First United Methodist Church Clarinda, Iowa [part 13]




1)      1953 article “Meet the Methodists of Clarinda

2)      1890 Page County History

3)      1896 news clipping

4)      1896 Church Directory

5)      1983 Page County History

6)      “Religious Societies of Page County” written for the 25th anniversary by Rev. C.W. Blodgett and included in the 1909 History of Page County

7)      1922 Church Directory article by Rev. J.M. Williams

8)      Historical Sketch by Rev. J.M. Williams

9)      1927 Clarinda Journal article

10)  1928 Diamond Jubilee news clipping

11)  1937 Organ Dedication Program

12)  1983 “100 Years of Shelter”

13)  Clipping marked 1908

14)  1880 History of Page County

15)  Tomlinson news interview

16)  Various 1982 articles from the Page County Democrat quoted in 1984 history

17)  1922 Historical Notes by Rev. Williams

18)  1905 Updated church history

19)  1984 Church history article

20)  W.S.C.S. historic scrap books and record books

21)  Biography of Rev. Breese A Prince in Israel by Carl Bangs

22)  1978-79 newspaper articles

23)  1921 newspaper articles

24)  1878 Democrat


*These resources were put together by Doris Tritsch.  There are many cross references between the sources.  Many of the newspaper articles quote the histories.  Many of the histories quote the news articles.  Several ministers wrote or added onto previous church histories.  If you would like to read the original resources, the documents are in a notebook in the church office.



How Did We Celebrate the 150th Anniversary?


March 2002                 150th Anniversary Committee formed

Doris Tritsch, chair, Rev. Paige, Bonita Page, Mary Cahill, Chari Bix, Merrill Cagley, Ruth Richardson, Deborah Snedigar, Lois Braymen, John and Anna Woolson.

                                    First historic article in newsletter—one to be featured each month


April 2002                   Bishop asked to speak in June 2003

                                    Plaque listing ministers to be purchased--Rev. Irvin memorial funds

                                    Pictoral Directory planned

                                    Long time members to be interviewed

                                    Cookbook to be published

Previous church cookbooks:  Rachel Circle , 1960; Ladies Aid Directory and Cookbook, 19__; Queen Esther Cook Book, 1914


May 2002                    Souvenir items selected for sale—trivets/cups/Christmas ornaments

                                    Ministers memorial plaque dedicated


June 2002                    Commemorative items sold


July 2002                     Cookbooks sold


August 2002                Directory photos taken


September 2002          Rally Day Sunday—Opening Exercises


October 2002              Charge Conference


November 2002           All-Saints Day and honoring 50-year members

                                    Thanksgiving dinner—Thanks for Our Heritage


Jan., 2003                   Civil War Sunday


February 2003            Women’s Organizations in the Church honored


March 2003                 Revival Weekend


April 2003                   Women’s Sunday—Rev. Charlotte Murren Malotte guest speaker


May 2004                    Adoption Sunday

                                    Rev. Dick Quinlan guest speaker                   


June 2003                    Bishop Gregory Palmer speaks

                                    Homecoming Basket Dinner