Page County, Iowa 1885 State Census of Clarinda, Iowa

Each household has been given a number for purposes of sorting - these do not correspond to the numbers on the actual census.

Many of the ages are a guess because they were written on top of printing on the page.

Corrections welcome!

Clar179 New, Sillus 32 f   w Ind
Clar179 New, Elizabeth 14 f   s Page Co
Clar179 New, Yuba 12 f     Henry Co
Clar179 New, Linya? 10 f     Keokuk Co
Clar179 New, Dick 08 m     Henry Co
Clar180 Smith, Lovina ?4 f   w Md
Clar181 Malcolm, James 35 m   m Ohio
Clar181 Malcolm, Clara 27 f   m -----son Co
Clar181 Malcolm, Howard 04 m     Page Co
Clar181 Malcolm, Mary 01 f     Page Co
Clar182 Henshaw, Edwin 44 m   m NY
Clar182 Henshaw, Helen 40 f   m Ill
Clar182 Henshaw, Helen M. 08 f     Page Co
Clar182 Henshaw, Cynthia 78 f   w NY
Clar183 Bisbee, Chauncy 46 m   m Vt
Clar183 Bisbee, Ellenor 41 f   m Vt
Clar183 Orr, Mary 73 f   w Scotland
Clar183 Orr, William 30 m     NY
Clar184 Redfield, James 30 m   m Fremont Co
Clar184 Redfield, Viola 25 f   m Ill
Clar184 Redfield, Walter 03 m     Page Co
Clar185 Thompson, James 50?m   m Ohio
Clar185 Thompson, Talitha 58?f   m Md?
Clar185 Thompson, Grant 19 m     Page Co
Clar185 Thompson, Albert 17 m     Page Co
Clar185 Thompson, Hulda 14 f     Page Co
Clar186 Clark, George 53 m   m Ind? Me?
Clar186 Clark, Laura 46 f   m Ind? Me?
Clar186 Clark, Georgie 21 f   s Ind? Me?
Clar187 Condit, Hannah 66?f   s NJ
Clar188 Bracken, Thomas J. 52 m   m Ky
Clar188 Bracken, Mary 48 f   m Mo
Clar188 Brocker, Charles 25 m     Page Co
Clar188 Brocker, William 12?m     Page Co
Clar189 Whitnah, Oscar 44?m   w Ohio
Clar189 Whitnah, Rispah 20 f   s Ohio
Clar189 Whitnah, John 14 m     Ohio
Clar189 Whitnah, Cora 14 f     Ohio
Clar189 Whitnah, Seth 10 m     Mo
Clar190 Bracken, Albert 22 m   m Page Co
Clar190 Bracken, Ida 20 f   m Page Co
Clar190 Bracken, Pearle 01 m     Page Co
Clar190 Kennedy, Mary E. 43 f   s Ohio
Clar191 Callicotte, Jacob 32 m   m Ind
Clar191 Callicotte, Nancy 26 f   m Page Co
Clar191 Callicotte, Clyde 10 m     Page Co
Clar191 Callicotte, Guy 07 m     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Robt 42 m   m Ohio
Clar192 Kepple, Rebecca 36 f   m Ohio
Clar192 Kepple, Emma 17 f     Ill
Clar192 Kepple, Esther 13 f     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Jane 10 f     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Elizabeth 07 f     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Martha 04 f     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Eva 01 f     Page Co
Clar193 McPherrin, Fany 35 f   w Ill
Clar193 McPherrin, Arthur 14 m   s Page Co
Clar193 McPherrin, Arvil 10 m     Page Co
Clar193 McPherrin, Paul 07 m     Page Co
Clar193 McPherrin, Nellie 05 f     Page Co
Clar194 Bryant, Willis [hotel keeper] 39 m   m Wis
Clar194 Bryant, Eva 28 f   m Wis
Clar194 Bryant, Elizabeth 02 f     Kan
Clar194 Stabler, John 23?m   s Mich
Clar194 Dunn, Thomas 23?m C m Mo
Clar194 Cook, Andrew J. 23 m C s Ark
Clar194 Lewis, Robert 15 m C s Taylor Co
Clar194 Hurder, Susan 17 f   s Ill
Clar194 Griffith, Ellen 12?f   s Kan
Clar194 Vaughn,Derinda 62?f   w Washington Co
Clar194 Pollard, Austin 24?m C s Mo
Clar194 Hawhee, Charles 27 m   s Page Co
Clar194 Morris, Lincoln 19 m   s Mo
Clar194 Bonyan, Gertie 19 f   s Pa
Clar194 West, Solomon 51 m   s Ky
Clar194 Cohen, Nathan 24 m   s NY
Clar194 Weil, Isadore 20 m   s France
Clar194 Sheppard, Frank 23 m   s Can
Clar194 Clark, Charles 27 m   s Mo?
