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Copyright, 1979. Published by
Muscatine Area Heritage Association, Inc.

Written permission, dated May 13, 2010, from Tom Hanifin, President of the Muscatine Area Heritage Association, Inc.
was given to Lynn McCleary, County Coordinator, Muscatine County IAGenWeb to present this material.


The purpose of the Muscatine Area Heritage Association is to discover, collect and preserve the historical background of the Muscatine, Iowa area and to disseminate the knowledge gained therefrom. This book was printed with this goal in mind.

The HERITAGE VIGNETTES were originally written for use as one minute radio scripts to commemorate our nation’s Bi-Centennial. They were broadcast more than 2,300 times between July 1, 1975 and December 31, 1976, on the Muscatine stations, KWPC and KFMH. Most of them are included in this book.

The VIGNETTES were not written to teach the history of Muscatine. The subjects were chosen at random to tell something of the past events, people and places that made Muscatine’s heritage so colorful… to let you compare the “good old days” with today.

We hope you will pursue the subjects which interest you most in the microfilmed newspaper files of the Musser Public Library from which most of the material printed herein was gleaned.



Early Settlement

In The City

County Notes



Around The County

Business And Industry

Along The River

Some Of The People



Holiday Celebrations

From Our Past


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