Page County, Iowa History 1880 Biographicals

(transcribed by Pat O'Dell:


[page 620] Butler, John R., farmer, section 1, P.O. Shambaugh; born in Adams county, Indiana, February 12, 1832. Here grew to manhood and received his education in the common schools of the county. Came to Page county in August, 1854, where he has since resided. He is one of those enterprising, energetic men who have helped to make Page county the garden spot it now is. He is a member of the Baptist church. Was married November 6, 1856, to Miss Rhoda Clevenger, of East River township. They have three children, Sarah A., Lillie A. and Miriam M.

[page 628] Amity Township - McKee, William, farmer, section 24, 191 acres, P.O. Braddyville; born in Todd county, Kentucky, June 29, 1819. Ten years later moved with his father's family to Preble county, Ohio. In 1847 moved to Scott county, Indiana, and in 1864 came to Page. He was married in Scott county, Indiana, on the 2d of March, ---- to Miss Martha Murphy, by whom he had seven children: John, Jennett, James M., George W., Matthew G., Nannie C. and Samuel K. This wife died June 30, 1862. He was married to Eliza Hall, June 30, 1863, by whom he became the father of six children: Flora J., Frank, Maggie,Joseph H., Mollie E., and Martha A. For more than 40 years he has been a consistent member of the United Presbyterian church. Is a most successful farmer, and a genial whole-souled gentleman, respected and venerated by all who know him.
[page 634] Buchanan Township - McKee, George W., of the firm of McKee Bros., dry goods, P.O. Braddyville; born October 2, 1854, in Scott county, Indiana. Came to Page county in the spring of 1864. Was educated at Amity college, and in the spring of 1879 located in Braddyville, engaging in the dry goods business.
[page 634] Buchanan Township - McKee, Matthew G., member of above firm, P.O. Braddyville; born December 1, 1856, in Scott county, Indiana. Engaged in business with his brother in 1879, and has besides an interest in the hardware firm of McKee & Reece.
[page 634] Buchanan Township - Maxwell, Robert, farmer, section 27, P.O. Centre; born in Warren county, Ohio, November 1, 1815; in 1817 moved with his parents to Dearborn county, Indiana, where he attained his majority; in 1840 moved to Morgan county, Indiana, where he remained until 1848, when he became a citizen of Missouri; came to Page county in the spring of 1853. He is one of the oldest settlers in the county, and has not only contributed to, but closely watched all the improvements made. He has served three terms on the board of supervisors, been treasurer of the school board for ten years and was postmaster for nine years. Was married, April 26, 1838, to Miss Charlotte Judd, by whom he had nine children, eight living: Nancy J., Elizabeth, Charlotte, Francis, John W., James W., Albert C. and Charles. Mr Maxwell is a mason in good standing.
[page 635] Sowers, Lewis, farmer, section 25, P.O. Centre; born in North Carolina, May 18, 1818. Moved to Fountain county, Indiana, in 1839. Twenty years later (1859) he came to Page county, where he has since resided. Was married July 5, 1838, to Miss Susan Sink, a native of North Carolina, by whom he had thirteen children: Annie L., Hamilton, Jane, Emaline, Harris, Catharine, Lank, Mary, Amanda, and George. This wife died February 11, 1863. He was married August 27, 1863, to Margaret Whittington, by whom he has one child: Jacob.
[page 635] Buchanan Township - Thomas, Shearer, farmer, section 23, P.O. Centre; born January 8, 1836, in Ash county, North Carolina. Moved to Buchanan county, Missouri, in 1842, and in the spring of 1849 came to Page County, Iowa. [page 636] He was one of the early settlers of the county, coming into a strange land with few residents, he has fully realized the meaning of pioneer life. He was married November 1, 1849, to Miss Margaret Bohanan, of Missouri. They have six children, five living: John W., George W., Henry G., James W. and Jacob. His farm comprises 160 acres.

[page 648] Cunning, Wm., farmer and brickmason, P.O. Clarinda; born January 25, 1818, in Columbiana county, Ohio. When six years of age his parents moved to Trumbull county, Ohio, where he grew to manhood. Was educated in the common schools of that state. At the age of fourteen he went to learn bricklaying with a Mr Ledrick Bingham, of Cleveland, with whom he served an apprenticeship of seven years. In 1836 he moved to Crawford county, Ohio, where he followed his trade until 1854, when he came to Iowa, locating in East River township, Page county, where he has followed his trade most of the time since during the summer season. The first two winters he was here he taught school at Hawleyville. He came through from Ohio overland with teams, and was 42 days on the road. When he had got as far as Corning, in Adams county, he met with quite a severe loss, having with him one thousand dollars in gold, which he had packed away in a large trunk, or box. The money was stolen from the trunk during his absence from the wagon by a young man named Alexander Souder, whom he had brought through with him, [page 649] free of charge. Missing his money, he at once suspected Souder, and planned to catch him. In this he was successful, and recovered all but about sixteen dollars, which could not be found. The young man was taken to Glenwood and placed in jail, but was released on a writ of habeas corpus, and was never brought to trial. Mr C. went before the grand jury to prepare an indictment against him, but as he had got his money, and the jury were pretty full of whisky, they moved to let him go and pay no attention to it. This was his first experience in legal business in Iowa. He owns a fine farm of 440 acres, which he has made by hard, honest toil and strict attention to business; and now, in his advanced age, he has the satisfaction of knowing that he has a competency for himself and family in his declining years, which he has made by his own hands. In 1856 he was elected school treasurer and justice of the peace of East River township, and has held these offices ever since, with the exception of one term, while on a visit to Ohio, but was the next year returned, and still holds them. Was married June 5, 1841, to Miss Ruth Chandler, a native of Marion county, Ohio. Has a family of nine children: Jos. W.S., Andrew O., Franklin, Sarah A., wife of Joseph Davidson; Mary M., wife of H.V. Hebbert; Alonzo, Hiram and Philenna, all living, and one, Henry Clay, gave his life for his country’s sake, being killed at the battle of Port Gibson, May 1, 1863. He was a member of company K, 23d Iowa infantry.


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