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This article relates to the establishing of a post office in the friendly village to the west and south, Germantown. Sprechen sie Deutch? It is located in almost the exact center of Caledonia township. Many of the early settlers were Germans, some came before 1880, and they were thrifty people and many of them became prosperous over the yers. The German language, which was spoken quite freely there a half century ago, is not used much today.

Before the post office was established in Germantown the people around there must have divided up the area between Marcus, Granville and Paullina where they picked up their mail, there being no rural mail delivery at that time.

This is from the Times, June 2, 1892:
"Application has been made for the establishment of a post office to be known as Germantown, with Charles Neckels as postmaster, at the creamery in Caldonia Township. The prospects are that the post office department will order the office established." (The area around Germanton was referred to as Caledonia township or Caledonia in the 1880's.)

September 22, 1892:
"The Germantown post office has not yet received mail owing to the difficulty is securing a carrier at the low compensation offered by the department."

November 10, 1892:
"Bids for carrying the mail betwen Germantown and Paullina three times a week on a schedule of two hours will be received by the postmaster of these two offices until November 1, 1892."

December 8, 1892:
"The contract for carrying the mail between Germantown and Paullina three times a week has been let and services are expected to commence January 1, 1893."

January 5, 1893:
"Ed Hastings secured the sub contract for carrying the mail between Paullina and Germantown."

July 4, 1895:
"The contractor for carrying the daily mail between Paullina and Germantown was let to Mrs. Lizzie Worden and she made the first trip on Monday. The same time of leaving was observed under the old tri-weekly system will prevail."

Mail service continued to Germantown by the stage until 1901 when three routes were established out of Paullina and one of these was to deliver the mail to Germantown.

March 8, 1901:
"We hear a petition for the establishment of a rural mail route in the direction of Germantown is being opposed by a number at Germantown on the grounds that it will interfere with the business of the place and in no way improve upon the service now given by the daily stage."

May 30, 1901:
"The new rural delivery routes will be started on July 1st. Postmaster Bogert was notified by the Postoffice Department today. Carriers appointed are Wm. Elder and Wm. Schildts."

June 13, 1901:
"On Saturday of this week the Paullina-Germantown stage route will be abolished. This order comes by the authority of the Postoffice Department, and is no doubt a preliminary step toward the establishment of the rural postal delivery which goes through that village and which will be inaugerated on July 1st. This new plan will cut off some of the revenue of the postmaster and merchant, William Brockmann, at Germantown, but will be a convenience to many who will now receieve their mail daily at their doors. Those who receive their mail at Germantown will get the same at Paullina during the intervening time."

June 13, 1901:
Germantown News: "Some unknown party entered W.P.Brockmann's store last Monday night and helped himself to some pop and oranges, broke the business and postoffice drawers and secured about $30 in cash and stamps. The thief found his entrance through the cellar window.

"Postmaster Brockmann was notified by the Postoffice Department that the postoffice at Germantown will be discontinued June 15, 1901. This will leave Germantown without any mail service for fifteen days to the dissatisfaction of the patrons of the postoffice, as they are compelled to get their mail at Paullina during that period."

June 20. 1901:
Remsen-Bell Enterprise: "A number of letters are coming to the Remsen postoffice addressed to the parties in Germantown, O'Brien County. That postoffice has been discontinued and the mail for parties residing there should be addressed to Paullina."

June 27, 1901:
Germantown News: "According to the reports Germantown will have rural mail delivery beginning next Monday. Get your boxes ready."

July 4, 1901:
"Two new rural mail routes, No.'s 2 and 3, made their first trips Monday of this week. Wm. Schildts has route 2 and goes west to Germantown and covers 23 miles. He has 73 boxes on his route and expects to soon have over 100. Ed Goodmanson, who took over Wm. Elder's place, has route 3 aand goes east of town. He has 63 boxes on his route. Fred Sprague, who has route 1 has been carrying mail on that route for several weeks."

October 10, 1901:
"Wm. Schildts, our mail carrier, tells us that he has the largest mail route in Iowa. He has 103 mail boxes on his way. Germantown alone has 21 boxes." It seemed a bit odd while driving through Germantown several years ago to see all the mail boxes lined up in a row on the rack along the street below Lange's General Store. The number there today is much less. From Paullina Times July 1, 1976

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