Page County, Iowa 1885 State Census of Clarinda, Iowa

Each household has been given a number for purposes of sorting - these do not correspond to the numbers on the actual census.

Many of the ages are a guess because they were written on top of printing on the page.

Corrections welcome!

Clar149 Mackey, Almira 55 f   m NY
Clar149 Mackey, Charles 64 m   m NY
Clar149 Mackey, Hurbert 18 m     Ill
Clar253 Macomber, George 47 m   m Ohio
Clar253 Macomber, Mary 57 f   m Ohio
Clar116 Madge, Ellen 34 f   m Clinton Co
Clar116 Madge, Elsie 04 f     Muscatine Co
Clar116 Madge, Herman 15 m     Clinton Co
Clar116 Madge, Ohlen? 42 m   m Vt
Clar294 Maiden, Emma 13 f     Page Co
Clar294 Maiden, George W. 48 m   m Pa
Clar294 Maiden, Grace 11 f     Page Co
Clar294 Maiden, Linna? 18 f   s Page Co
Clar294 Maiden, Mollie 25 f   m Mo
Clar201 Maire, Eddie 23 m   s France
Clar210 Maker? Elizabeth 60 f   w Ohio
Clar181 Malcolm, Clara 27 f   m -----son Co
Clar181 Malcolm, Howard 04 m     Page Co
Clar181 Malcolm, James 35 m   m Ohio
Clar181 Malcolm, Mary 01 f     Page Co
Clar067 Malone, Francis 30 f   m Ill
Clar067 Malone, Kate 02 f     Page Co
Clar067 Malone, William 37 m   m Mass
Clar067 Malone, William 06 m     Page Co
Clar122 Manholtz, August 23 m   m Ohio
Clar122 Manholtz, Mattie 20 f   m Warren Co
Clar378 Maple, Beecher 30 m   m Vanburen Co
Clar378 Maple, Carrie 25 f   m Lee Co
Clar378 Maple, Mary 62 f   w Ohio
Clar378 Maple, no name 00 m     Page Co
Clar160 Markwell, Jacob 40 m   m Mo
Clar160 Markwell, Mary 32 f   m Mo
Clar163 Marsh, Charles 27 m   m NY
Clar163 Marsh, Emma 25 f   m Ill
Clar163 Marsh, Orin A. 01?m     Taylor Co
Clar308 Marsting? Maggie 34 f   s Ind
Clar407 Martin, Alma 33 f   m Wis
Clar407 Martin, Berthene 00 f     Page Co
Clar407 Martin, Blanche 04 f     Page Co
Clar407 Martin, Dale 08 m     Page Co
Clar407 Martin, George 50 m   m NJ
Clar407 Martin, Noros 02 m     Page Co
Clar246 Mason, Anna 35 f   m Ohio
Clar246 Mason, Arnold 04 m     Page Co
Clar246 Mason, Florence 13 f     Page Co
Clar134 Mason, Grace 04 f     Page Co
Clar134 Mason, John 13 m     Mich
Clar246 Mason, Julia 16 f     Henry Co
Clar134 Mason, Katie 37 f   m Ger
Clar134 Mason, Lettie 01 f     Page Co
Clar134 Mason, Theodore 08 m     Lucas Co
Clar246 Mason, William 43 m   m Des Moines Co
Clar246 Mason, William 07 m     Page Co
Clar134 Mason?, Ralph 36 m   m Ger
Clar243 Massic, Wilson 21 m   s Wis
Clar228 Maxwell, Adam 54 f   m Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Charles 16?m     Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Flora 25 f   s Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Isaac 22 m   s Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Mariah 53 f   m Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Mary 29 f   s Pa