Clar194 Heeton, Richard 28 m   s Pa
Clar194 Purdy, Stacy 39 m   s Pa
Clar194 Barrett, James 66 m   w Ky
Clar194 Lundy, William 26 m   s Ill
Clar194 Howe, James 20 m   s Scott Co
Clar194 Mueller, George 35 m   w Ger
Clar194 Mueller, George A. 07 m   s Pa
Clar194 Cavanaugh, John 44 m   s Pa
Clar194 Vaughn, Melissa 08 f   s Neb
Clar195 Robinson, Ambrose 34 m   m NY
Clar195 Robinson, Mary 25 f   m Wis
Clar196 Levin, George P. 40 m   m Sweden
Clar196 Levin, Mary 23 f   m Sweden
Clar197 Rickey, Joseph K. 68 m   m Pa
Clar197 Rickey, Elizabeth 68 f   m Ireland
Clar197 Rickey, Eugen 36 m   s Wis
Clar197 Rickey, William P. 49 m   w Ohio
Clar197 Rickey, Kate M. 28 f   s Lee Co
Clar197 Rickey, Dora 21 f   s Mo
Clar197 Rickey, Kate W. 16 f   s Lee Co
Clar198 Vansandt, Nathan 59?m   m Ohio
Clar198 Vansandt, Eliza 55 f   m Ohio
Clar198 Vansandt, Albert Stanley 32 m   s Ohio
Clar198 Clevenger, Marion? 38?f   s Ohio
Clar199 Beal, Elijah 44 m   m Ohio
Clar199 Beal, Albina 36 f   m Ill
Clar200 Hartford, Isaac 54 m   m Ohio
Clar200 Hartford, Melissa 47 f   m Ind
Clar201 Robinson, William 62 m   m Pa
Clar201 Robinson, Ann 54 f   m Pa
Clar201 Robinson, Ann 25 f   s Pa
Clar201 Windhorst, Otto 22 m   s Mo
Clar201 George, Reed 26 m   s Pa
Clar201 Maire, Eddie 23 m   s France
Clar201 Cox, Elmer 24 m   s Ind
Clar201 Freeman, Emma 25 f   s Ohio
Clar202 Hamilton, Charles 31 m   m Ill
Clar202 Hamilton, Elizabeth 26 f   m NJ
Clar202 Hamilton, Flora 03 f     Ill
Clar203 Kelley, Joseph 41 m   m NJ
Clar203 Kelley, Mary 31 f   m Ill
Clar203 Kelley, Lavina 10 f   s Ill
Clar203 Kelley, Gertie 06 m     Ill
Clar204 Beal, Alfred 35 m   m Ohio
Clar204 Beal, Ellen 33 f   m Pa
Clar204 Beal, Tacie 10 f     Ill
Clar204 Beal, Winifred 08 f     Ill
Clar204 Beal, Clyde 06 m     Ill
Clar204 Beal, George 04 m     Ill
Clar204 Beal, Blanche 03 f     Ill
Clar204 Cason, Belle 22 f C s Mo
Clar204 Foresman, Susan 22?f   s Pa
Clar205 Cokenower, Henry 30?m   m Ill
Clar205 Cokenower, Clara 25 f   m Ill
Clar205 Cokenower, William ?? m     Page Co
Clar205 Stoner, Mattie 28 f   s Mo
Clar206 Hanshaw, H??? 25 m   m Taylor Co
Clar206 Hanshaw, Clara 24 f   m Taylor Co
Clar206 Hanshaw, Orin 04 m     Mills Co
Clar206 Hanshaw, Carrie 03 f     Page Co
Clar207 Turnbull, Alden 28 m   m Ill
Clar207 Turnbull, Catherine 18 f   m Harrison Co
Clar208 Brown, James 38 m   m Ohio
Clar208 Brown, Jennie 32 f   m Pa
Clar208 Brown, Edith 12 f   s Page Co
Clar208 Brown, Mary 10 f     Page Co
Clar208 Brown, Louis 08 m     Page Co
Clar208 Brown, Mabel 03 f     Page Co
Clar209 Good, John 34 m   m Ohio
Clar209 Good, Melinda 31 f   m Mo
Clar209 Good, Grace 11 f     Page Co
Clar209 Good, Purley? 08 f     Page Co
Clar210 Maker? Elizabeth 60 f   w Ohio
Clar210 Way, Mary 38 f   w Ohio
Clar210 Bennett, Elizabeth 21 f   w Wis
Clar211 Hooper, George 48 m   m Ohio
Clar211 Hooper, Anna 40 f   m Ohio
Clar211 Hooper, Myrtle 09 f     Page Co
