Page County, Iowa 1885 State Census of Clarinda, Iowa

Each household has been given a number for purposes of sorting - these do not correspond to the numbers on the actual census.

Many of the ages are a guess because they were written on top of printing on the page.

Corrections welcome!

Clar238 Hakne? Hahne? Sylva 17 f   s Wis
Clar389 Hale, Elijah 43?m   m Ind
Clar389 Hale, George 24 m   s Ill
Clar389 Hale, John 26 f   s Ill
Clar389 Hale, Nancy 35?f   m Ky
Clar168 Hall, Carter 44 m C s Mo
Clar106 Hall, Iola 16 f     Ind
Clar106 Hall, Mary 12 f     Ind
Clar106 Hall, Mary 39 f   m Ohio
Clar106 Hall, Netha? 04 f     Ind
Clar106 Hall, Samuel 44 m   m Ind
Clar106 Hall, Wilson 20 m     Ind
Clar343 Hamaker, Estella 19 f     Page Co
Clar202 Hamilton, Charles 31 m   m Ill
Clar202 Hamilton, Elizabeth 26 f   m NJ
Clar202 Hamilton, Flora 03 f     Ill
Clar412 Hampton, Wade 20 m   s Johnson Co
Clar094 Hankins, Deva? 07 f     Page Co
Clar094 Hankins, Mary 28 f   m Pa
Clar094 Hankins, Myrtle 10 f     Adams Co
Clar102 Hanley, Lillian 16 f     Jasper Co
Clar102 Hanley, Micaga 35 m   m Ky
Clar102 Hanley, Mollie 35 f   m Ky
Clar405 Hannah, Adda 03 f     Page Co
Clar405 Hannah, Ella 30 f   m Ill
Clar405 Hannah, Levi 40 m   m Ind
Clar206 Hanshaw, Carrie 03 f     Page Co
Clar206 Hanshaw, Clara 24 f   m Taylor Co
Clar206 Hanshaw, H??? 25 m   m Taylor Co
Clar206 Hanshaw, Orin 04 m     Mills Co
Clar028 Harbord, Dollie 08 f   S Wayne Co
Clar028 Harbord, Dosy 01 f   S Page Co
Clar028 Harbord, George M. 33 m   M Polk Co
Clar028 Harbord, Maggie 32 f   M Ohio
Clar028 Harbord, Ora 09 m   S Wayne Co
Clar282 Harrell, Edna 09 f     ?? Co
Clar282 Harrell, Elmo 04 m     ?? Co
Clar282 Harrell, Fannie 27 f   m Ill
Clar282 Harrell, John 37 m   m Tenn
Clar282 Harrell, Linna? 06 f     ?? Co
Clar282 Harrell, Scott 02 m     ?? Co
Clar033 Harrington, Carrie 03 f   s Page Co
Clar033 Harrington, James S. 30 m   M NY
Clar033 Harrington, Mina A. 29 f   M Ill
Clar033 Harrington, Minnie 00 f   s Page Co
Clar033 Harrington, Walter 05 m   S Page Co
Clar043 Harritt? Louisa J. 24 f   s Guthrie Co
Clar200 Hartford, Isaac 54 m   m Ohio
Clar200 Hartford, Melissa 47 f   m Ind
Clar368 Hartrick, Susan 17?f     Ill
Clar367 Harvison, Elizabeth 20 f   m NY
Clar367 Harvison, John 30 m   m Pa
Clar367 Harvison, William 01 m     Ind?
