Newspaper Clipping File of
Men & Women who served in WW II
    Over the period of many years volunteers clipped newspaper articles out of Muscatine County area newspapers. A laminated page was created on each individual. Pages were stored in the Armed Service File drawers located in the Reference Section of Musser Public Library. So to facilitate its study, this index was compiled and submitted by
    Sheila Chaudoin and Lynn McCleary in May, 2008. Copies of an individuals' file may be ordered from
    Musser Public Library, 304 Iowa Aveune, Muscatine, IA 52761
    Attention Sheila Chaudoin email:

Sadel Arthur R see also Aurthur R, Maxine & Harold E Sadel and Pohock, John Samuel
Sadel Edward  
Sadel Harold E see also Aurthur R, Maxine Sadel
Sadel Maxine Mary see also Sadel Authur R & Harold E
Sagen Leonard M  
Salek Charles see also Salek brothers LaVerne, DeWayne & Rudolph, Alvin M
Salek DeWayne see also Salek brothers LaVerne & Charles
Salek LaVern O L see also Salek brothers DeWayne & Charles
Salek Louis see also Salek, LaVern & Rudolph, Alvin M
Salemicnk Richard J  
Saltsman Layman see also Davis, Luther E
Saltz Perry  
Sambdman Charles M  
Sambdman Henry A  
Sambdman Raymond  
Sammons Walter  
Sample Delven V  
Sample Richard T  
Sample Walter  
Sanborn Richard F  
Sanchez Benny  
Sander Robert Burton  
Sanford Glen E  
Sanford Lyle E  
Sanson Keith E  
Sarver George  
Satterthwaite Clifton see also Satterthwaite, Kenneth
Satterthwaite Kenneth see also Satterthwaite, Clifton
Satterthwaite Lawrence see also Ostrander, Richard
Satterthwaite Paul  
Satterthwaite Russell L  
Saultz Charles E  
Savage Frank C  
Saxton Raulie G  
Scarcella Sam  
Schaapveld Cecil R  
Schaapveld Edward  
Schade Melvin A  
Schaere Hazel  
Schaere Ralph A  
Schafer Bertha  
Schafer Donald  
Schafer Paul  
Schafer Rex also with Robert & Richard Schafer
Schalk Arthur  
Scharff Ralph  
Schauland Marlin Fred  
Schauland Wayne L see also Schauland, Marlin Fred
Schbich Neil L  
Scheel Gerhardt F  
Scheibenberg John C  
Schell Donald D  
Schell Dow  
Schell Edward M  
Schell James W  
Schellenberg Walter A  
Schenck Kenneth B  
Schenkel Carl  
Schenkel Leonard F  
Schenkel Robert E  
Scherer Ralph see also Crozer, Duane
Schiele John C  
Schilb Eleanor Rose  
Schlichting Clarence C  
Schlipf Harold A  
Schlipf Kenneth see also Schlipf, Robert
Schlipf Kenneth L  
Schlipf Robert see also Schlipf, Kenneth
Schlutz Alvin J  
Schlutz Kenneth W  
Schmalz Richard William  
Schmalz Robert M  
Schmeltzer Frank  
Schmelzer John F see also Satterwaithe, Lawrence
Schmelzer Lester P  
Schmelzer Robert G  
Schmidt Allison  
Schmidt Alvin J  
Schmidt Beverly Marie  
Schmidt Calvin  
Schmidt Clayton W  
Schmidt Donald V  
Schmidt Edward  
Schmidt Walter J  
Schmidt Walter O  
Schmitt Albert G  
Schmitt Ralph  
Schmitt Verne C  
Schmoldt John Wayne  
Schnack Eldon  
Schnecklott Leo  
Schnedler Harry A see also Schnedler, Robert E
Schnedler Kenneth  