Clar073 Mayberry, Amanda 36 f   m Ky
Clar073 Mayberry, John 12 m     Ill
Clar073 Mayberry, Lucius 16 m     Ill
Clar073 Mayberry, Pinkney 45 m   m Wis
Clar324 Mays, Charles 29 m   m Ohio
Clar324 Mays, Edgar 06 m     Page Co
Clar324 Mays, Ella 20 f   m Ohio
Clar324 Mays, Harry 01 m     Page Co
Clar324 Mays, Robert 03 m     Page Co
Clar318 Mc??????, Carrie 17 f   s Page Co
Clar164 McCartney, Addie 18 f     Ill
Clar172 McCaul, ????? 17 f     Mo
Clar172 McCaul, Ada 05 f     Polk Co
Clar172 McCaul, Almond 24 m   s Ill
Clar172 McCaul, Elijah 19 m     Ill
Clar172 McCaul, Eva 40 f   m Can
Clar172 McCaul, Grace 09 f     Adams Co
Clar172 McCaul, John 15 m     Mo
Clar172 McCaul, Lewis 46?m   m NY
Clar162 McCutcheon, Bessie 12 f     Ringold Co
Clar020 McCutcheon, Elda 37 f   S Page Co
Clar162 McCutcheon, Gilbert 38 m   m Ohio
Clar162 McCutcheon, Guy 07 m     Ringold Co
Clar162 McCutcheon, Howard 15 m     Ky
Clar162 McCutcheon, Maggie 38 f   m Ohio
Clar049 Mcdonald, Charles 48?m   m Ill
Clar049 Mcdonald, Francis 13 m     Page Co
Clar049 Mcdonald, Mallissa 15?f     Page Co
Clar049 Mcdonald, Margret 43 f   m Mass
Clar049 Mcdonald, Reppa 11 f     Page Co
Clar373 McGee, Hannah 23 f   w Ill
Clar373 McGee, James 07 m   s Page Co
Clar177 McGuire, Rachel 50 f   w Ohio
Clar177 McGuire, Sarah 24 f   s Taylor Co
Clar285 McIlheny, Nancy 28 f   s Des Moines Co
Clar220 McIntyre, Edna 14 f     Page Co
Clar220 McIntyre, Grace 07 f     Nebr
Clar220 McIntyre, James 46 m   m NY
Clar220 McIntyre, Mariah 16 f     Page Co
Clar220 McIntyre, Maud 18 f   s Page Co
Clar220 McIntyre, Sarah 42 f   m Ohio
Clar017 McKinnon, Don S. 45 m   wid Ind
Clar017 McKinnon, Harry 04 m   S Page Co
Clar017 McKinnon, Maud 08 f   S Mo
Clar017 McKinnon, May 06 f   S Kan
Clar017 McKinnon, Tellis F. 10 m   S Harrison Co
Clar351 McLosky? Harry 07 m   s Ill
Clar351 McLosky? Nancy 34 f   m Ill
Clar351 McLosky? Robert 36 m   m Scott Co
Clar351 McLosky? Vessie 02 f     Ill
Clar215 McMullen, Florence 03 f     Page Co
Clar215 McMullen, John 37 m   m Ohio
Clar215 McMullen, Luella 12 f     Page Co
Clar215 McMullen, Mabel 07 f     Page Co
Clar215 McMullen, Martha 37 f   m Ind
Clar193 McPherrin, Arthur 14 m   s Page Co
Clar193 McPherrin, Arvil 10 m     Page Co
Clar193 McPherrin, Fany 35 f   w Ill
Clar344 McPherrin, Hannah 60 f   m Ind
Clar276 McPherrin, Howard 02 m     Page Co
Clar276 McPherrin, Hugh 04 m     Page Co
Clar276 McPherrin, Jessie 27 f   m Wapello Co
Clar344 McPherrin, John 71 m   m Ohio
Clar193 McPherrin, Nellie 05 f     Page Co
Clar193 McPherrin, Paul 07 m     Page Co
Clar276 McPherrin, Samuel 31 m   m Ill
Clar344 McPherrin, Sarah 21 f     Ill
Clar270 Meacham, Arthur 08 m     Kan
Clar270 Meacham, Ella 28 f   m Vt
Clar270 Meacham, Ella 04 f     Page Co