Clar386 Havre? Alice 08 f     Page Co
Clar386 Havre? Bertha 38 f   m Ohio
Clar386 Havre? George 05 m     Page Co
Clar386 Havre? James 36 m   m Pa
Clar386 Havre? Purl 01 f     Page Co
Clar194 Hawhee, Charles 27 m   s Page Co
Clar302 Hawkins, Bettie 28 f   m Ill
Clar302 Hawkins, Emmet? 32 m   m Ill
Clar302 Hawkins, Otis 02 m     Mo
Clar302 Hawkins, Roxanna 04 f     Mo
Clar234 Hawley, Arthur 13 m     Page Co
Clar237 Hawley, Charlotte ?? f   m NH
Clar234 Hawley, James 48 m   m Mich
Clar237 Hawley, James ?? m   m Conn
Clar234 Hawley, Sarah 47 f   m Ind
Clar390 Hay, Lulu 17 f     Wis
Clar332 Heald, Mary 61 f   w NY
Clar194 Heeton, Richard 28 m   s Pa
Clar288 Helmick, Lucinda 28 f   s Page Co
Clar304 Henderson, Anna 23 f   m Louisa Co
Clar006 Henderson, Frank W. 04 m   S Page
Clar006 Henderson, Helen 01 f   S Colo
Clar304 Henderson, James 15 m     Louisa Co
Clar373 Henderson, James 27 m   s Ill
Clar006 Henderson, Lana B. 27 f   mar Ill
Clar373 Henderson, Mirah? 62?f   w Pa
Clar304 Henderson, William 23 m   m Louisa Co
Clar006 Henderson, William P. 37 m   mar Ill
Clar259 Hennager, Adam 67 m   m Pa
Clar255 Hennager, Carrie 22?f   s Ill
Clar259 Hennager, Charles 17 m   s Ill
Clar259 Hennager, Elizabeth 61 f   m Pa
Clar259 Hennager, Rudy 22 m   s Ill
Clar288 Henshaw, Clara 53 f   m NY
Clar182 Henshaw, Cynthia 78 f   w NY
Clar182 Henshaw, Edwin 44 m   m NY
Clar182 Henshaw, Helen 40 f   m Ill
Clar182 Henshaw, Helen M. 08 f     Page Co
Clar288 Henshaw, Oscar 58 m   m NY
Clar412 Hepburn, Ann 79 f   w Tenn
Clar412 Hepburn, Charles 16 m     Page Co
Clar412 Hepburn, Frances 61 f   w Pa
Clar412 Hepburn, Margaret 20 f     Johnson Co
Clar412 Hepburn, Melvina 47 f   m Ohio
Clar412 Hepburn, William 51 m   m Ohio
Clar244 Herron, Don 23 m     Oh
Clar264 Hiatt, Henry 76 m   m Va
Clar069 Hiatt, Rebecca 41 f   s Ohio
Clar264 Hiatt, Sarah 74 f   m Pa
Clar310 Hicks, Ezekiel 51 m   m Ga
Clar310 Hicks, Francis 16 m     Taylor Co
Clar310 Hicks, Ida 14 f     Taylor Co
Clar310 Hicks, Iva Purl 11 f     Taylor Co
Clar310 Hicks, Jane 39 f   m Ohio
Clar310 Hicks, Sarah 22 f   s Taylor Co
Clar218 Hill, Emma 23 f   m Va
Clar218 Hill, George 12 m     Page Co
Clar218 Hill, Joseph 33?m   m Ohio
Clar229 Hill, Mary 70?f   w Ohio
Clar229 Hill, Robert 33 m   s Ohio
Clar218 Hill, Walter 15 m     Page Co
Clar261 Hinchman, Charles 27 m   m Page Co
Clar261 Hinchman, Florence 25 f   m Page Co
Clar231 Hinman, Anna 18 f     Page Co
Clar231 Hinman, Charles 49 m   m NJ
Clar231 Hinman, Corinda 48 f   m Ohio
Clar016 Hinman, Edward B. 30 m   mar Ill
Clar016 Hinman, Emma 30 f   mar NY
Clar016 Hinman, Jessie 05 f   S Page Co
