Page County, Iowa 1885 State Census of Clarinda, Iowa

Each household has been given a number for purposes of sorting - these do not correspond to the numbers on the actual census.

Many of the ages are a guess because they were written on top of printing on the page.

Corrections welcome!

Clar391 Wagner, Charles 00 m     Page Co
Clar391 Wagner, Jacob 22 m   m Pa
Clar391 Wagner, Katie 21 f   m Ohio
Clar176 Walker, Belle 18 f   s Vt
Clar045 Walton, Alice J. 13 f     Ill
Clar045 Walton, Ella M. 16 f   s Ill
Clar045 Walton, Hary 03 m     Page Co
Clar045 Walton, James 15 m     Ill
Clar045 Walton, James 44 m   m Pa
Clar045 Walton, Laura? 40 f   m Mo?
Clar064 Ward, Emma 16 f     Page Co
Clar064 Ward, Grace 14 f     Page Co
Clar064 Ward, Herman ?? m     Page Co
Clar064 Ward, Jane 41 f   m Ind
Clar064 Ward, Lillie 18 f     Page Co
Clar112 Ward, May 28 f   m Ind
Clar064 Ward, Nellie 07 f     Page Co
Clar064 Ward, Robt E. 00 m     Page Co
Clar064 Ward, Samuel 49 m   m Conn
Clar112 Ward, William 32 m   m Ind
Clar387 Warner, Amelia 24 f   s Ill
Clar387 Warner, Carrie 20 f     Ill
Clar387 Warner, Christina 56 f   m Ger
Clar174 Warren, Harriet 74 f   m Wis
Clar174 Warren, John 80 m   m Vt
Clar174 Warren, May 18 f   s Wis
Clar365 Waterman, Alice 01 f     Fremont
Clar365 Waterman, Cassius 34 m   m NY
Clar365 Waterman, Dora 25 f   m Ind
Clar284 Watson, Eva 04 f     Ill
Clar284 Watson, Haner? 22 f   m Ill
Clar284 Watson, James 26 m   m Mo
Clar284 Watson, Minna 00 f     Page Co
Clar284 Watson, Ursula 02 f     Mo
Clar210 Way, Mary 38 f   w Ohio
Clar291 Waynick, Amanda 47 f   m Ill
Clar291 Waynick, Edgar ?? m     Lucas Co
Clar291 Waynick, John 49 m   m Ind
Clar001 Webb, Freddie 14 m C S Page Co
Clar110 Webb, Henry 52?m C m Tenn
Clar001 Webb, Henry, 50 m C mar Tenn
Clar001 Webb, Mary 26 f C mar Page Co
Clar110 Webb, Mary 26 f C m Page Co
Clar321 Webster, Adelia 39 f   m Ohio
Clar321 Webster, Joseph 39 m   m Ohio
Clar321 Webster, Lauris 13 m     Ohio
Clar411 Webster, Malinda 40 f   w Ill
Clar411 Webster, Mertie 14 f     Page Co
Clar090 Weed, Blanche 02 f     Adams Co
Clar090 Weed, Freddie 08 m     Adams Co
Clar090 Weed, Maggie 28 f   m Ind
Clar090 Weed, Nellie 06 f     Page Co
Clar396 Weidenor, Emma 64 f     Va
Clar396 Weidenor, Samuel 74 m   m Ohio
Clar251 Weil, David 29 m   m France
Clar251 Weil, Helen 24 f   m Ohio
Clar251 Weil, Henry 13?m     France
Clar251 Weil, Irma 02 f     Page Co
Clar194 Weil, Isadore 20 m   s France
Clar251 Weil, Maria? 02 f     Page Co
Clar337 Welch, Bruce 01 m     Page Co
Clar337 Welch, Calla 15 f   s Mo
Clar303 Welch, Charles 26 f   s Ohio
Clar337 Welch, Claud 07?m     Page Co
Clar303 Welch, Fredrick 62?m   m NY
Clar409 Welch, Harry 01 m     Page Co
Clar337 Welch, Jennie 20 f   s Ohio
Clar337 Welch, Joseph 47 m   m Ohio
Clar303 Welch, Lewellyn 24 f   s Ohio
Clar168 Welch, Lewis 23 m C s Mo
Clar337 Welch, Maggie 44 f   m Ohio
Clar409 Welch, Minnie 20 f   m Page Co
Clar337 Welch, Rodia 10 f   s Page Co
Clar303 Welch, Samantha 68 f   m Va
Clar337 Welch, Vina 12 f   s Page Co
Clar409 Welch, William 26 m   m Penn
Clar227 Wells, Ed 21 m     Eng
Clar194 West, Solomon 51 m   s Ky
Clar062 Westapher, Clarence 20 m     Page Co
Clar062 Westapher, Elmer 16 m     Taylor Co
Clar062 Westapher, Martha 40 f     Mo?
Clar062 Westapher, Norman 18 m     Taylor Co
Clar062 Westapher, Romine 06 m     Page Co
Clar062 Westapher, Rowenna 10 f     Page Co
Clar062 Westapher, Ryenza 02 m     Page Co
Clar062 Westapher, Samuel 45 m     Pa
Clar288 Westcott, Anna 27 f   s Penn
Clar249 Westcott, Edward 17 m     Wis