Clar270 Meacham, Joe 02 m     Page Co
Clar270 Meacham, John 32 m   m Ind
Clar270 Meacham, Maud 06 f     Page Co
Clar395 Meckethorn? Alice 14 f     Johnson Co
Clar395 Meckethorn? Nannie 09 f     Wis
Clar395 Meckethorn? Nellie 12 f     Johnson Co
Clar395 Meckethorn? Scalista 35 f   w Ill
Clar383 Meddis, Albert 08 m     Fremont Co
Clar383 Meddis, Charles 06 m     Fremont Co
Clar383 Meddis, Martha 47 f   w NC
Clar383 Meddis, Mary 26 f   s Appanoose Co
Clar336 Mercer, Georgia 17?f   s Page Co
Clar236 Merrill, F or T----? 31 m   m Mass
Clar236 Merrill, Geneva 06 f     Page Co
Clar236 Merrill, Geneva 26 f   m Des Moines Co
Clar236 Merrill, Joseph 04 m     Page Co
Clar236 Merrill, Joseph 38 m   s Mass
Clar288 Mersello? Samuel 13 m   s Lee Co
Clar243 Messic, Alfred 21 m   s Wis
Clar140 Middaugh, Benjamin 70?m   m NY
Clar140 Middaugh, Daniel 24 m   w Ind
Clar140 Middaugh, Eddie 17 m     Lee Co
Clar140 Middaugh, Eliza 64 f   m Md
Clar140 Middaugh, Henry 07 m     Ill
Clar140 Middaugh, Lawrence 12 m     Lee Co
Clar140 Middaugh, Minnie 09 f     Lee Co
Clar158 Middough, Ethel 02?f     Fremont Co
Clar158 Middough, James 27 m   m  
Clar158 Middough, Lucy 07 f     Montgomery Co
Clar158 Middough, Mary 25 f   m Wayne Co
Clar158 Middough, Otto 06 m     Kan
Clar137 Miles, Jesse 27 m C m Alabama
Clar137 Miles, Mattie 23 f C m Mo
Clar273 Millen, Catherine 30 f   m Ohio
Clar273 Millen, James 01 m     Ne
Clar273 Millen, Mary 08 f     Ill
Clar273 Millen, Samuel 31 m   m Ill
Clar343 Miller, Eunice 38 f   m Ill
Clar288 Miller, George 24 m   s Penn
Clar343 Miller, Hugh 09 m     Page Co
Clar343 Miller, John 39 m   m Tenn
Clar343 Miller, Ollitha 01 f     Page Co
Clar343 Miller, Ralph 08?m     Page Co
Clar114 Mills? Catherine 46 f   w Mass
Clar114 Mills? Frank 20 m   s Page Co
Clar353 Monzingo, Arthur 08 m     Page Co
Clar353 Monzingo, John 07 m     Page Co
Clar353 Monzingo, Julia 12 f     Page Co
Clar353 Monzingo, Mary 40 f   m Pa
Clar353 Monzingo, Mattie 10 f     Page Co
Clar353 Monzingo, Thomas 38 m   m Ind
Clar320 Moore, Hester 74 f   w Ohio
Clar320 Moore, Jerry 03?m     Page Co
Clar320 Moore, Napoleon 52 m   m Ohio
Clar320 Moore, Nettie 25 f   m Adams Co
Clar277 Moore, Verlinda 60 f   D Ohio
Clar288 Morain, Ira 25 m   s Ill
Clar023 Morledge, Bessie 02 f   S Page Co
Clar271 Morledge, Frances 32?f   m Ill
Clar023 Morledge, Fred M. 25 m   M Page Co
Clar023 Morledge, John 04 m   S Page Co
Clar023 Morledge, Louisa 69 f   W Ky
Clar023 Morledge, Sarah 22 f   M Page Co
Clar271 Morledge, William 34 m   m Ind
Clar271 Morledge, William 08 m     NY
Clar194 Morris, Lincoln 19 m   s Mo
Clar098 Morris, Mary 64 f   m Pa
Clar098 Morris, Thos 65 m   m Pa
Clar068 Morse, William 81 m   w Ohio
Clar269 Morsman, Louisa 38 f   m ???