Clar231 Hinman, Roy 12 m     Page Co
Clar004 Hite, Fred A. 03 m   S Page Co
Clar004 Hite, Hallie B. 10 f   S Page Co
Clar004 Hite, Lillian M. 06 f   S Page Co
Clar305 Hite, Rebecca 63 f   w Va
Clar004 Hite, Robt B. 01 m   S Page Co
Clar004 Hite, Robt B. 34?m   mar Wapelo Co
Clar004 Hite, Theodosia B. 28?f   mar Taylor Co
Clar309 Hobson, Calvin 38 m   m Henry Co
Clar309 Hobson, Charles 17 m     Henry Co
Clar309 Hobson, Etta 13 f     Henry Co
Clar309 Hobson, Lydia 36 f   m Henry Co
Clar309 Hobson, Samuel 16 m     Henry Co
Clar245 Hoge, Hazlop 13 m   s Page Co
Clar245 Hoge, Mary 35 f   w Washington Co
Clar093 Holcomb, Maud 12 f     Page Co
Clar156 Holmes, Mathew 07 m     Page Co
Clar156 Holmes, Susan 41 f   w Pa
Clar043 Holt, Bertha A. 03 f     Monroe Co
Clar043 Holt, Jessie E. 03 f     Page Co
Clar043 Holt, John H. 37 m   m NC
Clar043 Holt, Joseph R. 08 m     Monroe Co
Clar043 Holt, Mellissa 37 f   m Mo
Clar043 Holt, Pannick? Doug S. 18 m   s Monroe Co
Clar144 Honeywell, David 50 m   s Pa
Clar211 Hooper, Anna 40 f   m Ohio
Clar211 Hooper, George 48 m   m Ohio
Clar211 Hooper, Myrtle 09 f     Page Co
Clar164 Hopkins, Jeanett? 58 f   w Ill
Clar109 Howard, H.C. 22 m   m Lucas Co
Clar194 Howe, James 20 m   s Scott Co
Clar078 Hudson, Catherine 35 f   m Ind
Clar078 Hudson, Joseph 44 m   m Ohio
Clar078 Hudson, Norah 14 f     Ind
Clar377 Humfrey, Maranda 44 f   m Ohio
Clar377 Humfrey, Mary Frances 16 f     Ill
Clar377 Humfrey, Milton 48 m   m Ohio
Clar377 Humfrey, Nellie 13 f     Ill
Clar377 Humrey, Maud 02 f     Page Co
Clar048 Hunt, Ada 06 f     Ill
Clar048 Hunt, Hannah 07?f     Ill
Clar313 Hunt, Ida 25 f   m Ill
Clar048 Hunt, Lydia 28 f   m Wis
Clar313 Hunt, Samuel 30 m   m NY
Clar048 Hunt, William 25 m   m Ill
Clar313 Hunt, William 00 m     Page Co
Clar048 Hunt, Willie 10 m     Ill
Clar336 Hunter, Etta 18 f   s Ky
Clar060 Hunter, Hudson 51 m   s Ohio
Clar163 Hurder, Peter 23 m     Ill
Clar194 Hurder, Susan 17 f   s Ill
Clar007 Hurlbut, C. Rolla 20 f   S Page Co
Clar007 Hurlbut, Elizabeth L. 42 f   mar NY
Clar007 Hurlbut, Elsworth E. 22 m   S Page Co
Clar007 Hurlbut, Warren 53 m   mar Vt
Clar085 Hutchings, Eliza 58 f   w Va
Clar085 Hutchings, Genna? 23 f   s Ind
Clar061 Hutchison, Ona ?7 f     Page Co
Clar288 Hutton, Allie 07 f     Ill
Clar288 Hutton, Fannie 31 f   m Mo
Clar288 Hutton, Martha 57 f   w Tenn
Clar288 Hutton, Noah 45 m   m Fremont Co
Clar291 Irvin, Ida J. 28 f   m Lucas Co
Clar291 Irvin, Ora 01 m   s Page Co
Clar367 Irwin, Margret 67 f   w Ohio
Clar131 Jackson, Albert 21 m   s Page Co
Clar131 Jackson, Catherine 55 f   w Eng
Clar127 Jackson, Hettie 07?f     Page Co
