Page County, Iowa 1885 State Census of Clarinda, Iowa

Each household has been given a number for purposes of sorting - these do not correspond to the numbers on the actual census.

Many of the ages are a guess because they were written on top of printing on the page.

Corrections welcome!

Clar348 Stillians, Samuel 67 m   w Del
Clar348 Stillians, Elizabeth 22 f   s Va
Clar349 Crooks, Samuel 56 m   m Pa
Clar349 Crooks, Lucy 50 f   m Ohio
Clar349 Crooks, Mary 30 f   s Ohio
Clar349 Crooks, Lulu 15 f     Page Co
Clar349 Crooks, Phill 13 m     Page Co
Clar349 Crooks, Jessie 11 f     Page Co
Clar349 Crooks, Fate 70 f   w Va
Clar350 Ginther, John 60 m   m Ger
Clar350 Ginther, Susan 65 f   m Eng
Clar351 McLosky? Robert 36 m   m Scott Co
Clar351 McLosky? Nancy 34 f   m Ill
Clar351 McLosky? Harry 07 m   s Ill
Clar351 McLosky? Vessie 02 f     Ill
Clar352 Skinner, David 33 m   m Ohio
Clar352 Skinner, Jennie 29 f   m Pa
Clar352 Skinner, Ellen 11 f     Page co
Clar352 Skinner, Lillie L. 09 f     Page Co
Clar352 Skinner, Hary 05 m     Page Co
Clar353 Monzingo, Thomas 38 m   m Ind
Clar353 Monzingo, Mary 40 f   m Pa
Clar353 Monzingo, Julia 12 f     Page Co
Clar353 Monzingo, Mattie 10 f     Page Co
Clar353 Monzingo, Arthur 08 m     Page Co
Clar353 Monzingo, John 07 m     Page Co
Clar354 Nelson, Horatio 28 m   m Wis
Clar354 Nelson, Mary 24 f   m Dubuque Co
Clar354 Nelson, Harry 08 m     Dubuque Co
Clar354 Johnson, Jane 67?   w Ohio
Clar355 Elle, John 34 m   m Ohio
Clar355 Elle, Agnes 28 f   m Ill
Clar355 Elle, Bertie 03 m     Dubuque Co
Clar355 Elle, Margery 01 f     Page Co
Clar355 Fenske, Adda 30 f   s Ohio
Clar356 Elgin, Daniel 48 m   m Pa
Clar356 Elgin, Martha 44 f   m Pa
Clar356 Elgin, James 21 m   s Pa
Clar356 Elgin, Mary 17 f     Pa
Clar356 Elgin, Sadie 07 f     Page Co
Clar357 Swander, Harry 22 m   m Ohio
Clar357 Swander, Viola 18 f   m Cedar Co
Clar358 Stillians, George 29 m   m Va
Clar358 Stillians, Mattie 28 f   m Marion Co
Clar358 Stillians, Nannie 07 f   s Lucas Co
Clar358 Stillians, Cora 06 f     Page Co
Clar359 Bailey, Alexander 50 m   m Ohio
Clar359 Bailey, Mary 35 f   m Jefferson
Clar359 Bailey, Dora 21 f   s Keokuk
Clar359 Bailey, Ralph 02 m     Page Co
Clar359 Townsley, Nettie 15 f   s Jefferson Co
Clar360 Smith, Daniel 37 m   m Wis
Clar360 Smith, Susan 36 f   m Wis
Clar360 Smith, Norah 16 f     Jasper Co
Clar360 Smith, Dunyon 14 m     Nebr
Clar360 Smith, Leroy 04 m     Page Co
Clar360 Smith, Hattie 03 f     Taylor Co
Clar360 Smith, Eliza 02 f     Page Co
Clar361 Brown, Eliza 76 f   w NY
Clar362 Elliott, George 52 m   m Ind
Clar362 Elliott, Mary 44 f   m Ohio
Clar362 Elliott, George 18 m     Ind
Clar362 Elliott, Charles 14 m     Page Co
Clar362 Elliott, John 12 m     Page Co
Clar363 Oswalt, Samuel 35 m   m Ill
Clar363 Oswalt, Lydia 33 f   m Ind
Clar364 Skinner, David 60m   m Ohio
Clar364 Skinner, Catherine 59 f   m Ohio
Clar364 Skinner, George 32 m   w Ind
Clar364 Skinner, Schuyler 27 m   s Ind
Clar364 Skinner, Sadie 22 f   s Ind
Clar364 Skinner, David 17 m   s Webster Co
Clar364 Skinner, Thomas 08 m     Page Co
Clar365 Waterman, Cassius 34 m   m NY
Clar365 Waterman, Dora 25 f   m Ind
Clar365 Waterman, Alice 01 f     Fremont
Clar366 Barrett, Martha 55 f   D Ohio
Clar367 Irwin, Margret 67 f   w Ohio
Clar367 Harvison, John 30 m   m Pa
Clar367 Harvison, Elizabeth 20 f   m NY
Clar367 Harvison, William 01 m     Ind?
