Wilton History

Source: Henry Wildasin's Revised History of Wilton, Iowa
***Containing a complete reprint of Wilton History 1854-1876 by Rider & Stevenson***1947


The local Red Cross unit was organized and received their charter, September 29, 1916.

In June 1917, The Muscatine Chapter formed units for branch work in this county with the exception of Atalissa and West Liberty.

During World War I, the local Red Cross unit organized groups for surgical dressing, sewing and knitting.

Rev. O. B. Lee, former Presbyterian minister, was appointed first president. The following members have held that office in following : C. C. Bacon, Mrs. Caroline Maurer, Miss Kate McNulty, who is remembered for her outstanding help in obtaining new members and finances; Arthur Wacker, Mrs. Clara Leith.

During World War II, the local unit was busily engaged in sewing, knitting and preparing medical aids to help meet the vast need.

Through drives, finances were obtained from local contributions and due to the generosity of our community, the unit has never lacked funds. Every drive has gone over the top on their quota. When the funds were not needed for the necessities of war, they are used in aiding needy families and in tragic emergencies.

The present officers are : Mrs. Clara Leith, chairman; Mr. Arthur Wacker, vice-chairman; Mrs. Ruth Maurer, secretary; and Mrs. Nellie Whitmer, treasurer.

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