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16 Oct 1947

70-Year-Old Scroll Helps Raymond Plopper Recall His First Schoolmates

How many of us can remember all of our classmates for our first year of school? It's specially unlikely if one is past 70, but Raymond Plopper who will be 76 next January can recall all the pupils who were in school with him back in 1878, and he was only 5 years old at the time.

Mr. Plopper has a list of "Names of Scholars" which was printed in a formal and decorative style much like a diploma, that was presented to each "scholar" by the teacher, E. J. English.

The sheet is about 6x8 inches and though darkened considerably after more than 70 years, is still in excellent preservation, framed and put under glass. At the top is the heading, "District No. 8, East Highland Township, Winter Term, 1878." The typeface in which this was printed in quite decorative in the style of that day and underneath the heading is a wreath of flowers, beneath which come in order the name of the "scholar" to whom the paper was presented, the teacher's name, and lastly the list of "Masters" and Mistresses" who comprised the student body. In alphabetical order as they appear on the scroll are the Masters [Lewis?] C. Gaskill, Charles W. Hakeman, Clinton E. Hakeman, James Hakeman, Hallie Harden, Willie Harden, Frank Kleam, Clarence Plopper, Ernest A. Plopper, Raymond E. Plopper. Mistresses included are Annie Brosh, Cora M. Coffee, Mary A. Coffee, Zoa Della Coffee, Lillie May Hakeman, Margaret E. Hakeman, Mary Ina Hakeman, Nora Ann Hakeman, Mary Kleam, Flora Plopper and Hetty Plopper.

Besides Mr. Plopper, at least four other scholars are living and their whereabouts known. These are Lillie Hakeman, living in Minnesota, Flora Plopper, living in Washington State, Nora Hakeman, living at Primghar and Mary Hakeman, living at Sioux Falls, S. Dak. If Courier readers know the whereabouts of any of the others, Mr. Plopper would be pleased to hear. Who else has some interesting takes of school days long ago?

O'Brien County Iowa Genealogy - The IAGenWeb Project

O'Brien County Iowa Genealogy - The IAGenWeb Project