Clar269 Morsman, Vestel? 41 m   m Ohio
Clar168 Moss Howard 34 m C m Mo
Clar168 Moss, Bessie 03 f C   Page Co
Clar168 Moss, Gus 07 m C   Page Co
Clar168 Moss, Jane 37 f C m Mo
Clar168 Moss, Laura 09 f C   Page Co
Clar168 Moss, Luther 01 m C   Page Co
Clar194 Mueller, George 35 m   w Ger
Clar194 Mueller, George A. 07 m   s Pa
Clar126 Murphy, Robt 69 m   m Ohio
Clar126 Murphy, Sarah 66 f   m Ohio
Clar224 Myres, Fay 01 f     Ind
Clar224 Myres, Netta? 20 f   m Ohio
Clar224 Myres, Robert 00 m     Page Co
Clar224 Myres, William 27 m   m Ind
Clar317 Neilson, Annie J. 27 f   s Sweden
Clar398 Nelson, Cassa 05 f     Page Co
Clar354 Nelson, Harry 08 m     Dubuque Co
Clar354 Nelson, Horatio 28 m   m Wis
Clar354 Nelson, Mary 24 f   m Dubuque Co
Clar398 Nelson, Mary 36 f   m Ohio
Clar398 Nelson, William 40 m   m NY
Clar179 New, Dick 08 m     Henry Co
Clar179 New, Elizabeth 14 f   s Page Co
Clar179 New, Linya? 10 f     Keokuk Co
Clar179 New, Sillus 32 f   w Ind
Clar179 New, Yuba 12 f     Henry Co
Clar311 Newhouse, Mary 24 f   s Dubuque Co
Clar288 Newland, Henry 48 m   m Ohio
Clar131 Nichols, Bessie 01 f     Page Co
Clar131 Nichols, Emma 25 f   m Ohio
Clar131 Nichols, Theopholis T. 32 m   m Ohio
Clar317 Nienstedt, Augustus 07 m     Floyd Co
Clar317 Nienstedt, Augustus 48 m   m Ger
Clar317 Nienstedt, Bertha 20 f   s Howard Co
Clar317 Nienstedt, Clara 17 f     Howard Co
Clar317 Nienstedt, George 12 m     Floyd Co
Clar317 Nienstedt, Gertrude 05 f     Floyd Co
Clar317 Nienstedt, Minnie 15 f     Dubuque Co
Clar317 Nienstedt, Minnie 41 f   m Ger
Clar317 Nienstedt, Nellie 09 f     Floyd Co
Clar038 Norton, Ella F. 42 f   mar Ohio
Clar038 Norton, Frank 48 m   mar Ms? [Mass?]
Clar038 Norton, Gail M. 08 m   s Page Co
Clar038 Norton, Leroy E. 15 m   s Ill
Clar038 Norton, Vern? 11 m   s Page Co
Clar331 Nothhouse? Carrie 21 f   s Johnson Co
Clar183 Orr, Mary 73 f   w Scotland
Clar183 Orr, William 30 m     NY
Clar219 Orrison, Amos 28 m   m Ohio
Clar219 Orrison, Charlotte 22 f   m Ohio
Clar298 Orth, Cyrus J. 39 m   m Pa
Clar298 Orth, Hattie 05 f     Ill
Clar298 Orth, Ida 34 f   m Ill
Clar363 Oswalt, Lydia 33 f   m Ind
Clar363 Oswalt, Samuel 35 m   m Ill
Clar278 Pace, Charles 33 m   m Ind
Clar278 Pace, Charlotte 34 f   m Ill
Clar278 Pace, Charlotte 18 f     Taylor Co
Clar278 Pace, Susan 11 f     Taylor Co
Clar399 Painter, Bertie 06 m     Ill
Clar399 Painter, Carrie 18 f     Ill
Clar399 Painter, Charles 43 m   m Ohio
Clar399 Painter, Jessie 00 f     Page Co
Clar060 Painter, John G. 24 m   m Davis Co
Clar394 Painter, Joseph 30 m   s Ill
Clar060 Painter, Joshua 48 m   m Ohio
Clar060 Painter, Kate 23 f   m Mo
Clar060 Painter, Louisa 39 f   m Mo
Clar399 Painter, Martha 09 f     Ill
Clar399 Painter, Mary 03 f     Union Co
Clar399 Painter, Minnie 11 f     Ill
Clar399 Painter, Sarah 33 f   m Pa
Clar003 Parish, Charles 09 m   S Pott. Co
Clar003 Parish, Frank 38 m   mar Wis
Clar003 Parish, Jane 38 f   mar Wis
Clar375 Park, Mary 23 f   m Ind
Clar375 Park, Oscar 31 m   m Vanburen Co
Clar275 Parsloe, Charles 20 m   s Can
Clar275 Parsloe, Hannah 51 f   w Can
Clar275 Parsloe, Henry 28 m   s Can
Clar275 Parsloe, Jennie 16 f   s Can
Clar406 Patterson, Laura 20 f   s Ohio
Clar406 Patterson, Lida 25 f   s Ohio
Clar063 Patton, James 45 m   m Ill
Clar109 Patton, John 19 m   s Ohio
Clar063 Patton, Minnie 09 f     Ill
Clar063 Patton, Rose E. 22 f   m Page Co
Clar384 Payton, Ann 68 f   m NY?