Clar368 Wolf, Jacob 37 m   m Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Mary 37 f   m Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Lewis 16 m     Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Ebert 13 m     Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Josie 12 f     Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Freddie 11 m     Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Nellie 09 f     Ill
Clar368 Wolf, Fensy? 08 f     Ill
Clar368 Hartrick, Susan 17?f     Ill
Clar369 Keller, Mary 48 f   w Pa
Clar369 Keller, Blanche 15 f     Pa
Clar369 Keller, Bessie 11 f     Pa
Clar370 Kneckt, Caroline 48 f   D Ger
Clar370 Kneckt, Eugene 17 m   s Page Co
Clar370 Kneckt, Bernard 14 m     Page Co
Clar370 Kneckt, Nellie 10 f     Page Co
Clar371 Poley, Isaac 43 m   m Ill
Clar371 Poley, Mary 40 f   m Ill
Clar371 Poley, Leena 15 f     Ill
Clar371 Poley, Geneva 12 f     Ill
Clar371 Poley, Lewis 09 m     Ill
Clar371 Sweringen, Mattie 22 f     Vt
Clar372 Work, James 29 m   m Ohio
Clar372 Work, Mary 35 f   m Ohio
Clar372 Work, Ina 01 f     Page Co
Clar373 Henderson, Mirah? 62?f   w Pa
Clar373 Henderson, James 27 m   s Ill
Clar373 McGee, Hannah 23 f   w Ill
Clar373 McGee, James 07 m   s Page Co
Clar374 Stillians, Ruth 68 f   w Pa
Clar374 Stillians, Owen 22 m   s Va
Clar375 Park, Oscar 31 m   m Vanburen Co
Clar375 Park, Mary 23 f   m Ind
Clar376 Chamberlain, Thomas 53 m   m Ohio
Clar376 Chamberlain, Charlotte 44 f   m Ill
Clar376 Chamberlain, Ida 24 f   s Page Co
Clar376 Chamberlain, Frank 23 m   s Page Co
Clar376 Chamberlain, Alvin 20 m   s Page Co
Clar376 Chamberlain, Effie 18 f     Page Co
Clar376 Chamberlain, Fredrick 13 m     Page Co
Clar376 Chamberlain, Lu 09 f     Page Co
Clar376 Chamberlain, Grace 07 f     Page Co
Clar376 Chamberlain, Walter 05 m     Page Co
Clar377 Humfrey, Milton 48 m   m Ohio
Clar377 Humfrey, Maranda 44 f   m Ohio
Clar377 Humfrey, Mary Frances 16 f     Ill
Clar377 Humfrey, Nellie 13 f     Ill
Clar377 Humrey, Maud 02 f     Page Co
Clar378 Maple, Beecher 30 m   m Vanburen Co
Clar378 Maple, Carrie 25 f   m Lee Co
Clar378 Maple, Mary 62 f   w Ohio
Clar378 Maple, no name 00 m     Page Co
Clar379 Roleson, Robert 50 m   m Ohio
Clar379 Roleson, Martha 44 f   m Ireland
Clar379 Roleson, Jessie 20 f     Ill
Clar380 Alcott, George 44 m   m Conn
Clar380 Alcott, Sarah 41 f   m Conn
Clar380 Alcott, Willis 17 m     Page Co
Clar380 Alcott, Nettie 15 f     Page Co
Clar380 Alcott, Hattie 13 f     Page Co
Clar381 Lynn, Osborn 46 m   m Penn
Clar381 Lynn, Margaret 40 f   m Ohio
Clar381 Lynn, Herbert? 17 m     Kan
Clar381 Lynn, Frank 09 m     Neb
Clar381 Lynn, Ross 04 m     Neb
Clar382 Drak, William 47 m   m Eng
Clar382 Drak, Maria 42 f   m Eng
Clar382 Drak, William Jr 24 m   s Eng
Clar382 Drak, Emma 18 f     Jasper Co
Clar382 Drak, Henry 15 m     Jasper Co
Clar382 Drak, Mary 12 f     Jasper Co
Clar382 Drak, John 09 m     Jasper Co
Clar382 Drak, Guy 03?m     Page Co
Clar383 Meddis, Martha 47 f   w NC
Clar383 Meddis, Mary 26 f   s Appanoose Co
Clar383 Meddis, Albert 08 m     Fremont Co
Clar383 Meddis, Charles 06 m     Fremont Co
Clar384 Payton, William 72 m   m Ohio
Clar384 Payton, Ann 68 f   m NY?
