A. J. McKeever

McKEEVER, A. J., of Sheldon, O'Brien county, is a product of Ireland, the little green isle that has furnished so large a quota of the men who have been foremost in preserving and developing this great land of the free. His parents, Michael and Rose (O'Kane) McKeever, were farmers, and despite the despicable system of landlordism prevailing in Ireland, were in moderate financial circumstances when they came to the United States in 1860.

 The youth of Mr. A. J. McKeever was spent on a farm in Dubuque county, where his parents resided until 1884, when he removed to O'Brien county. In 1888 he engaged in the grocery business at Sheldon, in partnership with Mr. Theodore Geiger, and after one year's prosperous business Mr. McKeever bought out the interest of his partner and continued the business alone. In his youth he learned well the lessons of prudence, frugality and industry, so valuable to men everywhere in business, and these qualities enabled him to increase his stock and extend his business until now he owns and occupies the handsomest business block in that city. He is the embodiment of a first-class business man; strictly honorable in his dealings, courteous to all, and genial and companionable to a high degree. He makes a friend of everyone with whom he comes in contact. Coming direct to Iowa from Ireland in 1860, he begun with pioneer life, and has lived to see the wild prairie upon which he first came for a home transformed into a grand agricultural paradise, all settled up with good citizens and industrious farmers, and has accumulated for himself a goodly portion of this world's wealth to make himself comfortable in old age. Religiously, like the greater share of his nationality, he is a Catholic, and is faithful in his labors for, and self sacrificing in his devotion to, his church. In politics he is a democrat, but one of that kind who has the greatest consideration for the views of those opposed to him.

Source: Biographies and portraits of the progressive men of Iowa, Benjamin F. Gue, Published by Conaway & Shaw, 1899, pp. 268-269

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