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Source: "Past and Present of O'Brien and Osceola Counties, Iowa" by Peck, Montzheimer, and Miller, 1914

Sheldon Business Directory, Autumn 1913

Attorneys — I. N. Mclntire, George Wellman, Phelps & Lindsay, George Gibson, Charles Babcock, T. Diamond.
Auto garages — Frank & Griffin, Sheldon Auto Garage, the E. Tripp garage.
Banks — First National, Sheldon National, Sheldon Savings Bank, Union (private institution).
Bakeries — "The City," by D. J. Haagsman, Hunt's Bakery.
Bottling works — The Sheldon.
Barber shops — R. P. Scott, James Kestner, M. Lewis.
Contractors — Jack Wilson, L. N. Wilsey, H. M. Bosma and Geiger.
Cigar store — Charles Woodruff.
Clothing — Hospers & Schaap, William Flindt & Company.
Cement workers — Runger & Wilson, Archie Hint.
Creamery—"The Sheldon," by D. A. Miller.
Confectionery — Henry Hosper, Swortorh Brothers, E. C. Van Epps.
Dye works — The Swanson works.
Drugs — Avers Brothers, WT. C. Iverson, W. J. Hollander.
Dray lines—Myers, Bean & Company, John Rider, George Hill, Frank Elias, C. E. Brown.
Dentists—Drs. A. W. Beach, Brown & McKay.
Department stores—Starrett Bros, William Myers & Company, Sheldon Mercantile Company, Ellenbroek Bros.
Elevators (grain)—Farmers' Co-operative Company, J. Button & Company, Sheldon Trade Company, Logan Milling Company, F. M. Slagel & Company.
Furniture—S. O. Beanblossom, Nash & Wood.
Feed barn and sheds—John Montgomery.
Grocers—Sheldon Grocery Company.
Hardware—E. P. Messer & Son, Daniel O'Kane and Mr. Lubbers.
Harness stores—E. L. Richards, W. H. Beacom.
Hotels—The Arlington, the Howard, the Royce, the Sheldon.
Hospitals—The Dr. Cram Hospital.
Implements—George A. Miller, W. H. Beacom, Dermott & Duisterman.
Jewelers—E. A. James, Hal Nervobig.
Lumber—Sheldon Trade Company, H. A. Strong, Pynchon & Ling, Slagel Lumber Company.
Livery—Myers, Bean Company.
Laundries—C. E. Miller and a Chinese laundrv.
Meat markets—Runger and Wilson markets.
Music house—Wilsey & Son.
Millinery—Starrett Brothers, Sheldon Mercantile Company, Miss Kate Donovan, Mrs. A. Smith.
Mills (flouring)—"Prairie Queen" and the "Big Four."
Mills (wood-working)—The Sheldon Fixture Company.
Marble works—Elliott & Hagy.
Moving pictures—D. H. Harvey and Fred Brenneman.
Newspapers—The Sun and the Mail.
Opera house—W. H. Sleeper.
Photographs—Pratt & Son, Mrs. L. Fredericks.
Physicians—Drs. F. W. Cram, W. R. Brock, W. H. Myers, F. L. Myers, H. G. Brackney, C. V. Page, Roy Moreshell, Miss Deneen
Plumbers (aside from hardwares)—James Leveret and Charles Prentice.
Produce houses—Swift & Company, Clarence McKillep.
Restaurants—Charles Myers, Gleason & Wood, Will Fritts, Oliver Pierce.
Stock buyers—Rimger & Wilson.
Second-hand stores—Holly Vanderbeck.
Shoe stores—Kleins and Harley A. Cobb.
Tailors—John Klasbeck, J. A. Larson.
Veterinary surgeons—L. U. Shipley, Dr. Ridell, T. E. Andrews.

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