Schnedler Robert E see also Schnedler, Harry A
Schneider Harold  
Schneider Henry Jr (Harry)  
Scholten Martin E  
Schomber Ronald see also Stahle, Roger
Schomberg Carl see also Schomberg, Harold
Schomberg Harold see also Schomberg, Carl
Schreiber Charles see also Schreiber, Jerome
Schreiber Harold R  
Schreiber Jerome see also Schreiber, Charles
Schreiber John C see also Schreiber, Jerome
Schreurs Charles R  
Schreurs G H (George Herbert)  
Schreurs Richard H  
Schreurs Robert  
Schreurs Robert S see also Nau, Robert
Schrieber John C  
Schroder Harold  
Schroeder Fred A  
Schroeder George Garvin see also Noll, William
Schroeder John J  
Schroeder Ray H  
Schroeder Richard L  
Schroeder Robert F  
Schroeder Thomas F  
Schubich Caesar E  
Schuessler Harold  
Schukow Joseph W  
Schultz Alvin J  
Schultz Robert C  
Schultz Thomas W  
Schulz Emil H Jr  
Schumacher Albert L  
Schumacher John B  
Schumacher Paul R  
Schwab Leonard J  
Schwalm Werner E  
Schwedtfeger Glenn  
Schweitzer Everett L  
Schweitzer John R  
Schwinefus Martin H  
Schwob Harlan  
Scott Harold  
Scott William Floyd  
Seab Daniel  
Seadam Alvin  
Seal Delbert  
Seamons Hiram R  
Seay Elwood A see also Lamb, Harry J
Secrist Clarence W  
Seidler Frank B  
Seiler Leonard  
Seligman Harry A  
Sellers Walter Dale  
Seright Charles L  
Seright Lawrence see also Seright, Charles L & Noble, Robert R
Seright Oscar M see also Orr, Melvin
Seright Roy E see also Wince, John Jr
Sessler Arthur J  
Seydel Virgil  
Shafer Bertha  
Shafer E P  
Shaffnit Marcene  
Shaner Robert  
Shannon Bernard R  
Shannon Perry DeWayne  
Sharar Ben  
Sharar Donald R  
Sharar Robert F  
Sharer Joe H  
Sharpless Kenneth  
Shaw A L  
Shaw Frank  
Shaw George  
Shaw George Allen  
Shaw Harold W  
Shea William James  
Sheese Robert  
Sheetz James Bernell  
Sheldon Willard R  
Shellabarger Cecil  
Shellabarger Harlan D  
Shellabarger Ray R  
Shellabarger Vernon  
Shellady Douglas see also Behrens, Raymond
Sherman Eugene W  
Sherrell Edward see also Seay, Elwood R
Shield Robert E see also Sheild, Rollie H
Shield Rollie H see also Shield, Robert E
Shield Russell G  
Shield Shirley Ruth  
Shields Ellis H  
Shields Robert see also Rife, Everette
Shoemaker James A  
Shoemaker Robert E  
Shoppa Paul Edward see also Reickert, Jackie
Shoppa Wayne R  
Shotwell Clarence C  
Shoultz John C  
Shoultz Kenneth E  
Shoultz Sherwood  
Shroeder Donald  
Shryock John F  
Shuger Alvin  
Shuger John E  
Sick Donal E  
Siders Earl H  
Siegel Louis  
Sieh Ernest F see also Ballenger, Otis
Siepel Virgil L  
Silberhorn George A  
Silberhorn Gertrude M  
Silberhorn Robert W  
Simmons Lewis F  
Simmons Wilbur I  
Simmons William Adley  
Simpson Glen E  
Simpson LeRoy  
Simpson Lloyd E  
Simpson Melvin  
Simpson Raymond F  
Singleton Raymond  
Singleton Richard  
Sinkler Carroll  
Sinkler Lois K  
Sinnett E Robert  
Sissel Arthur W  
Sissel Gilbert E  
Sissel Raymond Leroy see also Roberson, John Davis
