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Living in 1885

This information is taken from a book by William L. Alexander called "List of Ex-soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, Living in Iowa" (Des Moines: G.E. Roberts, state printer, 1886). Special thanks go to Laura Blair for providing the pages relevant to O'Brien County. Most of the names in this list are also in "Old Soldiers Who Have Lived in O'Brien County" (Schee and Montzheimer, 1909) and links have been provided. The data here in some cases supplements that which is given in the later book. The spelling of names sometimes differs between the two lists and no effort has been made here to reconcile them.

This is a partial list so far, containing veterans living in the towns of Hartley, Paullina, Primghar, Sutherland, and Waterman.

NameState and UnitCompanyRankPresent PO Address
Albright, Charles F.Iowa 2nd Infantry C Private Primghar
Ayers, Robert W.Illinois 25th Infantry
Illinois 43rd Infantry
Boyce, Samuel United States 16th InfantryH Private Hartley
Breyfogle, William M. Illinois 142nd InfantryI Private Sutherland
Burk, D.F. Iowa 2nd Cavalry D Corporal Primghar
Carman, A.J. Iowa 24th Infantry C Private Primghar
Carmichael, Solomon E. Iowa 34th Infantry K Private Primghar
Carpenter, Thos. B. Wisconsin 20th InfantryK Private Hartley
Chapman, De Witt C. Iowa 2nd Cavalry I Private Primghar
Clark, W.F.Illinois 92nd Infantry ("Mounted Infantry") K Private Paullina
Cleghorn, A.M.Iowa 22nd Infantry A Private Paullina
Cleveland, E.T.Illinois 96th Infantry B Private Sutherland
Compton, M.A.Pennsylvania 11th Infantry B Private Hartley
Corsair, David Illinois 52nd Infantry K Sergeant Waterman
Conklin, Harvey T. Ohio 11th Infantry
Ohio 12th Infantry
Private Hartley
Cookenham, CharlesNew York 117th Infantry F Private Hartley
Crain, John S.Illinois 107th Infantry H Private Hartley
Daniels, J.E.Wisconsin 1st Infantry E Sergeant Primghar
Davis, Thomas Colorado 1st Cavalry E Private Hartley
Eaton, W.H. Wisconsin 21st Infantry G Corporal Hartley
Eckman, B. Illinois 45th Infantry H Private Sutherland
Fuller, W.S. Illinois 17th Cavalry M Sergeant Hartley
Gano, Benj. D. Wisconsin 8th Infantry A Lieutenant Hartley
Goldtrap, David Illinois 50th Infantry D Private Sutherland
Grout, L.B. United States 1st Engineers B Artificer Waterman
Hakeman, George Iowa 24th Infantry C Private Paullina
Hardingbrook, K.A. Illinois 83rd Infantry D Private Sutherland
Harris, Stephen
(enlisted as Chas. Johnson)
New York 20th Cavalry L Corporal Paullina
Hilyer, J.C. Minnesota Brackett's Independent Battalion D Private Paullina
Howe, A.H. Ohio 166th Infantry D Private Primghar
Jessup, John Illinois 155th Infantry F Private Sutherland
Johnson, Wm. Iowa 22nd Infantry A Captain Paullina
Jordan, S.J. Ohio 67th Infantry K Private Sutherland
Long, A.Q. Iowa 1st Infantry
Iowa 11th Infantry
Private Paullina
Lyon, Asher Michigan 13th Infantry G Corporal Primghar
Lyons, Geo. H. Wisconsin 1st Cavalry C Private Paullina
Manley, Joseph Wisconsin 11th Infantry D Private Paullina
Matott, Francis Indiana 99th Infantry C Corporal Primghar
Matotte, Frank Indiana 138th Infantry C Private Hartley
Messer, Edwin P. Illinois 37th Infantry - Quartermaster Sutherland
Oliver, Wm. Indiana 101st Infantry I Sergeant Primghar
Oppelt, Wm. H. Iowa 28th Infantry D Private Hartley
Partridge, Wallace Illinois 7th Infantry F Private Primghar
Renville, Julius Illinois 88th Infantry F Private Sutherland
Renville, Lewis Illinois 76th Infantry K Private Sutherland
Renville, Napoleon Illinois 76th Infantry K Private Sutherland
Renville, Nicholas Illinois 76th Infantry K Private Sutherland
Rice, S.S. Wisconsin 1st Batterry - Private Waterman
Salisbury, Russell Minnesota 1st Battery - Private Paullina
Scott, Ephraim Illinois 104th Infantry G Private Primghar
Sheldon, D.M. Illinois 74th Infantry E Private Sutherland
Smith, John N. Wisconsin 36th Infantry A Corporal Hartley
Snider, John Indiana 36th Infantry G Private Hartley
Sprague, Chas. W. Illinois 139th Infantry B Private Paullina
Thomas John Illinois 142nd Infantry E Private Hartley
Truelock, Thos. J. Indiana 145th Infantry C Private Primghar
Van Horn, R.M. Illinois 17th Cavalry I Private Sutherland
Virgil, Wm. Illinois 17th Cavalry MPrivateSutherland
Wallenburg, John Illinois 103rd Infantry A Corporal Paullina
Webster, James Illinois 154th Infantry B Private Hartley
Williams, E.D.Wisconsin 32nd Infantry F Corporal Hartley
Wing, George C. Illinois 47th Infantry F Private Sutherland
Yeoman, JohnIllinois 91st Infantry D Private Hartley

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