was brought here Saturday evening for burial. The funeral was conducted by Will O. Hutchings, Sunday afternoon at the Chas. Scott home on east Washington street. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Nov 18, 1909

The body of the six months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Scott was brought in from St. Joe last night and buried in the Clarinda cemetery this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Scott have the sympathy of the community. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Nov 1, 1907


Scott, George Washington -

George Washington Scott was born at Bellville, Ill., on August 14, 1838. There he grew to manhood and on June 4, 1861, enlisted as a Union soldier in Co H, 6th Missouri infantry volunteers, with the rank of corporal. In September 1861, he was discharged at Pilot Knob, Mo., for disability and returned to Greencastle, Ind., where on July 6, 1871, he was united in marriage to Catharine Jones. To this union were born three children, Charles, Edward and Claude. The family moved to Clarinda in 1876, where they have since resided continuously. Mr. Scott had been in feeble health for a number of years and on December 9, 1910, at 8 a. m., he peacefully passed away. In addition to the three sons above mentioned he leaves his aged wife and two step-children, Mrs. M. O. Updike and John A. Jones, of Clarinda.
Funeral services were held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Soott on east Washington street, at 2:30 p. m., Sunday, December 11, conducted by Will O. Hutchings. Interment in Clarinda cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Dec 15, 1910


Scott, Harry -

Herb Scott, attorney for the late H. L. Stilwell estate received word from York state Saturday that the aged father of Harry died the day before. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, iowa, May 2, 1901


Scott, Jeremiah -

Jeremiah Scott died Monday at the county farm where he had resided for several years past. He was about 75 years of age and had been a resident of the county many years, following the culture of bees. The funeral was held Tuesday at 1 o'clock p. m. at the under taking parlor of Pruitt & Co., conducted by the pastor of the Church of God at Shambaugh, and interment in the Davis cemetery by the side of his wife. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 27, 1913


Scott, Leslie's BABY -

The baby of Mr and Mrs. Leslie Scott, of Villisca, died last week and was buried Sunday in that city. Miss Delia Osborne and Miss Minnie Moore, of this city, attended the funeral. Both Mr. and Mrs. Scott are well known in this city, Mr. Scott having formerly clerked in Friedmiam's Clothing Store. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 7, 1912


Scott, Margaret Murray -

The funeral of Mrs. Margaret Scott, of Tarkio, Mo., was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Murray, in south Clarinda, at ten o'clock this morning, conducted by Rev. J. W. S. Lowry, and interment took place in the Clarinda cemetery. Mrs. Scott is the mother of Thomas Scott, formerly in the milling business here, but now in the same business at Tarkio. She died on last Saturday at her son's home, of pneumonia, at the age of eighty-one years. Her husband was buried here seven years ago, and she requested to be laid beside him. Three children survive her, two of them, Thomas Scott and Mrs. Reese, of Tarkio, being present today. The other daughter, Mrs. Sheldon, lives in Vermont and was unable to arrive in time for the funeral. Two of Mrs. Thos. Scott's sisters, Mrs. Stahl and Mrs. Kisselburg, who are also daughters of Mr. and Mrs. James Murray, are here to attend the funeral. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 9, 1901

The remains of Mrs. Margaret Scott were brought to this city Tuesday from Tarkio, Mo., for interment in the cemetery by the side of her late husband. She was eighty-one years of age, and the mother of Thos. Scott, who formerly managed the city flouring mill. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 11, 1901

Scott, Sarah S. Bebout -

Was taken sick the latter part of January with congestion of the lungs, and owing to her extreme old age, being weak and feeble, she never recovered and has been lingering for the past few months, until last night her sufferings were stilled by death. Her maiden name was Sarah S. Bebout. She was born in Crawford county, O., July 28,1832, and at the age of 18 was married in the county of her birth, to R. W. Scott, November 28,1856. They moved to Iowa in 1860 and Mrs. Scott has been a resident of this city since the fall of 1860. Two children were born to this union, a son, H. H. Scott, of this city, and a daughter, Estella E, who died Sept. 15,1862, and who was at the time of her death the wife of T. H. Bedwell, now a resident of Colorado. Mr. R. W. Scott died Oct. 1895. Mrs. Scott was a member of the Presbyterian church and had a host of friends who mourn her death.  Funeral services will be conducted at her late residence at 10:30 o'clock a. m. Saturday, May 2,1903. Rev. J. M. Maclean officiating. Interment in the Clarinda cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, May 1, 1903

Mrs. Sarah E. Scott died early Friday morning at her home in west Clarinda, after a long and painful illness, aged 70 years the 29th day of July last. Miss Sarah Bebout was born in Crawford county, Ohio, where she was reared to womanhood. On the 28th of November, 1850, she was married to Mr. R. W. Scott. In 1856 they came west to Iowa, and in I860 they located in Clarinda which became their permanent home. Mr. Scott successfully following his trade of a harness maker until the time of his death, in Oct. 1895. Two children were born to them. Herbert H. Scott, still a resident of this city, and Estella E. Scott, later the wife of T. H. Bedwell, wbo died in this city in Sept. 1882. Being an early settler here, Mrs. Scott endured the trials of our town in its infancy and enjoyed its growth later on to a prosperous and progressive city with plenty of means at her command to take life easy. She was a devoted wife, a kind and indulgent mother and for many years a consistent member of the Presbyterian church. The funeral took place Saturday at 10:30 a. m. from the residence, conducted by Rev. J. N. Maclean, and her remains laid to rest in the city cemetery by the side of her husband and daughter. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, May 7, 1903

Scott, W.W. - W. W. Scott died at his home, one-half mile north of Page Center, Thursday, September 26, 1901, after a six weeks' illness from chronic gastritis, aged just eight days less than forty-five years. A wife and twelve-year old son survive him. His wife is a sister of Mrs. Sam Forsythe. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 1, 1901


Scotton, Mildred -

July 1.—Last Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock the funeral services of Mildred Scotton was held here at the Methodist church conducted by her pastor, Rev. Manning. She was ill about three weeks and suffered very much but bore it all very very patiently. Everything that medical aid and nurses skill could do was done but last Tuesday morning death claimed her. Mildred was about 12 years of age and was loved by all who knew her. She will indeed be greatly missed in the home, here at Sunday school, school and everywhere. The bereaved family have the heartfelt sympathy of the   entire   community. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 4, 1918


Scrivner, Samuel -

Samuel Scrivner.
One of the long-time residents of Taylor county, Samuel Scrivner, died Saturday, Sept. 7, 1918, at a sanitarium in St. Joseph, Mo. He was stricken with paralysis two or three years ago. His home in recent years was at New Market. He formerly lived near Siam. He is survived by his widow and children. His funeral was held Monday at Siam and was conducted by Plumb lodge of the A. F. and A. M. fratenity. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Sep 5, 1918