Sissel Roy LeRoy  
Sissel Wayne  
Sizek Raymond  
Skolnick Albert  
Skolnick Edward  
Skolnick Leo  
Skrobecky Geraldine M  
Slack Robert H  
Slater Dick  
Sloan James  
Smalley Betty Jane  
Smalley Jeannett see also Smalley Marian
Smalley Marian  
Smalley Marian see also Smalley Jeannett
Smedler Harry A  
Smice Clarence D  
Smit Antoon Jr  
Smith Adrian  
Smith Amos D  
Smith Billy F  
Smith Bromley K  
Smith Carroll E  
Smith Charles Beryl  
Smith Charles H  
Smith Clarence Earl  
Smith Dale F  
Smith DeWayne see also Smith, Floyd Lee
Smith DeWayne B see also Smith, Rollin D & Smith, Lester
Smith Duane  
Smith Earl  
Smith Eugene Chauncey  
Smith Floyd Lee  
Smith Glen P  
Smith Hershall C  
Smith Hobart K  
Smith James D see also Cook, Albert
Smith James H  
Smith John S  
Smith Joseph T see also Smith, Raymond
Smith Kenneth  
Smith Kermit H  
Smith Lee  
Smith Leo  
Smith LeRoy E  
Smith Lester see also Smith, Rollin D & Smith, DeWayne B
Smith Lupton D  
Smith Marshall E  
Smith Morris J  
Smith Orville W  
Smith Paul H  
Smith Raymond (Bud) see also Smith, Joseph T
Smith Robert Wilton see also Zeidler, Ray W
Smith Rollin D see also Smith, Lester & Smith, DeWayne B
Smith Russell  
Smith Thomas G (Tom) see also Smith, Leo
Smith Timothy J  
Smith Virgil Wayne  
Smothers Bruce E  
Smothers Homer I  
Smull Elwin (William E)  
Smyth Robert Douglas  
Snider Ivan Dale  
Snider John J  
Snider Robert L  
Snyder Alton D  
Snyder Charles C  
Snyder Ivan D  
Snyder LaVerne L  
Snyder Richard W  
Snyder Van B  
Soltwedel Vernon  
Sondergaard Herbert A  
Sorrells Hubert W  
Spainer George  
Spangler Richard P  
Spanier George Pete  
Spaulding Larry see also Brown, Donald
Spaulding Marvin C  
Spickler Darrell P  
Spieth Willaim C  
Spilger Harold G  
Spilger Leland  
Spilger Merlyn P  
Spilger Wayne L  
Spillman Marvin J  
Spisak John A  
Spitznogle Ivan  
Sprague Arthur  
Spring Herbert D  
Springer Daniel Christian  
Sprouse Don see also Sprouce, John Jr
Sprouse John Jr  
Staack Robert  
Staack Robert H  
Stachar Cecil L  
Stachar Harold G  
Stacher Allen see also Strouse, Richard
Stacher Vern K  
Stackhouse George H  
Stafford Alberta  
Stafford Gail W  
Stafford Jack Walter  
Stahle Neil  
Stahle Roger  
Staley Charles W  
Staley Glen see also Staley, Charles
Staley Lavone see also Staley, Charles
Stalkfleet Arthur F  
Stalkfleet Harold J  
Stalkfleet Lewis  
Stamler Frederick W  
Stammer Richard L  
Standley Elza  
Stanley Arthur E  
Stansell Hildrethn C  
Stanton Archie J  
Stark Harold E  
Stark Raymond E (Ray)  
Starkweather Adam E  
Starkweather Albert see also Starkweather, Charles
Starkweather Charles E  
Statler Iris  
Steahr Carl Allen see also Marks, Leslie
Steahr Charles E  
Steahr Elmer E  
Steckman Grant E  
Steckman James Mikel see also Proctor, Harold Edward
Steckman Louis O  
Steckman Wilbur C  
Steen Charles E  
Steffens Elmer C  
Stegall Richard A  
Stein Jack  
Stein Simon Gerberich Jr  