Clar384 Payton, Orpha 24 f     Ill
Clar385 Keener, James 54 f   m Penn
Clar385 Keener, Rachel 47 f   m Penn
Clar385 Keener, Sarah 24 f     Penn
Clar385 Keener, Nannie 23 f     Penn
Clar385 Keener, John 19 m     Penn
Clar385 Keener, William 15 m     Page Co
Clar385 Keener, Abigail 10 f     Page Co
Clar385 Keener, James 09 m     Page Co
Clar385 Keener, Orin 08 m     Page Co
Clar385 Keener, Elmer 05 m     Page Co
Clar386 Havre? James 36 m   m Pa
Clar386 Havre? Bertha 38 f   m Ohio
Clar386 Havre? Alice 08 f     Page Co
Clar386 Havre? George 05 m     Page Co
Clar386 Havre? Purl 01 f     Page Co
Clar387 Warner, Christina 56 f   m Ger
Clar387 Warner, Amelia 24 f   s Ill
Clar387 Warner, Carrie 20 f     Ill
Clar388 Clark, Martha 65 f   w Ky
Clar388 Clark, Anna 20 f     Ky
Clar388 Clark, Carroll 28 m   s Mo
Clar388 Clark, Mary 26 f   s Mo
Clar389 Hale, Elijah 43?m   m Ind
Clar389 Hale, Nancy 35?f   m Ky
Clar389 Hale, John 26 f   s Ill
Clar389 Hale, George 24 m   s Ill
Clar389 Fisher, Nancy 11 f   s Ill
Clar390 Crow, Charles 29 m   m Ohio
Clar390 Crow, Ida 25 f   m Wis
Clar390 Crow, Ethel 06 f     Taylor Co
Clar390 Crow, Mabel 03 f     Mo?
Clar390 Hay, Lulu 17 f     Wis
Clar391 Wagner, Jacob 22 m   m Pa
Clar391 Wagner, Katie 21 f   m Ohio
Clar391 Wagner, Charles 00 m     Page Co
Clar392 Covert, John 24 m   m Ohio
Clar392 Covert, Minnie 18 f   m Ill
Clar392 Covert, Robert 01 m     Page Co
Clar393 Pearson, Angeline 51 f   w Penn
Clar393 Pearson, Laura 23 f   s Ill
Clar393 Clark, Amos 28 m     Ill
Clar394 Kern, Louisa 42 f   w Ill
Clar394 Painter, Joseph 30 m   s Ill
Clar394 Akin, Lewis 40 m   m Ind
Clar394 Akin, Parlie 38 f   m Tenn
Clar394 Akin, Eva 16 f     Page Co
Clar394 Akin, Bertie 14 f     Page Co
Clar394 Akin, Daisy 10 f     Page Co
Clar394 Akin, Clyde 06 m     Page Co
Clar395 Meckethorn? Scalista 35 f   w Ill
Clar395 Meckethorn? Alice 14 f     Johnson Co
Clar395 Meckethorn? Nellie 12 f     Johnson Co
Clar395 Meckethorn? Nannie 09 f     Wis
Clar396 Weidenor, Samuel 74 m   m Ohio
Clar396 Weidenor, Emma 64 f     Va
Clar397 Graham, Joseph 40 m   m Ohio
Clar397 Graham, Mary 42 f   m Ill
Clar397 Graham, Harley 17 m     Ill
Clar397 Graham, Etta 15 f     Ill
Clar397 Graham, Mabel 08 f     Ill
Clar398 Nelson, William 40 m   m NY
Clar398 Nelson, Mary 36 f   m Ohio
Clar398 Nelson, Cassa 05 f     Page Co
Clar399 Painter, Charles 43 m   m Ohio
Clar399 Painter, Sarah 33 f   m Pa
Clar399 Painter, Carrie 18 f     Ill
Clar399 Painter, Minnie 11 f     Ill
