Page County, Iowa History 1880 Biographicals

(transcribed by Pat O'Dell:


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[page 747] Russell, W.W., abstracts, loans and real estate, P.O. Clarinda; born February 22, 1835, in Fayette county, Illinois. His early life was filled with the uninspiring vicissitudes of the farmer's boy. Besides the common school, he enjoyed the educational advantages of Granville acadamy, Putnam county, in his native state. Three years of his life spent in teaching. In 1856 he came to Iowa, locating at College Springs. The following seven years were given to farming, until July, 1863, when he enlisted in company A, Eighth Iowa cavalry, serving until the close of the war. Mr R. was taken prisoner on the 29th day of July, 1864, near Atlanta, Georgia, and remained in the hands of the confederates for nine long months. The experiences through which he passed were essentially those of so many other brave men, the story of which is now familiar to every intelligent citizen. After his liberation, at the close of the war, he went to Hilton Head, New York, and thence to his home in College Springs, arriving there in August, 1865. His summers were now occupied in the care of his farm, and his winters as a teacher. In 1868 he was elected clerk of the courts, holding this office for three terms. At the expiration of his clerkship he went on a farm in Fremont township, remaining about two and one-half years. In December, 1878, he came to Clarinda, and purchased the abstract business of H.A. Morseman, in which he is now engaged. He was married August 18, 1857, to Miss Laura A. Phelps, of Illinois. They are the parents of seven children: Herman, Nettie, Elmer, Norman, Clem, Dill, and Baby.