Clar212 Grosvenor, August 47 m   m Ohio
Clar212 Grosvenor, Hester 44 f   m Ohio
Clar212 Grosvenor, Hellen 16 f     Page Co
Clar213 Bridgeman, John 47 m   m NY
Clar213 Bridgeman, Sarah 43 f   m Ind
Clar213 Bridgeman, Jesse 18 m     Minn
Clar213 Bridgeman, Almond 15 m     Minn
Clar214 Bisby, William 32 m   m Pa
Clar214 Bisby, Carrie 26 f   m Wis
Clar214 Bisby, Fae? 07 f     Page Co
Clar214 Bisby, Thome? 04 m     Page Co
Clar215 McMullen, John 37 m   m Ohio
Clar215 McMullen, Martha 37 f   m Ind
Clar215 McMullen, Luella 12 f     Page Co
Clar215 McMullen, Mabel 07 f     Page Co
Clar215 McMullen, Florence 03 f     Page Co
Clar216 Pearson, Frank 27 m   m Ill
Clar216 Pearson, Adda 26 f   m Ill
Clar216 Pearson, May 01 f     Page Co
Clar217 Thompson, Allen 25 m   m Taylor Co
Clar217 Thompson, Sallie 20 f   m Va
Clar217 Thompson, Allen 01 m     Page Co
Clar218 Hill, Joseph 33?m   m Ohio
Clar218 Hill, Emma 23 f   m Va
Clar218 Hill, Walter 15 m     Page Co
Clar218 Hill, George 12 m     Page Co
Clar219 Orrison, Amos 28 m   m Ohio
Clar219 Orrison, Charlotte 22 f   m Ohio
Clar220 McIntyre, James 46 m   m NY
Clar220 McIntyre, Sarah 42 f   m Ohio
Clar220 McIntyre, Maud 18 f   s Page Co
Clar220 McIntyre, Mariah 16 f     Page Co
Clar220 McIntyre, Edna 14 f     Page Co
Clar220 McIntyre, Grace 07 f     Nebr
Clar221 Reed? Jane 54 f   s Ohio
Clar221 Clark, Moses 36?m   s Ohio
Clar222 Pearson, Leslie 29 m   m Ill
Clar222 Pearson, Anna 31 f   m Ohio
Clar222 Pearson, Nellie 04?f     Page Co
Clar223 Graff, Valentine 41 m   m Ger
Clar223 Graff, Nannie 36 f   m Ohio
Clar223 Graff, Walter 10 m     Page Co
Clar223 Graff, Gerald 06 m     Page Co
Clar224 Myres, William 27 m   m Ind
Clar224 Myres, Netta? 20 f   m Ohio
Clar224 Myres, Fay 01 f     Ind
Clar224 Myres, Robert 00 m     Page Co
Clar224 Ferris, Emma 50 f   w NY
Clar225 Snyder, John 26 m   m Ohio
Clar225 Snyder, Malinda 32 f   m Ind
Clar225 Snyder, Ara 03 f     Page Co
Clar225 Snyder, Eda 01 f     Page Co
Clar226 Tweed, William 50 m   m Pa
Clar226 Tweed, Isabel 49 f   m Ohio
Clar226 Tweed, Mary 22 f     Ohio
Clar226 Tweed, Anna 15 f     Ohio
Clar227 Duncan, Thomas 29 m   m Pa
Clar227 Duncan, Emma 27 f   m Ill
Clar227 Duncan, Roscoe 01 m     Nebr
Clar227 Wells, Ed 21 m     Eng
Clar228 Maxwell, Adam 54 f   m Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Mariah 53 f   m Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Mary 29 f   s Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Flora 25 f   s Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Isaac 22 m   s Pa
Clar228 Maxwell, Charles 16?m     Pa
Clar229 Hill, Mary 70?f   w Ohio
Clar229 Hill, Robert 33 m   s Ohio
Clar230 Tidball, John 47 m   m Ohio
Clar230 Tidball, Sarah 40 f   m Ind
Clar230 Tidball, William 18 m     Ill
Clar230 Tidball, Mary 16 f     Ill
Clar230 Tidball, Arthur 09 m     Page Co
Clar230 Tidball, John 07 m     Page Co