Clar283 Payton, David 48 m   m Ind
Clar014 Payton, Fletcher 09 m   S Ill
Clar014 Payton, Ietle? 18 m   S Ill
Clar014 Payton, Jacob W. 41 m   mar Ind
Clar283 Payton, Luella 17 f     Ill
Clar384 Payton, Orpha 24 f     Ill
Clar283 Payton, Oscar? 42?m   s Ill
Clar283 Payton, Samantha 44 f   m Ohio
Clar014 Payton, Sarah 39 f   mar Ohio
Clar283 Payton, Stella 15 f     Ill
Clar384 Payton, William 72 m   m Ohio
Clar216 Pearson, Adda 26 f   m Ill
Clar393 Pearson, Angeline 51 f   w Penn
Clar222 Pearson, Anna 31 f   m Ohio
Clar216 Pearson, Frank 27 m   m Ill
Clar393 Pearson, Laura 23 f   s Ill
Clar222 Pearson, Leslie 29 m   m Ill
Clar216 Pearson, May 01 f     Page Co
Clar222 Pearson, Nellie 04?f     Page Co
Clar279 Pender, Mary 25?f   m SC
Clar279 Pender, Thomas 27?m   m Ireland
Clar011 Perry, Albert -- m   mar NY
Clar011 Perry, Jane G. 21 f   S Page Co
Clar011 Perry, Laura A. -- f   mar NY
Clar247 Peterson, Charles 28?m   m Sweden
Clar247 Peterson, Ida 38 f   m Sweden
Clar314 Phelps, Loranzo 40?m   m Ohio
Clar314 Phelps, Mary 40 f   m Ohio
Clar314 Phelps, Minnie 04 f     Ill
Clar314 Phelps, William 17 m     Clark Co
Clar169 Phillips, Edith 15 f     Ohio
Clar099 Phillips, Emily 22 f   s Ill
Clar169 Phillips, Eugene 05 m     Page Co
Clar169 Phillips, Isaac 11 m     Ohio
Clar169 Phillips, Mattie 13 f     Ohio
Clar169 Phillips, Orville 02 m     Page Co
Clar169 Phillips, Rosiel 39 m   m Ohio
Clar169 Phillips, Sarah 38 f   m Ohio
Clar099 Phillips, Thomas 24 f   s Ill
Clar099 Phillips, William 64 m   w Oh
Clar169 Phillips, William 08 m     Page Co
Clar330 Pickins, Della 14 f     Page Co
Clar330 Pickins, John 48 m   m Ky
Clar330 Pickins, Nannie 09 f     Page Co
Clar330 Pickins, Rebecca 47 f   m Ohio
Clar371 Poley, Geneva 12 f     Ill
Clar371 Poley, Isaac 43 m   m Ill
Clar371 Poley, Leena 15 f     Ill
Clar371 Poley, Lewis 09 m     Ill
Clar371 Poley, Mary 40 f   m Ill
Clar194 Pollard, Austin 24?m C s Mo
Clar258 Porter, David 73 m   m Ireland
Clar258 Porter, Eliza 71 f   m Ireland
Clar258 Porter, Ruby 30?     Ill
Clar288 Prentice, Benjamin 30 m   s Des Moines Co
Clar040 Pugh, Anna 28 f   m Henry Co
Clar040 Pugh, Daniel S. 34 m   m Ohio
Clar040 Pugh, Nellie 05 f   s Ohio
Clar194 Purdy, Stacy 39 m   s Pa
Clar029 Radford, Nancy A. 36 f   M Ohio
Clar029 Radford, Wm 41 m   M Ohio
Clar254 Rauchbaugh, Ella 24 f   m Ohio
Clar254 Rauchbaugh, Fern 00 f     Page Co
Clar254 Rauchbaugh? George 27 m   m Ohio
Clar178 Raynold, George 45 m   m Pa
Clar178 Raynold, Julia 30 f   m Ill
Clar178 Raynold, Lurena 01 f     Kan
Clar342 Reddock, Charles 01?m     Page Co
Clar342 Reddock, Jane 29 f   m Scotland
