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Federated Clubs of Sutherland and their dates of founding
Organized Federated
Monday Club 1904 1904
Home Culture Club 1906 1906
Cheerful Workers 1904 1908
Library and Sunshine     1907 1907
Music and Art 1908 1908
Mothers Club 1908 1909
Wimodausis Club 1909 1909
Womens Club 1939 1939

Monday Club

Monday Club was organized and federated in 1904 with 16 members. It holds the distinction of being the first federated club in Sutherland. Its early study was of English and American literature and in later years it was department work carried on through the State and General Federation. The club's Motto was "Neglect Not the Gift That is In Thee."

Charter Members were:
Gertrude Parker, Mabel Plager, Margaret B. Tellier, Lillian Vos, Florence Louthan, Ella Mae Michael, Dora L. Davis, Augusta Bark, Evelyn Fillis, Alma Kenderdine, Lou Nichols, Harriet McMaster, Roma Woods, Jennie E. Baldwin, Della Coulter, Mattie Townsend. Mrs, Margaret Tellier was the first President of the club.

Home Culture Club

With the motto "Homekeeping hearts are happiest" the Home Culture Club with eight original members was organized in 1906. It may be implied from the club name and motto the member studied the home, taking for its first years of study a course of 12 books put out by the American School of Home Economics. Their altrustic work was to make happier the shut-in and the shut-outs of the community,

Mrs. Augusta Bark was the first president and it was at her home that the club was organized with the following charter members: Mrs. Roma Woods, Mrs. Mabel Plager, Mrs. Lillian Vos, Mrs. King, Mrs. Agnes Drake, Mrs. Mary Drefke, Mattie Townsend, and Mrs. Bark

Music and Art Circle

When first organized in 1908 the husbands of this club's members were associate members. Twenty-six names were on the membership roll when the club was federated in the same year it was organized. Motto of the club was "Where words fail, music speaks. Art was indeed not bread, but the Wine of life." The club, a study group, used as its subjects histories, operas, musicians and their music, artists and their painting and early and modern sculptors and their works.

Charter members were Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Woods, Dr.and Mrs. B.S. Louthan, Mr.and Mrs. W.A. Plager, Mr. amd Mrs. Leigh Drake, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Drake, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Vos, Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. H.N. McMaster, Mr. ad Mrs. R.H. Tinkham and Mr. amd Mrs. M.E. Nichol. Mrs. Woods served as the club's first president.

Cheerful Workers

For thirty-seven years the one-time federated club known as the Cheerful Workers, have met every two weeks. Organization of the club grew out of a neighborhood meeting when the ladies gathered at the home of Mrs. George Thiessen to make sauerkraut. Fifteen women were charter members with Mrs. E.B. Nelson as president the first year, Mrs. J.A. Sweeney as secretary and Mrs. Thiessen, treasurer. The organization of the club was held at the Wm. Timmerman home. It was in 1908 that the club was federated, but later years saw the membership declining affiliation with the State Federation. Its officers today are Mrs. Alfred Wittrock, president and Mrs. Jay Duncan, secretary-treasurer.

The club which meets every two weeks had 15 charter members and today its roll call members twenty-two. The charter members of the Cheerful Workers were Mrs. George Thiessen, Mrs. James A. Sweeney, Mrs. E.B. Nelson, Mrs. Fred Martin, Mrs. T.J. Sweeney, Mrs. Will Sweeney, Mrs. Mike Sweeney, Mrs. Wm. Timmerman, Mrs. D.B. Harmon, Mrs. E.B. Triplett, Mrs. J.P. Martin, Mrs. John Woolston, Mrs. Will Martin, Mrs. Wm. Brady ad Mrs, Alida Wagar,

A club of similar nature was organized south of town but existed for only ten years. The club members met principally to quilt and for the sociability. It was called Willing Workers. Mrs. S. Steele a few years ago still had in her possession a quilt bearing the following names of members of the club-Mrs. L.J. McCulla, Mrs. Agnes Phillips, Mrs. Silas Steele, Mrs. Bion Parks, Mrs. Tom Nott, Mrs. Frank Hulser, Mrs. Charles Youde, Mrs. Frank Gaskill, Mrs. George Flinders, Mrs. T.D. Powell, Mrs. Robert Lee, Mrs. S.L. Austin, Mrs. Maude Lightner, Mrs. David Innes, Mrs. John Bruner, Mrs. Amy VanHorn, Mrs. S. Hansen, Mrs. Leroy Cobb and Mrs. S. Carlson. Each f the members had one of the quilts made by the ladies at their meetings.

Sutherland Woman's Club

Through the years, as the clubs have carried on their programs of study and altrustic work, enjoying the fellowship and the rewards of earnest endeavors, the membership has changed with the passing years. So, too, have been varied their objectives. Realizing that much of the same accomplishments could be derived, under the functioning of a single unit, the Home Culture and Music and Art, in 1939 voted to disband and to consolidate into a single organization. Constitution and by-laws were were formulated and adopted and the club organized April 14, 1939. It was federated the same year with 56 charter members. There were three departments-Home and Garden, Drama and Book and Travel, with each of the departments having a chairman and a secretary. The officers of the newly formed Sutherland Woman's Clubs were Mrs. Leigh Drake, president, Mrs. Kenneth C, Noble, first vice president, Mrs. T.E. Brown, second vice president, Mrs. T.L. Sweeney, secretary, and Mrs. E.B. Nelson, treasurer. The next year the Monday club too disbanded.

Each department hold a monthly meeting and there was also a general meeting each month. Today only four general meetings are held during the year.

Charter members of the club were Mellie Aldred, Esther Andrews,Myrtle Bailey, Hazel Baird, Fern Bidwell, Ada Branstetter, Helen Branstetter, Mary Briggs, Eula Briggs, Nina Brown, Helma Caskey, Bonnie Dahlbo, Frances Davis, Grace Dolling, Agnes Drake, MAry Drake, Ella Drake, Lucy Engelke, Eleanor Flinders, Kathryn Fogelman, Elsie Green, Harriet Green, Clara Harris, Mae Hayes, Florence Hoffman, Lelia Howe, Ora Jenner, Ethel Hughes, Malinda Jensen, Nelle Johannsen, Violet Jones, Anna Jordan, Lucia Jordan, Kathryn Krapfl, Alice Lage, Leola Lampman,Marcella Locke, Elsie Lynn, Margaret Mann, Ardeth Mattice, Alice McCullla, Cora Nelson, Louise Noble, Catherine Peters, Julia Powell, Verna Schultz, Clara Spurlock, Pauline Sweeney, Alpha Watterson, Elizabeth Weale, Ethel Williams, Elizabeth Woolston, Jane Jordan Yont.

Present officers of the club are Ella Drake, president, Alice Schallau, first vice president, Ora Jenner, second vice president, Esther Prew, secretary, Louise Noble, treasurer.

From Sutherland Courier December 3, 1942

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