Clar231 Hinman, Charles 49 m   m NJ
Clar231 Hinman, Corinda 48 f   m Ohio
Clar231 Hinman, Anna 18 f     Page Co
Clar231 Hinman, Roy 12 m     Page Co
Clar232 Tobin, James 42 m   m Mo
Clar232 Tobin, Sarah 34 f   m Mich
Clar232 Tobin, William 06 m     Tex
Clar232 Tobin, Mary 72 f   w Va
Clar233 Wolf, John 42 m   m Pa
Clar233 Wolf, Mississippi 38 f   m Ill
Clar233 Wolf, Fred 08 m     Page Co
Clar234 Hawley, James 48 m   m Mich
Clar234 Hawley, Sarah 47 f   m Ind
Clar234 Hawley, Arthur 13 m     Page Co
Clar235 Compton, Amos? 35 m   m Ohio
Clar235 Compton, Emma 28 f   m Wapello Co
Clar235 Compton, Homer 05 m     Page Co
Clar235 Compton, Maud 00 f     Page Co
Clar235 Compton, Nancy 62 f   w Ohio
Clar236 Merrill, F or T----? 31 m   m Mass
Clar236 Merrill, Geneva 26 f   m Des Moines Co
Clar236 Merrill, Geneva 06 f     Page Co
Clar236 Merrill, Joseph 04 m     Page Co
Clar236 Merrill, Joseph 38 m   s Mass
Clar237 Hawley, James ?? m   m Conn
Clar237 Hawley, Charlotte ?? f   m NH
Clar237 Cake, Lu B. ?? m   m Ohio
Clar237 Cake, Ella 20?f   m NY
Clar238 Street, Sarah 45 f   s NY
Clar238 Street, Anna 08?f   s Mich
Clar238 Hakne? Hahne? Sylva 17 f   s Wis
Clar239 Baker, Julia? 54?   w Ohio
Clar239 Baker, Julia 14 f     Page Co
Clar239 Baker, Laura 12 f     Page Co
Clar240 Sokren? Adolph 31 m   m Ger
Clar240 Sokren? Helene 28 f   m Ger
Clar240 Sokren? Eva 04 f     Ill
Clar240 Sokren? Josie 01 f     Marshall Co
Clar240 Gost, Ernstine 78 f   w Ger
Clar241 Tomlinson, Thompson 57 m   m Eng
Clar241 Tomlinson, Mary A. 52 f   m Eng
Clar241 Tomlinson, Emet? 22 m     Eng
Clar241 Tomlinson, George W. 19 m     Page Co
Clar241 Tomlinson, Hubert 21 m     Eng
Clar241 Tomlinson, Anna M. 17 f     Page Co
Clar241 Tomlinson, Charles 14 m     Page Co
Clar241 Tomlinson, Francis 12 m     Page Co
Clar241 Tomlinson, Alice 09 f     Page Co
Clar241 Keagle, Jacob 53 m   m Pa
Clar241 Keagle, Louisa 49 f   m Pa
Clar241 Keagle, George 14 m     Oh
Clar242 Gould, Clark 53 m   m NY
Clar242 Gould, Sarah 54 f   m NC
Clar243 Duke, David 44 m   m Henry Co
Clar243 Duke, Anna 36 f   m Ind
Clar243 Duke, Carrie 15 f     Henry Co
Clar243 Duke, Elizabeth 13 f     Henry Co
Clar243 Duke, Ford? 11 m     Henry Co
Clar243 Duke, Mary 08 f     Davis Co
Clar243 Duke, Belle 06 f     Davis Co
Clar243 Duke, Floss? 02 f     Davis Co
Clar243 Messic, Alfred 21 m   s Wis
Clar243 Massic, Wilson 21 m   s Wis
Clar244 Lewellyn, Phillip W. 44 m   m Ind
Clar244 Lewellyn, Alice 40 f   m Ind
Clar244 Lewellyn, Harley 15 m     Page Co
Clar244 Lewellyn, May 10 f     Page Co
Clar244 Herron, Don 23 m     Oh
Clar245 Hoge, Mary 35 f   w Washington Co
Clar245 Hoge, Hazlop 13 m   s Page Co
Clar246 Mason, William 43 m   m Des Moines Co
Clar246 Mason, Anna 35 f   m Ohio
Clar246 Mason, Julia 16 f     Henry Co
Clar246 Mason, Florence 13 f     Page Co
Clar246 Mason, William 07 m     Page Co
Clar246 Mason, Arnold 04 m     Page Co