Clar399 Painter, Martha 09 f     Ill
Clar399 Painter, Bertie 06 m     Ill
Clar399 Painter, Mary 03 f     Union Co
Clar399 Painter, Jessie 00 f     Page Co
Clar400 Dempster, Burton 30 m   m Ohio
Clar400 Dempster, Alice 22 f   m Fremont Co
Clar400 Dempster, Charles 05 m     Fremont Co
Clar401 Brown, George 53 m   m Scotland
Clar401 Brown, Mary 52 f   m Scotland
Clar401 Brown, John 22 m     Scotland
Clar401 Brown, Lizzie 18 f     Can
Clar401 Brown, Barnella 14 f     Can
Clar401 Brown, John 09 m     Can
Clar402 Cathcart, Joseph 52 m   m Mich
Clar402 Cathcart, Sarah 38 f   m Mo
Clar402 Cathcart, Mary 20 f     Page Co
Clar402 Cathcart, Joseph 17 m     Page Co
Clar403 Berry, Joseph 40?m   m Ohio
Clar403 Berry, Minnie 31 f   m Ind
Clar403 Berry, Arthur 02?     Page Co
Clar404 Stuart, F. McK 41 m   m Pa
Clar404 Stuart, Ruth 40 f   m Ind
Clar404 Stuart, David 15 m     Lucas Co
Clar404 Stuart, Thomas 10 m     Dallas Co
Clar404 Stuart, Frederic 08 m     Lucas Co
Clar404 Stuart, Albert 03 m     Lucas Co
Clar405 Hannah, Levi 40 m   m Ind
Clar405 Hannah, Ella 30 f   m Ill
Clar405 Hannah, Adda 03 f     Page Co
Clar406 Delong, Dan 46 m   m Ky
Clar406 Delong, E. Mac? 48 f   m Ind
Clar406 Patterson, Lida 25 f   s Ohio
Clar406 Patterson, Laura 20 f   s Ohio
Clar407 Martin, George 50 m   m NJ
Clar407 Martin, Alma 33 f   m Wis
Clar407 Martin, Dale 08 m     Page Co
Clar407 Martin, Blanche 04 f     Page Co
Clar407 Martin, Noros 02 m     Page Co
Clar407 Martin, Berthene 00 f     Page Co
Clar407 Lingenfelter, Emma 21 f   s Mo
Clar408 Foster, Charles 51 m   m Ill
Clar408 Foster, Ann 45 f   m Ohio
Clar408 Foster, Mary 22 f     Page Co
Clar408 Foster, Julia 18 f     Ill
Clar408 Foster, Harriet 10 f     Page Co
Clar408 Foster, Annie 08 f     Page Co
Clar409 Welch, William 26 m   m Penn
Clar409 Welch, Minnie 20 f   m Page Co
Clar409 Welch, Harry 01 m     Page Co
Clar410 Beckwith, Henry 40 m   m Ohio
Clar410 Beckwith, Alice 36 f   m Ohio
Clar410 Beckwith, Jennie 12 f     Ill
Clar410 Beckwith, Jessie 12 f     Ill
Clar410 Beckwith, Alice 07 f     Ill
Clar410 Beckwith, Borzella 04 m     Ill
Clar411 Webster, Malinda 40 f   w Ill
Clar411 Webster, Mertie 14 f     Page Co
Clar412 Hepburn, William 51 m   m Ohio
Clar412 Hepburn, Melvina 47 f   m Ohio
Clar412 Hepburn, Margaret 20 f     Johnson Co
Clar412 Hepburn, Charles 16 m     Page Co
Clar412 Hepburn, Frances 61 f   w Pa
Clar412 Hampton, Wade 20 m   s Johnson Co
Clar412 Hepburn, Ann 79 f   w Tenn