Clar019 Jackson, May 07 f   S Mahaska Co
Clar127 Jackson, Melinda 11?f     Page Co
Clar127 Jackson, Mollie 12?f     Page Co
Clar127 Jackson, Nicholas 41 m   m Des Moines Co
Clar127 Jackson, Sarah 08?f     Page Co
Clar127 Jackson, Tamar 40 f   m Ohio
Clar056 Jenkins, Bertie 03 m     Page Co
Clar056 Jenkins, Edward 15 m     Johnson Co
Clar056 Jenkins, Emma 11 f     Cedar Co
Clar292 Jenkins, George 35 m   m Ky
Clar056 Jenkins, Mary 34 f   m Oh
Clar056 Jenkins, Mattie 13 f     Cedar Co
Clar056 Jenkins, Thomas 42 f   m Oh
Clar276 Johnson, Anna 18 f     Sweden
Clar124 Johnson, Charles 16 m     Page Co
Clar124 Johnson, DeeWilmett 12 m     Page Co
Clar173 Johnson, Flora 29 f   s Ohio
Clar288 Johnson, Geo. W. 24 m   s Henry
Clar173 Johnson, Ida 27 f   s Ill
Clar354 Johnson, Jane 67?   w Ohio
Clar173 Johnson, Lincoln 19 m     Ill
Clar124 Johnson, Mahlon C. 39 m   m Pa
Clar124 Johnson, Minnie 08 f     Page Co
Clar124 Johnson, Rebecca 35 f   m Ohio
Clar173 Johnson, Rebecca 62 f   m Ohio
Clar175 Jones Johnes? Blanche 11 f     Page Co
Clar175 Jones Johnes? Harry 14 m     Page Co
Clar175 Jones Johnes? John 40 m   m Ind
Clar175 Jones Johnes? Margaret 39 f   m Ind
Clar305 Jones, Charles 07?m     Page Co
Clar305 Jones, Edwin 31 m   m Ind
Clar090 Jones, Eliza 66 f   m Pa
Clar143 Jones, Eva 14 f C   Page Co
Clar090 Jones, Frank 36 f     Ind
Clar143 Jones, Henry 19 m C s Page Co
Clar143 Jones, James 21 m C s Mo
Clar143 Jones, John ?? m C   Page Co
Clar143 Jones, Joseph 12 m C   Page Co
Clar090 Jones, Mahlon 66 m   m Pa
Clar143 Jones, Martha 16 f C   Page Co
Clar143 Jones, Maud 02?f C   Page Co
Clar143 Jones, Robert 23 m C s Mo
Clar143 Jones, Robert 38 m C m Miss
Clar305 Jones, Roy 08?m     Page Co
Clar305 Jones, Ruth A.J. 32 f   m Wapello Co
Clar143 Jones, Susan 37 f C m Ky
Clar143 Jones, Tillie 17 f C   Page Co
Clar024 Julius, Julius E. 37? m   S Ohio
Clar241 Keagle, George 14 m     Oh
Clar241 Keagle, Jacob 53 m   m Pa
Clar241 Keagle, Louisa 49 f   m Pa
Clar385 Keener, Abigail 10 f     Page Co
Clar385 Keener, Elmer 05 m     Page Co
Clar385 Keener, James 54 f   m Penn
Clar385 Keener, James 09 m     Page Co
Clar385 Keener, John 19 m     Penn
Clar385 Keener, Nannie 23 f     Penn
Clar385 Keener, Orin 08 m     Page Co
Clar385 Keener, Rachel 47 f   m Penn
Clar385 Keener, Sarah 24 f     Penn
Clar385 Keener, William 15 m     Page Co
Clar301 Keenon, Beverly 14 f     Page Co
Clar301 Keenon, Ham 10 m     Page Co
Clar301 Keenon, John 48 m   m Ohio
Clar301 Keenon, Lebanon 03 m     Kan
Clar301 Keenon, Minnie 07 f     Page Co
Clar301 Keenon, Sarah 46 f   m Ohio