Clar247 Peterson, Charles 28?m   m Sweden
Clar247 Peterson, Ida 38 f   m Sweden
Clar247 Charleston, Charles 42 m   s Sweden
Clar247 Anderson, Nelson 30 m   s Sweden
Clar247 Smith, Anna 20 f   s Sweden
Clar248 Delong, Gilbert 41 m   m Ohio
Clar248 Delong, Mary 34 f   m Henry Co
Clar248 Delong, Mary 15 f   s Taylor Co
Clar248 Delong, Vercie 14 f     Taylor Co
Clar248 Delong, Gilbert 11 m     Taylor Co
Clar248 Delong, William 09 m     Taylor Co
Clar248 Delong, James 06 m     Taylor Co
Clar248 Delong, Nellie 00 f     Page Co
Clar249 Westcott, Robert 47 m   m NJ
Clar249 Westcott, Nannie 44 f   m Ohio
Clar249 Westcott, Edward 17 m     Wis
Clar249 Westcott, Grace 12 f     Page Co
Clar249 Westcott, Florence 07 f     Page Co
Clar250 Brown, John 41 m   m Ohio
Clar250 Brown, Mary 25 f   m Ill
Clar250 Brown, Walter 08 m     Page Co
Clar250 Brown, Helen 06 f     Page Co
Clar250 Brown, Thomas 02 m     Page Co
Clar251 Weil, David 29 m   m France
Clar251 Weil, Helen 24 f   m Ohio
Clar251 Weil, Irma 02 f     Page Co
Clar251 Weil, Maria? 02 f     Page Co
Clar251 Weil, Henry 13?m     France
Clar251 Ely, Hattie 19 f   m Mo
Clar252 Stevens, Warren 33 m   m Ohio
Clar252 Stevens, Josie 30 f   m Can
Clar253 Macomber, George 47 m   m Ohio
Clar253 Macomber, Mary 57 f   m Ohio
Clar253 Fleenor, Iola 18 f   s Taylor Co
Clar254 Rauchbaugh? George 27 m   m Ohio
Clar254 Rauchbaugh, Ella 24 f   m Ohio
Clar254 Rauchbaugh, Fern 00 f     Page Co
Clar255 Dowdell, John 56 m   m Ohio
Clar255 Dowdell, Nettie 40 f   m Ohio
Clar255 Dowdell, Gertrude 01 f     Page Co
Clar255 Hennager, Carrie 22?f   s Ill
Clar256 Stuck? Sturk? William 31?m   m Eng
Clar256 Stuck? Emma 31 f   m Eng
Clar256 Stuck? James 08?m     Eng
Clar256 Stuck? Ernst 04 m     Eng
Clar256 Stuck? Mollie 02 f     Page Co
Clar256 Stuck? Ruby 01 f     Page Co
Clar257 White, Benjamin 34 m   m Marion Co
Clar257 White, Josie 34 f   m Ohio
Clar257 White, Lucy 06 f     Co?
Clar257 White, Maud 05 f     Co?
Clar257 White, Emma 02 f     Co?
Clar257 White, Mattie 01 f     Page Co
Clar258 Porter, David 73 m   m Ireland
Clar258 Porter, Eliza 71 f   m Ireland
Clar258 Porter, Ruby 30?     Ill
Clar259 Hennager, Adam 67 m   m Pa
Clar259 Hennager, Elizabeth 61 f   m Pa
Clar259 Hennager, Rudy 22 m   s Ill
Clar259 Hennager, Charles 17 m   s Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Joseph 44 m   m Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Sarah 38 f   m Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Fred 18 m     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Dolly 16 f     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Cordy? 14 f     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Harry 10 m     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Fenton 08 m     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Blanch 06 f     Ill
Clar260 Whitnah, Berril 02 m     Page Co