Steinbaugh Arthur M see also Steinbaugh, John O
Steinbaugh Philip H see also Steinbaugh, John O
Steinke Bernard  
Steinke Donald E  
Steinke Edwin P  
Steinmetz Ladd W  
Steinmeyer Ernest F (Steve)  
Stellrecht Sam  
Stelter Paul J  
Stelzner Paul R  
Stender Grant P  
Stender Parker  
Stener Nevin L  
Stephens Alvin C, Jr  
Stephens Douglas B  
Stephens George  
Stephens Russell  
Stephenson Francis  
Stephenson John V  
Sterner Charles E  
Sterner Dean  
Sterner Harlan G  
Sterner Lee  
Sterner Orville  
Sterner Raymond L  
Stetler Paul J  
Stevens John Clay  
Stevenson Gaylord  
Stewart Jean  
Stewart John R  
Stewart Robert F  
Stewart Wilber see also McCoy, Charles
Stickrod Kurt P  
Stinson Claude C  
Stirlen Harold W  
Stocking Ira Jr see also O'Toole, Eugene & Mittman, Arthur
Stoelk Hilbert C  
Stohr Robert K  
Stoker Francis A  
Stoley Howard W  
Stolley Howard W  
Stone Elton  
Stone Elmer H  
Stonebarger Robert  
Stoneking Chester S  
Stoneking John  
Stoneking Sherleigh (A S)  
Stormer C A  
Stormer Raymond W  
Stormes James  
Stout Carl  
Stout Forest  
Strain John Frances  
Stratton Gerald E see also Stratton, Harold L
Stratton Harold L see also Jacobs, LaMoyne
Stratton James see also Stratton, Gerald E
Strause Howard J  
Strause Ivan Carl  
Strause Lloyd H  
Strause Richard see also Wilton, Wayne
Strawhacker LeRoy  
Strellmer Dallas L  
Stricklin Wiley A  
Strickller Wilma  
Stroh Ben  
Stromer Charles Arthur (C A)  
Strong Clarence D  
Strong Eldon E  
Strong Frank S  
Strong John H  
Strong William J see also Smith, Virgil W
Stroup Leo  
Stroup Ruth Gard  
Strouse Carol see also Doak, Leroy
Strouse Ernie E  
Strouse Richard  
Strub William C  
Stuart Edwin Leroy  
Stuart Glen E  
Stuart John Robert  
Sturms Kenneth L  
Sturms Merle E  
Stutzman Richard G  
Suchsland Leonard  
Sullivan Emmett T  
Sullivan Robert F  
Suman Harry C  
Summers Jean Benton  
Summers Joseph D  
Summers Thomas B  
Summitt Clinton  
Summitt Kenneth R  
Summitt Quentin  
Surber Paul O  
Sutten Charles A  
Sutter Burnett L  
Sutter urnett  
Suttles Charles Melvin see also Nyenhuis, Charles R
Suttles Lloyd Jr  
Sutton Townie Jr  
Swafford Leland D see also Noll, William
Swain Bruce  
Swale Jack see also Swale, LeRoy
Swale LeRoy  
Swale Richard see also Swale, LeRoy
Swale Robert V  
Swank James F  
Swank James R see also Brade, Carl
Swank Kenneth  
Swank Lester C  
Swanson George Eldred  
Sweat Emmett M  
Sweet Bowman H  
Swick Harold C  
Swickard Ben R  
Swisher Alan K  
Swisher Frank E  
Swisher Merle see also Axel group
Swisher Merle (Curly)  
Sylvester William F  
Symmonds Edward N see also Symmonds, Charles F
Symmonds Wilbur I see also Ahlf, Clifford
Sywassink Albert  
Sywassink David J  
Sywassink Donald Eugene  
Sywassink George A, Dr  
Sywassink Harry see also Sywassink, Albert
Sywassink John W see also Sywassink, Albert
Sywassink Robert  

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