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Old Soldiers and Settlers Reunion at Electric Park, 5 October 1910

Source: Muscatine News-Tribune, Muscatine, Iowa, Thursday Morning, October 6, 1910, front page


Excellent Address given by I.S. Pepper and Chas. Grilk
Meeting as well attended and a pleasant time was enjoyed by all.

Old Settlers and old Settlers mingled yesterday at Electric Park in the annual joint reunion of the two associations. Clear skies and a pleasant warm day added greatly to the enjoyment. The bye gone days when Muscatine was a village and the trials and hardships endured by the early settlers were again talked over. Among the old soldiers comrades met again after a year’s parting and talked over the old days when they were young and were battling for their flag. An excellent program was given in the afternoon which was greatly enjoyed by all.

Business Session

At the close of the program a business session was held at which time officers were elected for the ensuing year. Joseph Biles was the unanimous choice as President and Herman Schmidt was chosen Secretary and treasure. The election was a joint one of the two Associations one set of officers acting for both divisions. As practically all of the old soldiers are old settlers the membership of both organizations was in a great measure composed of the same people.

Splendid Dinner

Yesterday morning a large delegation of old soldiers and settlers of Louisa county arrived in he city. They were met at the train by committees and escorted to the Memorial room in the court house. Later they went to the park where at noon an elegant dinner was served by the Women’s Relief Corps. A social hour followed and when old friends met old friend and comrades and renewed their old friendships.

Program Given

A.G. Tyler, Officer of the day called the meeting to order and an invocation was given by Post Chaplain G.W. Schreurs. Hon. E.F. Richman then gave an excellent address on behalf of the old settlers. Following him came Charles Grilk, of Davenport, who also gave an excellent address. Mr. Grilk referred to the battle of Credit Island, now Suburban island, below Davenport. This battle was fought in the war of 1812 and his account of the fight was interesting. He closed his speech with an eulogy of the Old settlers and soldiers.

I.S. Pepper Talks

It is eminently fitting that the old soldiers and old settlers should meet and celebrate together here today for while not all the old settlers are old soldiers, practically all the old soldiers are old settlers. The stories of pioneer life in the country may well be mingled with some of the stirring incidents of our great civil war.

As I stand before this splendid body of men and women, whose patriotism and devotion to duty has been tried out in years of faithfulness to their home, their friends and their county, I feel as though I would prefer to sit at your feet and listen, I am conscious of the fact that we of these later days know so little of he real hardships, the real battles of early life. I know that only form your lips can come the real story.

But, I am glad today to have the opportunity to offer my tribute to you and your co- patriots. I am glad to be able to do honor to those who have laid the foundation stones in the work of civilization and progress.

You were pioneers in a great work when you traversed the unknown prairies of the west and founded that humble home on the bleak prairies of Iowa you gave to the world an example of the hard work and stamina that has made our country great. When you men of early days laid aside your work and forsook your vocations to enlist in that great battle for the Union you set the mark for all time in patriotism and self-sacrifice. (continued on page 7)

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The debt we of this generation owe can never be repaid. In honoring you we honor ourselves our courage, your fidelity and faithfulness to duty should be our guide for all time.

Major Alder

One of the interesting addresses of the day was that of Major Alder of Iowa City, who delivered an interesting address on Iowa’s old war governor Kirkwood. He delivered a splendid eulogy of Kirkwood and told graphically of the part he had taken in the great struggle now gone bye.

Following his address a social hour was enjoyed when the session finally closed.

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