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John Kriens was born April 8, 1867 in Grundy County, Iowa, the son of Harm Kriens born Feb 13, 1829 in Germany and Adelheid (Alite) Otten Kruse born Jan 28,1833 in Germany. Harm died July 28, 1915 and Alite died July 15, 1913.

John Kriens siblings were Minert, Annie, Minnie, Margaret, Henry, Otto, Charles and William.

John Kriens married Anna Paulsen born April13, 1877, the daughter of Nicholas Paulsen & Mary Fahrenkiog, Nicholas was born July 10, 1848 and died Aug 23, 1907 of cancer at 59 years old,

Nicholas Paulsen came to America when he was 16 or 17 years old from Scheswig, Holstein, Germany.

Mary Fahrenkiog was born in 1854 in Scheswig, Holstein, Germany, she came to America with her parents and family in 1863 when she was 10 years old, Mary died in 1934.

Harm & Alite are both buried in the Hartford Cemetery in Hartford, SD, Nicholas & Mary Paulsen are both buried in Holstein, Iowa.

John and Annie Kriens had 10 children,

1.Gustave John Kriens born April16,1899, in Moneta, O'Brien Co, Iowa, he married Hattie Moeller had 5 children died Jan 1983.

2. Irene Alice Kriens born March 31,1901 born in Moneta, Iowa, married Robert Sass, one son, second marriage Dilbert Williams, 7 children, Irene died Feb 10,1985.

3.John Gustave Kriens born Jan 21, 1903, born in Moneta, Iowa, married Zelmer Franker, they had 3 sons, John died Jan 24, 1991.

4.Raymond Amos Kriens born Aug 5, 1905 in Moneta, Iowa, he married Helen Epping, they had 7 children, Raymond died June 7, 1953.

5. Eldrey Harry Kriens born Oct 21,1908, in Moneta, Iowa, he married Charlotte Fisiler, 1 son & 1 daughter, he married Opal Selzer, 1 daughter, 1 daughter by Mabel Doreen Smith. He married Patricia Glackin, no children, married Martha ? no children,
married Josephine ? no children. Eldrey died April 6, 1992.

6.Wilferd William Kriens born Sept 9, 1910 in Moneta, Iowa, he married Elyse Swabb, they had 4 children, Wilferd died Nov 28, 1982.

7. Bernita Mary Kriens born Sept 5, 1913 in Moneta, Iowa, married Joseph Maetta, no children, Bernita died in 1991.

8 Walter Earl Kriens born July 7, 1915 in Moneta, Iowa, he married Orpha Pauls, they had 2 daughters, Walter died April 22, 2001.

9. Albernice Margaret Kriens born Aug 10, 1918 in Moneta, Iowa, she married Arnold Johnson, they had 1 daughter.

10. Marcella May Kriens born Aug 17, 1922 in Moneta, Iowa, she married Leland Hickman, 2 children married Louis Remillard, 2 children.

From Susan Fahnstrom, May 31, 2001

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