Clar249 Westcott, Florence 07 f     Page Co
Clar249 Westcott, Grace 12 f     Page Co
Clar288 Westcott, Lizzie 10 f   s Penn
Clar288 Westcott, Maggie 30 f   s Penn
Clar249 Westcott, Nannie 44 f   m Ohio
Clar288 Westcott, Robbie 07 m     Penn
Clar249 Westcott, Robert 47 m   m NJ
Clar008 Whitcomb, John 75 m   mar NY
Clar008 Whitcomb, Laura 73 f   mar NY
Clar104 Whitcomb, Laura Anna 77 f   w Can
Clar104 Whitcomb, Martha 66 f   w Can
Clar257 White, Benjamin 34 m   m Marion Co
Clar257 White, Emma 02 f     Co?
Clar257 White, Josie 34 f   m Ohio
Clar257 White, Lucy 06 f     Co?
Clar257 White, Mattie 01 f     Page Co
Clar257 White, Maud 05 f     Co?
Clar074 Whitehill, Clark 06 m     Ill
Clar074 Whitehill, Claus 11 m     Ringgold Co
Clar074 Whitehill, Cora 09 f     Ringgold Co
Clar074 Whitehill, David 38 m   m Ohio
Clar074 Whitehill, Earnest 01 m     Page Co
Clar074 Whitehill, Jennie 37 f   m Ohio
Clar310 Whitehill, Thomas 30?m   s Ohio
Clar260 Whitnah, Berril 02 m     Page Co
Clar260 Whitnah, Blanch 06 f     Ill
Clar189 Whitnah, Cora 14 f     Ohio
Clar260 Whitnah, Cordy? 14 f     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Dolly 16 f     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Fenton 08 m     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Fred 18 m     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Harry 10 m     Ill
Clar189 Whitnah, John 14 m     Ohio
Clar260 Whitnah, Joseph 44 m   m Ill
Clar189 Whitnah, Oscar 44?m   w Ohio
Clar189 Whitnah, Rispah 20 f   s Ohio
Clar260 Whitnah, Sarah 38 f   m Ill
Clar189 Whitnah, Seth 10 m     Mo
Clar039 Whittaker, Arvilla 09 f   s Page Co
Clar039 Whittaker, Evangeline 28 f   mar NY
Clar039 Whittaker, Freedom? 37 m   mar Pa
Clar039 Whittaker, Glendora 06 f   s Page Co
Clar039 Whittaker, Ira W. 04 m   s Page Co
Clar081 Williams, Chester 03?m     Ind
Clar081 Williams, David J. 47 m   m Ohio
Clar081 Williams, Florence 05 f     Ind
Clar081 Williams, Frank 09 m     Ind
Clar081 Williams, Rosan 37 f   m Ind
Clar283 Willits, Cintha 36 f     Ohio
Clar283 Willits, Isaac 67 m   m Ohio
Clar283 Willits, Susan 72 f   m NJ
Clar338 Willson, Clifford 07 m   s Page Co
Clar338 Willson, Lucy 28?f   m Ohio
Clar338 Willson, Stephen 28?m   m Ill
Clar053 Wilson, Amanda 27 f   m Ill
Clar053 Wilson, Bennie 05 m     Taylor Co
Clar053 Wilson, Mahala 57 f   w Ohio
Clar053 Wilson, Nellie 01 f     Page Co
Clar053 Wilson, Olive 03 f     Page Co
Clar053 Wilson, William 32 m   m Ind
Clar201 Windhorst, Otto 22 m   s Mo
Clar109 Wolcott, Florence 07 f     Page Co
Clar109 Wolcott, Samuel 17 m   s Louisa Co
Clar368 Wolf, Ebert 13 m     Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Fensy? 08 f     Ill
Clar233 Wolf, Fred 08 m     Page Co
Clar368 Wolf, Freddie 11 m     Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Jacob 37 m   m Ill
Clar233 Wolf, John 42 m   m Pa
Clar368 Wolf, Josie 12 f     Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Lewis 16 m     Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Mary 37 f   m Ill
Clar233 Wolf, Mississippi 38 f   m Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Nellie 09 f     Ill
Clar372 Work, Ina 01 f     Page Co
Clar372 Work, James 29 m   m Ohio
Clar372 Work, Mary 35 f   m Ohio
Clar133 Wyatt, Abbie 68 f   w Vt
Clar133 Wyatt, George M. 41 m   w Vt
Clar133 Wyatt, Hallie 09 f     Kan
Clar174 Youngberg, Anna 24 f   s Sweden
Clar034 Zaum, Alva 03 m   s Wayne Co
Clar034 Zaum, Anna 20 f   s Ind
Clar034 Zaum, Eliza 29 f   m Ill
Clar034 Zaum, Ethel 02 f   s Wayne Co
Clar034 Zaum, George 28 m   mar Ind
Clar034 Zaum, George 05 m   s Ill