Homesteaded by Enoch Philby in 1870.

Surrounded by a grove of trees, on the northwest quarter of section l0, in Baker township, is the residence of Enoch Philby, who came from Madison county, Iowa, in 1870, then a single man. He hauled lumber from Marcus, and first built the usual shack; lived in this until Sheldon started, when he bought lumber from H. C.Lane, and erected a substantial house. Continuousy from 1871, Mr. Philby has resided on this same quarter section, and now with his family takes life easy. In 1890, Mr. Philby donated a spot on the northwest quarter of the section for a Methodist church, which was built that year, the spire of which is seen far over the prairie, so that Enoch lives under the droppings of the sanctuary, but whether he has Methodist tendencies or not we cannot say, but we do know, if all men were as upright, as honest, and as substantial as Enoch Philby, this world would be a paradise of peace.

From History of O'Brien County by D.A.W. Perkins 1897

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