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This picture is of the students of 1898 in the Bradstreet school, better known as Skunk Hollow School south of Sutherland.
Most of these students laer attended the Sutherland School. Often a country School was
attended only during the winter months when the children could be excused from work
on the farm, as some of the students appear a bit older than the junior high students of today.
The Sherman Gilbert in the back row is the father of Larry Gilbert, who loaned this picture.

Bottom row let to right:
Lloyd Gilbert, Merle Turk, Clara Fear (Mrs. Traver), Pauline Gilbert (Mrs. Leon Hill),
Grace Draper (Mrs. Lawrence Henderson), Clara Long, Jessie Smith (O.L. Smith's sisters) Oliver Smith.

Row 2 left to right:
Kenneth Turk, Bessie Bradstreet (Mrs. Wm. Long), teacher, Loretta Triplett,
May Frear (Mrs. Timmons of Cherokee, Iowa), Grace Frear (Mrs. C.C. Montgomery), Olive May Draper (Upland, Indiana).

Top left to right:
Lee Gilbert, Mary Long( Mrs. Bert Gable), Frank Draper, Wm. Frear, Sherman Gilbert,
Elmer Draper, Francis "Curly" Bradstreet, Bertha Smith (O.L. Smith's sister), Frank Frear, Amy Draper (Mrs. Lee Gilbert.

From Nancy Gordon Hill of the General N.B. Baker Library at Sutherland, Iowa.

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