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These are photos from O'Brien County, IA. If you recognize a photo or an unidentified person depicted here, please contact the submitter whose name will appear with the photo.

If you have photos that you would like to submit, contact the county coordinator (address on HOME page).

No. 1 - This is a photo of my grandfather Richard Dahms and his sister Bernardine Dahms, both of Davenport, Iowa, with their great-uncle George Mennig of Sheldon, Iowa. George was born in 1841 in Armstrong County, PA, settled in O'Brien County around 1870, and died there in 1929. The caption under the photo reads: Pittsburgh 1916. Picture courtesy of Christine Murcia.

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No. 2 - I recently found a picture postcard that says on the back from the 'Hartley Band Boys'. It was put in some album at some time and now the names on the back are very hard to read- that and understanding the writing. People # 1-11 Left-Right I assume but could be the reverse 1.C......, 2. ?, 3.Cr...., 4. ?, 5. Ray...., 6. ....... Heelack?, 7. ....... Crosser, 8. Silas Crosser, 9. Floyd Retts?, 10. Sam Arthoud?, 11. Ike Fick? I'm not sure when this was taken - Silas Crosser (#8) was born in 1864 and died in 1943. Picture courtesy of Pam Crosser.

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No. 3 - This photo was taken in a Sheldon, Iowa saloon. The date of the photo is unknown but probably dates from about the turn of the century. The man in the suit and tie is William H. Heitritter (1866-1954), my great, great, grandfather. William H. Heitritter is buried in St. Pauls Lutheran Cemetary, Sheldon, Iowa. Any information about the saloon or the date of the photo would be appreciated. William H. Heitritter was one of four sons of Olrich and Bertha Heitritter. He immigrated to the United States with his parents in 1871. Picture courtesy of Mike & Betty Davis.

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The saloon picture was taken in the saloon known as 'Fiebigs'. It was located on 9th St. across the street from Molmen's Dairy. The Arlington Hotel was on the corner of 3rd Av. and 9th St. behind it was an alley, in 1954 a vacant lot, then Fiebigs, then a car show room on the highway, then hiway 33, now 60. Behind the bar (left to right) is Harry Fiebig, Harry's father, and Doris Fiebig, sister to Harry. Doris continued with the bar after the death of her father. Entrance to the bar is to the right of the picture and the front of the bar (facing the street is behind the woman, Doris. This is not written in stone, as I could be wrong. Don't know if it's still there though. Not sure when photo was taken. Mr. Fiebig died in 1935. Harry, his son, died in 1972 and don't think Doris died until sometime in the late 70's, early 80's. From the clothes in the picture I'd guess that it was taken in the late 20's and before 1935. From the overall quality of the picture and it's size, that picture might have been taken by a photographer for the local newspaper. If so, there might be a chance that there is a story in that paper to go with the picture and that the people would be identified along with the date of the picture. I'm not sure of the name of the papers at that time. I do know that "The Sheldon Sun and/or The Sheldon Mail" were in operation in the 1940's and perhaps earlier? It might even be that the picture was taken at the time of new ownership??? Mary B.

No. 4 - John & Anna Kriens outside their house, when they were young with their children (left to right) Gustave, (Gus) John (Johnnie) Raymond (Ray) Eldrey (El) Irene and Wilferd. (The house, near Moneta, is no longer there).

Submitted by: Susan Fahnstrom

No. 5 - John & Anna (Paulsen) Kriens.

Submitted by: Susan Fahnstrom

No. 6 - Frank L. Spaulding family.

Submitted by: Nancy Hartman

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