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Good Templars Give Legion Hall

Thirty-Nine Ex-Service Men Band Together and Form First Post

Banding together to preserve the memories of the World War and to foster the patriotic ideals of the nation they served, thirty-nine ex-servicemen formed the post of the American Legion in Sutherland, known as Sutherland Post No.152. Application for a charter was July 28, 1919, and a short time later it was granted. The first organization, a temporary one, was led by Edward Triplett, post commander, Harvery Butler, Adjutant, and George Waggoner, finance officer. Edward Triplett was also the first permanent commander,

The first meeting of the post was held in the present hall, but the others were in the Knights of Pythias rooms until 1921. At that time the remaining members of the Good Templars, not an active organization, signed over their rights in the hall now occupied by the post. It had been built by donation, and as a result of their kindness the Legion post obtained a home of its own simply by paying the court costs in connection with the change of title,

Those first ex-service men who brought the present organization into being were

Charter Members

Edward Triplett Roy Hill
Robt, E. Johnstone      Arthur Hill
Homer Stearns George
Harvey B. Butler Emmet Sweeney
D.J. Briggs John Ginger
Clarence Sweeney Clay Moore
Harry H, Hill John Mayhew
Charles Frazee Lars M. Jensen
D. Hulser Emil Nesiba
L.L Jones Leo J. Parks
Vernon Flinders Wm. J, Ernst
Frank Waggoner F. L. Nichols
Otis Hulser Marlon Phinney
Lloyd Austin Marlon Crosser
Theron Parks William Triplett
L.D. Cole Earl C. Hayes
Herbert Hicks William Klemm(?)
Byron Hill Chris J. Wede
G.H. Ruwe T.J. Donavan
Clair Triplett
Since the charter was obtained the membership of the post has been approximately fifty member each year.

Legion Commanders

1919    Edward Triplett (temporary)
1920 Edward Triplett
1921 Dr, T. D. Kas
1922 Robert Johnstone
1923 Harry Donavan
1924 Leo Parks
1925 Harry Hill
1926 Chas. Aldred
1927 D.J. Briggs
1928 Harry Hill
1929 Marlon Phinney
1930 Frank Burns
1931 Otis Hulser
1931 Bert Kemp
1933 George Horstman

From Sutherland Courier December 1, 1932

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