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Contributed by Donna Youde

Hyland Church

Since the early 1880's the Christians gathered at Bradstreet schoolhouse under the direction of Brother Artmon of Pleasant Hill. In 1886 Reverend John Woolery took over the congregation merging it with the Christians who meet at the Hyatt schoolhouse and Radekes Grove. This group became the Hyland Church in Waterman Township, O'Brien County.

In 1893 under the direction of Reverend George W. Barnes and the Board of Trustees of the Hyland Church plans were formulated to built a proper church building. William Gilbert donated one-acre of land. (What is now, 6 miles southeast of Sutherland on the northeast corner of 500th Street and Warbler Avenue.)

In 1899 the Hyland Church now came under the charge of the minister from the Church of Christ in Sutherland. In 1909 it came under the charge of the Calumet minister.

In 1914 the Hyland Church was rededicated, a new community room/gymnasium was added on the east side under the direction of Mr. Harold Youde of the Young Men's Christian Association that was founded the year before. (It is believed by some that the Methodists had bought the church by this time.)

In 1926 the Hyland Methodist Episcopal Church disbanded. The church portion was sold to be used as storage and the rest was torn down.

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