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Calumet, Iowa

In 1887 Calumet was platted. By the fall of 1887 the railroad reached Calumet, and the depot was completed. The second and third buildings were Wheelock Brothers General Store and the hotel bought by Teressa Minerva. This building was 22x28x16 where the congregation worshipped from 1880-1890. In 1890 the hotel went bankrupt, so there was no place to worship.

In July of 1891 a group of twenty men gathered at the depot with Rev. John Jans and organized the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Calumet.Elected as President-William Meir, Treasurer-Peter Rehder, Secretary-Dr Mueller, Trustees-Johan Reichers, Wm. Johannsen, John Wiese, Jergen Dethmar. Other charter memebers were John Holst, Henery Hoppe, Harry Jalas, Fedder Feddersen, Jergen Brumm, William Johannsen, H. Konenkamp, Joseph Sohm,Claus Peters, Claus Goetsch, Wm. Strhomann, P. Jurgensen, Ernest Horstman, H. Wolters and Detlef Orthman. Work on a new church began in 1891 and wass completed the winter of 1892. Cost was $2,400. At this same time the founders found it important to have a parsonage and a school to teach religion and basic education. In 1892 the hotel with a barn and lot was purchased for %00. At this same time a 14 bench school was built.

In 1905 Sunday School and Ladies Aid was organized. Organizations soon included choirs and a Youth Group.

In June of 1920 Zion church was admitted to the Evangelical Synod of North America. The word Lutheran was dropped from the name.

In 1948 the Church building was cut in two. Twenty feet were added, along with a full basement and a kitchen.

In the mid 60's a new organ was purchased and dedicated by a young high school student, Judy Fredrishsen from Meridan, Iowa.

Several organists and pianists have played faithfully through the years. Many men and women have served as Sunday and Bible school teachers. Children have enlightened thr congregation with their sining and bell playing. The birth of Baby Jesus is portrayed by the children each year at Christmas.

Youth groups have done mission work at Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Gospel Mission is Sioux City, and Ronald McDonald Houses in Chicago and the Twin Cities. Giving and serving others is a great experience to show God's love and abide in his Word. James 1:22 "Be Doers of the Word, and not hearers only.

We are blessed to have the following people from our congregation serve within the Church and Missions.

Rev. Gagler was the first to be ordained.
Donald Fedderson serve at eh Red Bird Mission in Kentucky.
Rev. David Sickelka served Churches in Nebraska and now serves in Indiana.
Marlene Fiddelke Novak served the Monticells Church. She was ordained in the United Christ of Christ.
Pastor Darlen Sickelka took classes at Center Learn and served at Rossie, Iowa. She also filles in at Calumet Zio UCC.
Pastor Tony Stoik left our Church to be a conference Minister for the United Church of Christ.

Serving our Church through the years:
Rev. Jans
Rev. Rall 1896-1900
Rev. Conrad 1900-1904
Rev. P. Ott 1905-1907
Rev. Schlegal 1907-1908
Rev. J. C. Jack 1908-1912
Rev. H> Rixmann 1912-1918
Rev. A.H. Franke 1919-1922
Rev. E. Hoferman 1923-1927
Rev. Paul Wuebben 1928-1935
Rev. Gabler 1939-1941
Rev. Buetler 1942-1944
Rev. A.L Schieler 1945-1947
Rev. A.L. Dietrich 1948-1952
Rev. Yungschlager 1953-1963
Rev.King 1964-1966
Rev. Hembd
Rev. Bischoff 1979-1982
Rev. Davis 1984-1992
Pastor Cindy Morrison 1992-1997
Pastor Lola Rosenberger 1997-2001
Rev. Fred Moore 2001-2005
Pastor Tony Stoik 2005-2007
Pastor Barb Weir 2008-

Used by permission from " Zion United Church of Christ Calumet, Iowa 2009" Directory

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