Clar342 Reddock, William 04 m     Scotland
Clar342 Reddock, William 29 m   m Scotland
Clar184 Redfield, James 30 m   m Fremont Co
Clar184 Redfield, Viola 25 f   m Ill
Clar184 Redfield, Walter 03 m     Page Co
Clar066 Reed, Blanche 12 f     Linn Co
Clar066 Reed, Della 29 f   m Ohio
Clar066 Reed, Ida 00 f     Page Co
Clar066 Reed, Maggie ?? f     Montgomery Co
Clar066 Reed, Martin 41 m   m Pa
Clar221 Reed? Jane 54 f   s Ohio
Clar118 Reels, Ira 16 m   s Ringgold Co
Clar118 Reels, Sherman 19 m   s Page Co
Clar118 Reels, Sopia 60 f   w NY
Clar327 Ribble, Burton 11 m     Page Co
Clar327 Ribble, David 51 m   m Ind
Clar327 Ribble, Eva 18 f     Page Co
Clar262 Ribble, George 29?m     Va
Clar327 Ribble, George 20 m     Page Co
Clar262 Ribble, Hattie 28?f     Page Co
Clar327 Ribble, Herman 28 m     Page Co
Clar327 Ribble, Jane 48 f   m Ohio
Clar327 Ribble, Lurel? 08 f     Page Co
Clar327 Ribble, Malvin? 15 m     Page Co
Clar197 Rickey, Dora 21 f   s Mo
Clar197 Rickey, Elizabeth 68 f   m Ireland
Clar197 Rickey, Eugen 36 m   s Wis
Clar197 Rickey, Joseph K. 68 m   m Pa
Clar197 Rickey, Kate M. 28 f   s Lee Co
Clar197 Rickey, Kate W. 16 f   s Lee Co
Clar197 Rickey, William P. 49 m   w Ohio
Clar025 Ridenour, Clyde C. 14? m   S Page Co
Clar025 Ridenour, Eva F. ?? f   S Page Co
Clar025 Ridenour, Lizzie T. 35 f   M Ill
Clar025 Ridenour, Newton C. 48 m   M Tn
Clar117 Rineid? Dora 41 f   m Ger
Clar117 Rineid? Dora 05 f     Ger
Clar117 Rineid? Emma 10 f     Ger
Clar117 Rineid? Lizzie 07 f     Ger
Clar117 Rineid?, Henry 49 m   m Ger
Clar009 Roberts, Julia 68 f   wid NY
Clar195 Robinson, Ambrose 34 m   m NY
Clar201 Robinson, Ann 25 f   s Pa
Clar201 Robinson, Ann 54 f   m Pa
Clar195 Robinson, Mary 25 f   m Wis
Clar201 Robinson, William 62 m   m Pa
Clar323 Rogers, Derrick 20 m   s Pa
Clar325 Rogers, Edna 09 f     Page Co
Clar325 Rogers, George 34 m   m Pa
Clar325 Rogers, Linley 05 m     Page Co
Clar323 Rogers, Matilda 55 f   m Pa
Clar323 Rogers, Phillip 61 m   m Pa
Clar325 Rogers, Sarah 33 f   m Ind
Clar379 Roleson, Jessie 20 f     Ill
Clar379 Roleson, Martha 44 f   m Ireland
Clar379 Roleson, Robert 50 m   m Ohio
Clar128 Round, Alfred 12 m     Page Co
Clar051 Round, Carrie 02 f     Page Co
Clar051 Round, Carrie 20 f   m Pott Co
Clar051 Round, Charles 27 m   m Ill
Clar128 Round, George 13?m     Page Co
Clar128 Round, Myrtle 14 f     Page Co
Clar128 Round, Rebecca 58 f   m Ind
Clar161 Russell, Alma 17 f     Ill
Clar161 Russell, Charles 12 m     Kan
Clar161 Russell, Enock 51 m   m Ky
Clar161 Russell, Howard 10 m     Ohio
Clar161 Russell, Ida 16 f     Ind
Clar161 Russell, Nancy 46 f   m Ind