Immanuel Lutheran - 75 years in the service of Christ: 1869 - 1944 -
Submitted by: Arliss Baumgarten Powell
[Original copy at the Nodaway Valley Historical Museum, Clarinda, Iowa]
Page 1 - pictures of church, parsonage, and school
Page 2 - pledge and poem
Page 3 - Anniversary Prayer
Page 4 - Dedication
Page 5 - church picture and pastor Frederick Kerutz
Page 6 - Introduction: pictures of William Sunderman, Fred Sunderman, Henry Sunderman, Henry Otte, John Groeling, and Fred Knost
Page 7 - Pioneer Days
Page 8 - Early History of Our Congregation - picture of interior front
Page 9 - continued Early History - picture of original church
Page 10 - contined Early History - picture of current school building and teacher, M.E. Burroughs
Page 11 - Christian Education
Page 12 - Christian Education continued; picture of teachers Carl Hoffman, Miss Anna Rometsch, Eickemeier
Page 13 - picture of teachers K.L. Busse, H.K. Moeller, & C. Detlefsen
Page 14 - Former pastors and tenure of office: pictures of Rev C.F.W. Brandt, Rev C.H. Jaebker, Rev F.C. Israel, and Rev William Mueller
Page 15 - [pastors pictures continued] Rev C. Jobst. Picture of Church Council - Albert Rope, Gerhardt Freudenburg, Walter Baumgarten, U.J. Goecker, Rev Kreutz, M.E. Burroughs, Guy Steeve, Harry Herzberg and Hubert Sunderman
Page 16 - Anniversary Committee [picture] Albert Rope, Herbert Sunderman, Martin Steeve, G.J. Sunderman, Rev Fr Kreutz and Robert Otte
Page 17 - Walther League Society with picture
Page 18 - Ladies' Aid Society with picture
Page 19 - Statistics
Page 20 - Special Individual Contributions as Anniversary Gifts: Congregation Anniversary Gift
Page 21 - Items of Interest
Page 22 - Confirmation Class of 1944 - M.E. Burroughs, Lorene Herzberg, Randall Herzberg, Delores Sunderman, Virgil Herzberg, Elaine Herzberg, Albert Herzberg, and Rev Kreutz
Page 23 - The Dawn of a New Day
Page 24 - Words to song: "My Church, My Church" - Honor Roll of World War 2