Wilton History

Source: Henry Wildasin's Revised History of Wilton, Iowa
***Containing a complete reprint of Wilton History 1854-1876 by Rider & Stevenson***1947

POST 584

The local post 584, The American Legion, was originally formed in 1921. On December 19, 1921, they received their charter and at that time carried the name of ' Gus Chimpanisa Post 584. The pioneer Legion group carried a membership of 15.

In a few small rooms located above the Wilton Candy Kitchen, the group of veterans met for their monthly meetings. Upon completion of the present City Hall, the Legion was given, in exchange of a former courtesy, a life-long right to conduct their meetings in their present abode, which is in the basement of the hall, and is only for the Legion and Legion Auxiliary's specific use.

The original officers of the local post were P. J. Bridges and Carl Schroeder holding the honored offices of Commander and Adjutant respectively.

There is a general opinion anong the World War I members that the return of the World War II veterans and their subsequent joining the local Legion, has been the means of bringing new life into the organization. Thus the usual high-spiritedness, so befitting of a Legion Post is prevalent today in Wilton.

It is the plans of the local post to build permanent club rooms on lots which they recently purchased of J. J. Hoskins, and which are located across the street from Gruemmer's Garage.

The present membership of Post 584 has grown to over 100 veterans. In the year 1946, the Legion sponsored a successful basketball tournament and never-to-be-forgotten Wilton Centennial.

The present officers are: Clarence Burmeister, Commander; Harold Nicolaus, First Vice-Commander; Charles Sterner, Second Vice-Commander; Roland Claussen, Adjutant; James Sheetz, Finance; H. W. Kretschmar, Historian; Harlan Beinke, Post Publicity; Hilbert Stoelk, Membership Chairman; Rev. J. M. Newgard, Chaplain; Ellery Plett, Sergeant-at-arms; and Roy W. Thomas, Service Commander.

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