Wilton History

Source: Henry Wildasin's Revised History of Wilton, Iowa
***Containing a complete reprint of Wilton History 1854-1876 by Rider & Stevenson***1947


Wilton is located at the junction of the C.R.I & P.R.R., and the C.& S.W.R.R., two of the best roads in the West; is twenty-five miles west of Davenport, twelve miles north of Muscatine, and thirty miles east of Iowa City. The railroad company own considerable ground in what is called the " Y " which is covered with buildings and side-tracks; the former consisting of the Trainmaster's and Dispatcher's offices---blacksmith shop, round house, coal house, carpenter shop, and supply building. The side-tracks are numerous and extend from the corporation line on the east to that of the west, and are at nearly all hours of the day occupied by trains " making up." The corporation extends one mile east and west, and one mile north and south. The streets are regularly laid out, are eighty feet wide, and generally bordered with elm and maple trees, which in the summer season, gives the town the appearance of being built in a grove. Many of these trees have attained the good size of twelve and fourteen inches in diameter, and, besides enhancing the beauty of our streets, afford magnificent shade, and homes for a great many forest birds that in the early morn burden the air with their songs. On nearly all of the streets of our town may be found beautiful dwellings, and on Fifth street, five fine churches.

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