Source: REGISTER OF OLD SETTLERS , BOOK One, page 89 & 91
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MRS. EUNICE OAKES WALTON, mother of J. P. and J. W. Walton, died yesterday morning, Jan. 25th, at the residence of J. W. Walton on the Muscatine Island.

She was born n of Maulbury, Mass., on the 5th of April, 1802, and was married to Amos Walton, Jan. 18th, 1825. In 1838 she emigrated to Iowa (then Wisconsin Territory) where she remained till her death.

She was sick about one week with a bad cold and was not considered dangerously ill at any time. Her death was unexpected and more the result of old age than disease, she having reached nearly four score years.

The funeral took place at noon to-day, the remains being deposited in the City Cemetery. Rev. J. B. Hill conducted the funeral obsequies at the house and Rev. A. Davidson at the cemetery.

Thus one after another of those who bore the harships pf pioneer life in the early settlement of this country are being gathered to their fathers. Mrs. Walton was a plain, practical woman of rare good sense. She had been for nearly sixty years a member of the Congregational church. To her the passage over the Dark River was but going home.

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In Memoriam.

At a meeting of the Old Settlers of Muscatine county held January 30th, 1880, on occasion of the death of Mrs. Betsey Ann Mathews.

Mr. Richman, president, stated the object of the meeting, paying a high compliment to the character of our deceased friend. Mr. Bridgman called up many reminiscences of our associations with the family of Mrs. Mathews in the past. Mr. John A. Parvin spoke with much feeling of her kindly neighborly ways and helpfulness in sickness. Messers. Burnett, Cloud, Block, and Washburn spoke warmly of her many excellencies.

Messrs. R. M. Burnett, D. C. Cloud, J. A. Parvin and J. Mahin were made a committee on resolutions. On suggestion of Mr. Richman it was made a rule of the Society, that friends of deceased members make known their death to the Secretary.

On motion of Mr. Washburne the committed on resolutions were instructed to include Mr. Goldsberry and Mrs. Walton in their resolutions.

Adjouned to meet at funeral.

D. C. RICHMAN, President.
P. JACKSON, Secretary.

    Resolved. That in the death of Mrs. Matthews the Old Settlers feel that they have suffered no ordinary loss. During her residence here, beginning in 1839, she had shown all the attributes that would endear a woman to those with whom she associates. She always manifested kindness to her neighbors in times of sickness and sympathy in trouble, and warm interest in those around her, and especially in the young. In her patient endurance of long and severe suffering, she manifested the Christian virtues of patience and resignation and firm reliance in her Savior, whish is the crowning glory of an aged Christian.

    Resolved, That we tender our sympathy and condolence to the bereaved family.

    Resolved, That we attend the funeral in a body.

    Resolved, That we spread upon the records of this society a copy of these resolutions, and that a copy be furnished to the family.


    Resolved, That in the recent death of Mrs. Eunice Walton, nearly of the same age as Mrs. Matthews; and who came here about the same time, we recognize the loss of one, who, though not so well known to most of us, possessed equal sterling attributes of character as a kind hearted neighbor and Christian, and that we tender to her surviving relatives our deepest feelings of sympathy, and in a like manner will have these resolutions recorded on our minutes.


    Resolved, That in the late death of Levi T. Goldsberry the Old Settlers lost one for whom those who knew him best cherished a genuine esteem and respect, his family a kind and indulgent father, and the community a worthy citizen.

    Resolved, That as a further token of respect these resolutions be placed among the records of the Society.

    R. M. BURNETT,
    D. C. CLOUD,

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