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Back on a hill top, where pasture touches timber not far from the point where the Waterman creek meets the Little Sioux reposes a tiny cemetery,
its simple stones overgrown with grass and buffeted by the feet or grazing cattle for many years.
August 27, 1939 that Old O;Brien burial ground was dedicated in a fitting manner and named after the man,
the first settler in O'Brien county, "The Hannibal Waterman Cemetery."

Through the efforts of the O'Brien county organization of the American Legion,
a plaque was secured, a cement foundation built by the scattered stones and the plaque embedded upon it.
On it are the words:

Hannibal H. Waterman Cemetery
Established 1859
Dedicated to the Memories of the 15 Pioneers
who rest beneath the sod

According to information given to Dr. T.D. Kas by Mrs. Emily McLeran the persons buried in this cemetery are:

Owen S. Waterman, age 10, died December 10, 1871

Leon Grant Waterman, born on Oct. 5, 1869; died May 6, 1870

A son, not named, Waterman, age 3 weeks, died May 14, 1859

A stillborn son of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Waterman

Dr. Luther E. Head, died Sept, 1, 1872.
He settled in Grant township in 1870 on section 22.
He was born at Tamworth, N.H, in 1843.
Served as a hospital nurse in the Civil War.

A Mr. Hycks, a brother-in-law of Geo. and Ezra McOmber.

A Mr. Prince

A baby 1 1/2 years old for the Judd Allen family

Mr and Mrs. Robinson

Their married daughter, 19

A son, Decatur, age 18 or 19

Mr and Mrs. Swain

A baby boy, age not known

Two children of the Coffman family who lived on what is now the Will Negus place

Archibald Murray, 1871 (later his body was removed to Peterson as was that of

James A. DeWitt).

This cemetery is reached by going to the Robert Lemke farm and out through the fields.

From the Sutherland Courier December 3, 1942.

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