Clar301 Keenon, Victor 11 m     Page Co
Clar301 Keenon, Viola 05 f     Page Co
Clar369 Keller, Bessie 11 f     Pa
Clar369 Keller, Blanche 15 f     Pa
Clar369 Keller, Mary 48 f   w Pa
Clar203 Kelley, Gertie 06 m     Ill
Clar203 Kelley, Joseph 41 m   m NJ
Clar203 Kelley, Lavina 10 f   s Ill
Clar203 Kelley, Mary 31 f   m Ill
Clar339 Kennedy, Celesta 57 f   m Vt
Clar339 Kennedy, George 68 m   m Ohio
Clar190 Kennedy, Mary E. 43 f   s Ohio
Clar288 Kent, Bertie 12 m     Page Co
Clar288 Kenzie, Josie 33 f   s Can
Clar192 Kepple, Elizabeth 07 f     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Emma 17 f     Ill
Clar192 Kepple, Esther 13 f     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Eva 01 f     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Jane 10 f     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Martha 04 f     Page Co
Clar192 Kepple, Rebecca 36 f   m Ohio
Clar192 Kepple, Robt 42 m   m Ohio
Clar394 Kern, Louisa 42 f   w Ill
Clar015 Killeen, Martin 40 m   S Ireland
Clar014 Killeen? William G. 22 m   S Wis
Clar335 Kimball, Eva 46 f   m Pa
Clar335 Kimball, Orane 48 m   m NH
Clar335 Kimball, Ruby 07 f     Page Co
Clar333 Kindell, Azariah 33?m   m Pott. Co
Clar333 Kindell, Emma 27 f   m Ill
Clar333 Kindell, Hortense 04 f     Page Co
Clar333 Kindell, Joseph 06 m     Page Co
Clar333 Kindell, Joseph 61?m   m NY
Clar075 King, Adaline 32 f   m Jefferson Co
Clar075 King, Alice J. 16 f     Wapello Co
Clar075 King, Daniel 41 m   m Ind
Clar075 King, Ira 04 m     Page Co
Clar075 King, William 02 m     Page Co
Clar115 Kittle, Lulu 25 f     Ind
Clar115 Kittle, Mary 54 f   w Ohio
Clar370 Kneckt, Bernard 14 m     Page Co
Clar370 Kneckt, Caroline 48 f   D Ger
Clar370 Kneckt, Eugene 17 m   s Page Co
Clar370 Kneckt, Nellie 10 f     Page Co
Clar170 Knost, Catharine 41 f   w Ohio
Clar088 Krittenbarger, Jose 03 f     Page Co
Clar088 Krittenbarger, Jose 35 f   w Ohio
Clar155 Krutsinger, [blank] 37 m   m Ind
Clar155 Krutsinger, Albert 09 m     Lucas Co
Clar155 Krutsinger, Bertha 06 f     Lucas Co
Clar155 Krutsinger, Charles 13 m     Lucas Co
Clar155 Krutsinger, Frank 15 m     Lucas Co
Clar155 Krutsinger, Rosetta 11 f     Lucas Co
Clar155 Krutsinger, Susan 40 f   m Ind
Clar044 Laneer, Caroline 12 f C s Page Co
Clar044 Laneer, Ella 10 f C s Page Co
Clar044 Laneer, Hurley 16 m C s Page Co
Clar044 Laneer, James 45 m C m Tenn
Clar044 Laneer, Mary 35 f C m Ky
Clar044 Laneer, Myrtle 04 f C s Page Co
Clar296 Lasley? Edgar 16 m     Ill
Clar296 Lasley? Ida 30 f   m Page Co
Clar296 Lasley? James 45?m   m Ohio
Clar047 Lawler, Henry 20 m   s Pa
Clar274 Lawrence, Sarah 59 f   w Ohio
Clar026 Leech, David J. 36? m   M Pa
Clar026 Leech, Hattie G. 01 f   S Montgomery Co
Clar026 Leech, Lena M. 08 f   S Montgomery Co
Clar026 Leech, Lloyd 03 m   S Montgomery Co
Clar026 Leech, Nodie? 27 f   M Marshall Co
Clar100 Leeper, George 26 m   s Polk Co
Clar100 Leonard, John 23 m   s Polk Co
Clar109 Lepert, Frank 10 m     Ind
Clar109 Lepert, Geo. E. 38 m   m Ohio
Clar109 Lepert, Mary 35 f   m Louisa Co
Clar125 Leslie, (not named) 00 m     Page Co
Clar125 Leslie, John 46 m   m Ohio
Clar125 Leslie, Lawrence 02 m     Mo
Clar125 Leslie, Sarah 28 f   m Eng
Clar071 Letgett, Ardella 07 f     Jasper Co
Clar071 Letgett, Henry 32 m   m France
Clar071 Letgett, Luella 33 f   m Ill
Clar196 Levin, George P. 40 m   m Sweden
Clar196 Levin, Mary 23 f   m Sweden
Clar244 Lewellyn, Alice 40 f   m Ind
Clar244 Lewellyn, Harley 15 m     Page Co
Clar244 Lewellyn, May 10 f     Page Co
Clar244 Lewellyn, Phillip W. 44 m   m Ind
Clar194 Lewis, Robert 15 m C s Taylor Co
Clar407 Lingenfelter, Emma 21 f   s Mo
Clar014 Logback, Charles 26 m   S Sweden
Clar082 Long, Edith 18 f     Webster Co
Clar082 Long, Fleete 05 f     Page Co
Clar082 Long, Hannah 36 f   m Ind
Clar082 Long, Lemuel 12 m     Webster Co
Clar082 Long, Leslie 14 m     Webster Co
Clar082 Long, Ralben? 46 m   m Mich
Clar281 Loranz, Alfred 10 m     Page Co
Clar281 Loranz, Bertha 08 f     Page Co
Clar281 Loranz, Carrie 41 f   m Ill
Clar281 Loranz, Carrie 06 f     Page Co
Clar281 Loranz, Henry 40 m   m Ill
Clar332 Loranz, Raymond 32?m   w Ill
Clar111 Louneer, Caroline 13 f C   Page Co
Clar111 Louneer, Ella 10 f C   Page Co
Clar111 Louneer, Gertie 08 f C   Page Co
Clar111 Louneer, Hurley 15 m C   Page Co
Clar111 Louneer, James 50 m C m Tenn
Clar111 Louneer, Mollie 48 f C m Ky
Clar111 Louneer, Myrtle 04 f C   Page Co
Clar269 Lovo, Sufer? 18 f   s Johnson Co
Clar039 Lowry, Nancy 70 f   w NY
Clar194 Lundy, William 26 m   s Ill
Clar097 Lymer, Anna 16 f     Page Co
Clar097 Lymer, George 07 m     Page Co
Clar097 Lymer, John 09 m     Page Co
Clar097 Lymer, Mary 14 f     Page Co
Clar097 Lymer, Richard 40 m   m Pa
Clar097 Lymer, Sarah 13 f     Page Co
Clar097 Lymer, Sarah 37 f   m Pa
Clar097 Lymer, Silona 05 f     Page Co
Clar097 Lymer, Wm B. 02 m     Page Co
Clar159 Lynch, Joseph 75 m   m Ky
Clar159 Lynch, Minnie 18 f   s Page Co
Clar159 Lynch, Rosanna 65 f   m Ky
Clar159 Lynch, Samuel 24 m   s Page Co
Clar381 Lynn, Frank 09 m     Neb
Clar381 Lynn, Herbert? 17 m     Kan
Clar381 Lynn, Margaret 40 f   m Ohio
Clar381 Lynn, Osborn 46 m   m Penn
Clar381 Lynn, Ross 04 m     Neb
Clar262 Lyons, Gilbert 31?m   m Ohio
Clar262 Lyons, Mary 21?f   m Ind